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Monday, April 16, 2012

That's not what "triple rep Myrm" means

I'm trying to understand what the pilot of this ship was thinking:

There are so many things wrong with this fit that I'm not even sure where to begin.  And if that's all it was, then I could safely ignore it and go on with my life.  Problem is, that the pilot of this ship clearly felt that he was using some form of logic here.  You don't fit those rigs by accident.  You don't carry those web drones by accident.  You sure don't use a mid-slot on a Drone Navigation Computer by accident.

Theoretically, I suppose this is intended to be a ship to stand in the midst of a frigate gang and hold them off while you punch through some of them.

There's only one problem.  Know what's better than three heavy web drones, three of those rigs, and that Drone Navigation mid-slot module?  A second web.  By... you know... a lot.  This configuration with its single web and web drones slows my favorite current Dramiel fit to 426m/s.  But simply fitting a second web instead slows it to 367m/s and gives you all your drone bandwidth back for DPS.  And you can fit some decent rigs, too.  Like, you know, an Auxiliary Nano Pump or two and a Nanobot Accelerator so that your triple rep Myrm acts like a triple rep Myrm.

Finally, I know I've covered this before, but any ship that's going to be relying heavily on reps, whether local or remote, needs to fit resists over buffer.  Resists over buffer, always.  You only need enough buffer to ward off the alpha of your intended targets, and a ship intended to fight frigs -- if that's what this is -- doesn't need any additional alpha buffer at all.

Anyway, just a weird little ship I saw tonight.  Maybe someone sees something in this fitting that I don't?  In any case, correctly fit triple rep Myrm on Wednesday for FOTW, I think.


  1. I would guess he intended to use the web drones to slow the targets down who wanted to sit outside scram range (like a dram?), then he could web/scram them.

    Not sure bout the rest though =P

  2. Since frig gangs tend to make short work of drones, they can't be the intended target. On the other hand i can think only ones situation what justifies the useage of webing drones: catching soloing nano shit like vagabonds and cynabals.
    But the plate is kind of a joke on a 3 rep myrm.

  3. Also, the whole point of the autocannon Myrm is that those six turrets are secondary weapons. The designers don't care what you fit in those high slots because the Myrm's bonuses clearly indicate its primary weapons are its drones. (Even if they got hamstrung by the bandwidth nerf.)

  4. Its not as bad as it seems I guess. I'd fit another webber also or perhaps a damp or burst or something.

    I can see the logic, perhaps it would have worked better if he didn't face a fleet of battleships :) .

  5. (scratches head)

    I'm not seeing it.

    However, to play Devil's Advocate, I've often tossed around the idea of using the more "ecclectic" of the EWAR drones just for the hell of it. Everytime that whim hits me, I look at the numbers they put out and realize that a module will do it better. vOv.

    Maybe your poor deluded victim wanted to try out something new?

    Ok, ok. That was a reach.

  6. "Know what's better than three heavy web drones, three of those rigs, and that Drone Navigation mid-slot module? A second web."

    That's just terrible on CCP's part. I can see Web drones being worse than the module by themselves, but those rigs need to be seriously boosted.

  7. I didn't even notice the rigs before you pointed them out. That's even worse than some of the fits I came up with when I first started playing (or even now).

    I'm more interested in the Rote Kapelle Killboard though. I notice there is a section for scouts/logistics. Is there a way you could find out where to get the code for that?

    1. It's a pretty standard add-on, I believe from here?


  8. I like all the shiny battleships dunking on the T1 Cruiser and BC. lol

    1. Spend 50 jumps roaming... you are going to shoot at whatever stick around long enough for you to shoot at...


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