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Sunday, May 6, 2012

EVE is more real than you think KOTW

Sometimes you see blue-on-blue kills.  Other times, you see super-cap kills.  Yet other times, you see kills that happen for real-life reasons rather than in-game ones.  But it's rare to see all three in one:

Why did this Wyvern die to a blue fleet?  Word around the campfire has it the Wyvern pilot slept with his corp CEO's girlfriend.

Whoops.  Sorry, boss.  It slipped.  ;-)

Here's the transcript of Local during the gank. Whether the story is true or not, it's definitely one of those "EVE is real" moments, don't you think?  Doubt CCP will be touting this one to gaming mags, though...


  1. No player community is complete without the players. If you know what I mean ;)

  2. "[ 2012.05.06 16:45:38 ] Dorian Novak > she broke up with him cause she wanted to fuck around with me. feels awsome doesnt it"

    sounds like an EX-gf, not simple cheating... oh yeah, and Dorian f*cked while having a wife. sounds like a cheater to me! :)

  3. Wonder how happy the cyber-bangers wife would be if she found out about this....

  4. God!

    How could these idiots get a supercarrier? Or a corp? And how come that the other members of the corp did not leave this epic failcorp instantly after this happened.

    1. Well, for starters you can't actually leave instantly - there's a 24h staisis period before you can quit a corp if you previously held any roles in that corp (which nearly all corp members will do, for hangar access etc). For seconds, from the sound of it the victim was already planning to leave with his SC, so most likely the other corp members were happy to get on a SC km and probably considered the whole thing a good laugh.

      As to how they got the SC... that's kind of a silly question coming from the guy planning to buy himself into a Titan.

  5. Haha, Excellent !

  6. "It's so real... i was there !"

  7. Gev: Getting out of a nullsec alliance with a mom or a Titan is not easy.

    You need to find an alliance quickly that will invade with a fleet and a chain of cynos to extract your ass. Your old corp will want you dead for running off with the supercap, even if you were the original owner.

    Often you can secretly arrange this ... but if your CEO wants you out without warning, and won't let you take the supercap, often the only thing you can do is make the a**hole blow you up.

  8. Supercap....... 35 billion isk.

    Fucking corp ceo's girl..... Priceless.

  9. Would be priceless if it was the corp CEO's girl he fucked, But at the end of the day he got neither sex off the girl, nor the supercap.

    Dorian started spouting shit about how he fucked the members girlfriend after he made some snide comments towards the member. it then escalated to false accusations and out right lies.


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