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Friday, May 18, 2012

Investor attractant

38 Studios, the people behind the Kingdom of Amalur MMO that's been listed off to the right there forever are having some financial difficulties (look them up on Google).  But almost certainly as a result of that, are letting the covers off their upcoming MMO a bit.  Today, they released this "fly-over" video of the terrains for the MMO:

It's extremely pretty, in my opinion.  Seems to have a Elder Scrolls: Morrowind vibe to it.

Anyway, I'd bet money that the purpose to this video was to have something concrete to show venture capitalists who might be induced to invest in 38.  Releasing the video to the public?  That part is likely a sympathy ploy.  The whole situation surrounding 38 Studios is a bit surreal.  It's not every game that has its release date announced by the governor of Rhode Island...

It's been a tough year for video games this year.  Sales are down and problems are up right across the board, and it remains to be seen if even Diablo III can make a splash.  My best wishes to everyone at 38 and hopefully the situation out there stabilizes so you all can get back to work!


  1. You know, I bet if SOE were still under Sony Pictures (who never really cared what they did) instead of under the PlayStation people (who only care about PlayStation), Smed would be on the phone with Curt right now. SOE used to be all about rescuing poor, lost MMOs like Vanguard and The Matrix Online.

    Now though, it is a cold world out there.

  2. The 38Studios drama wouldn't be as explosive as it is right now if Kurt Schilling wasn't so central to the whole project.

    On the one hand, Kurt has had a very loud, very conservative personal stand. On the other, this whole project has been a "personal labor of love"... so the news is as big as it is mostly because of schadenfreude.

    Without the Kurt angle, this whole ordeal would have played out like any other troubled studio story: "Our hearts go out to those working hard... don't lose your jobs, keep up the good work, etc". Instead this story has been brought up as a "watch the Tea Party get more gov't handouts" story more than anything else

  3. When I watched this,"Game of Thrones" came immediately to mind.

  4. Speaking of other MMO's, Jester; how have your first few days in DUST been?

  5. You got Morrowind out of that? Wha... WoW with a slight texture upgrade IMO. That undead-looking around might as well be the Forsaken capital overhaul.


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