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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comment of the Week: Hard numbers

As I hoped someone would, Steve Rehn replied to my "Demon suit" post with some hard numbers from his experience at L4 missioning just before the nerf:
Before the most recent nerf, I was able to get about 54.7M isk/hour using a Nightmare to run missions with an alt in a Noctis following along salvaging simultaneously. Of that income, 42.9% was bounties, 20.0% was LP, 4.9% was drone alloys, 15.1% was salvage, and 17.0% was loot. I'm currently under a wardec so I can't re-run the numbers right now, but the worst case is something like 45.4 M isk/hour. Realistically it will be higher since some valuable loot still drops.

This tracks pretty well with my experience, except my salvage number tended to be higher.  That might just be luck of the draw, though.  If you're at all interested in this topic, I strongly recommend going out to read Steve's blog post on the subject.

Now we need an updated version of this post for May/June 2012.  Hint hint.

Thanks for your comment, Steve!


  1. I mission mostly in Amarr space, so I get mostly Blood Raiders and Sansha rat wrecks to salvage. That likely accounts for the difference in salvage numbers.

  2. Also don´t forget the security rating impact. Not everybody is running in 0.5 systems only.
    Or do they nowadays?

  3. I've still got some old logs back when I ran L4s way back in early 2011. I didn't so much calculate isk/hour right off the bat because it would change with skills (I was using meta 4 guns on a Mach, for example. Yes, I know /o\). I broke things down into base LP for the mission (before skills), base isk reward and bonus, bounties, then tags, loot and salvage. Once I had a reasonable baseline after running a particular mission at least five times, I then started to keep track of mission completion times, whether or not I salvaged and how much longer did salvaging add to the overall time per mission (like Gone Berserk, I'd have to wait until the final three battleships spawned before I could bring in the noctis, or on Angels Blockade where I'd warp the noctis in after I'd established aggro and warp out shortly before a new spawn). Loot value we calculated on raw mineral value rather than market value of modules (keeping track of module drops and value would be a nightmare). Unfortunately I no longer have that spreadsheet, but even with my mediocre skills at the time I was pulling an 80m/hour rate on Angels Blockade. As I do L5s now, the module drop nerf hasn't affected me all that much since its just such a small percent of the total mission value (~10m->~5m/mission). Perhaps it's time that L5s returned to highsec?

  4. Insider rumor that CCP is going to stealth nerf the loot tables again.

    The first pass to remove the meta 0 stuff was quick-and-dirty; the devs didn't have time to change the actual drop percentages, so they just changed all of the meta 0 drops to metal scraps.

    The next pass would reduce meta drops, in order to create more demand to manufacture T1 modules and unused T2 modules. I guess the markets are swamped right now with cheap meta 1-4 modules.

    How would this affect L4 mission profitability? Up, because higher prices for meta modules, or down, because less loot?

    1. Right now, meta modules (particularly large smartbombs and Prototype 100MN MWDs) refine down to a LOT of minerals. Removing a few things like this would reduce the minerals from loot by a lot more than the meta-0 nerf did.

    2. I've added data for the post-loot-nerf situation to the post quoted above. I've also added another post specifically comparing pre-nerf loot with post-nerf loot. http://srehn.com/blogs/index.php/2012/06/26/eve-online-loot-nerf


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