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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today's going to be kind of a weird day around here.

There's a really famous short film called Powers of Ten made for science classes in the late 1970s.  Using a single man as a focal point, the film first zooms out to show the man's place in the vastness of the cosmos.  It then rushes in to show the nucleus of a single carbon molecule in the man's hand.  The idea is to put the single man into the perspective of both the vastly huge and the incomprehensibly small.  The film is 35 years old, but still holds up remarkably well, even with all the advances made in theoretical science in the time since it was made.

In a similar way, I want to use the Alliance Panel controversy to focus on this moment in time in EVE's history, in a first post zooming way way in, then a second post pulling way way back.  Don't groan.  The Powers of Ten video is not about the man and certainly does not tell his story.  In the same way, these two posts are not about Mittens himself or the controversy; I've already written about that.

I just think it's important to put the controversy in context... I want to use this moment as a focal point to talk about a couple of important topics for EVE's future.

Whether we realize it or not, we're currently standing on an important turning point, and I think it's going to be interesting to reflect on where we go from here.  A year from now, one way or another, the game is going to be fundamentally changed.  An old Hebrew word fits here: "selah", which roughly translated, means "pause, and consider."

Yeah, these two posts are heavy in geek philosophy.  Sorry about that.  If you're not interested when I write these kinds of posts, come back tomorrow.  There will be a fit of the week and some discussion about modules.

For the rest of you, selah.  The first post, in a couple of hours, will be called "Put away childish things".  The second, later this afternoon, "A song of ice and fire".



  2. The reason this issue won't go away is because you all keep talking about it ffs it's a game can we move on...


  3. I was looking for this kind of articles about the wider impact of this incident for CCP and EvE players. Hopefully you'll be able to post them before GMT players hit the sack. Midnight GMT is 1600 PDT by the way :)

  4. Funny... this type is my fav of your posts. 'Specially love the mixed meta4 thing...

    "meta4"... get it?? LOL


  5. Your reference of the 'Powers of Ten' video reminded me of a very similar thing, that you might enjoy


  6. Finally! I've been waiting for these two posts from you. All of the other bloggers, podcaster's, and "journalists" have been writing about The Incident itself, but what you're about to write is the REAL story here.

  7. I always knew this blog was a zionist conspiracy.

  8. "Powers Of Ten" dubbed with a really nice soundtrack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvTe1-a6Pdo

  9. Eve in biblical proportions. Maybe we are playing in a giants eye. Btw is your second post going to be split into seven posts to fulfill the song series?

  10. Babylon 5 S04E22

    Love that episode!

  11. Two thoughts that popped up while reading this post:

    "Powers of Ten": Shawn Lane
    "Selah": Predator 2

  12. So you're a Bab 5 fan too, huh Jester? :P

    "Pause...and consider; Selah"

    hehe, nice.


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