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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comment of the Week: Difference of opinion

COTW this week goes to Raivi, well-known Pandemic Legion member, who explains why CCP took the approach they did on how they handled PL vis a vis SniggWaffe for the AT:
I just want to address the situation around PL and YOUR VOTES DONT COUNT (Sniggwaffe) and clarify the details.

The Sniggwaffe team is not actually a PL B team, we never tested against them, we never used them to test or build tactics. They were run by a completely seperate set of people with no intel sharing.

They also did their testing completely seperately with no interaction with PL. That part could be confirmed by CCP using sisi logs.

The reason they were banned is the same reason that RvB wasn't allowed to enter two teams. The executor of their alliance is an alt of a PL member, which tied the teams too closely together for the tournament staff to allow. If CCP had offered to allow us to merge the teams we would have turned them down since the Waffles are a completely seperate team and we wouldn't trust them with our intel or setups.

We accept that the nature of alliance ownership meant that CCP felt they could not allow both teams to compete. The fact that there was absolutely no other evidence of collution seems to be why CCP chose a different ruling in our case than in Hydra's.

Hope that clarifies things a bit, if you have any questions feel free to let me know.
That explains it far better than CCP did.  Thanks, Raivi!

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