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Friday, May 11, 2012

Kill of the Week: Assisted suicide

There was again a lot going on this week, but it might be fun to go with something off the wall this week, so I'm going to go with this:

Fenrirs and Nomads have an interesting distinction: they are the fastest, most agile freighter and jump freighter, respectively.  A typical Obelisk pilot with no particular bonuses aligns for warp in 43 seconds.  But a Nomad can be made to align in half that.  All you need is:
  • a Loki link ship with a pilot with a Skirmish Warfare Mindlink;
  • a full set of Low Grade Nomad implants; and,
  • a Rogue Evasive Maneuvering EM-705 implant.
If you can afford a freighter or JF, chances are you can afford this sort of support, too.  I pretty much guarantee you this is how Red Frog moves a lot of their freighters around, and it's probably how a lot of moon goo and moon goo related products get to Jita.

And if you have someone who can web your heavy ship down in the midst of warping off the gate -- say, the very same Loki CS that's providing the links -- you can warp off even quicker.  It's quite an efficient way to move a large quantity of expensive goods around.  It's not completely immune to suicide ganking, but it's probably about as close as it gets.

Something interesting happens if you have low enough standing with -- say -- the Amarr Empire.  When you jump into an Amarr system, you'll get a warning that you're considered a criminal by that faction.  Faction navy ships will show up, and their first action will be to web your ship.  If you're already aligned or close to aligned, then this webbing of your ship actually helps you.  It provides the same bonus that your Loki webs would have provided you.  If you stick around, the faction navy ships will scram you, but if you're already in the process of warping, they'll unintentionally speed you along.

It turns out this Fenrir pilot was very recently in the Minmatar Faction War.  That made him an enemy of the Amarr Empire.  Which means he was almost certainly drawing this sort of faction navy attention at every gate he jumped his Fenrir through.  I'm pretty familiar with this area from my own time in the Amarr faction war.  Mehatoor is where a lot of Amarr FW pilots hang out.  And they probably saw this Fenrir pilot, drawing his warning and being sped into warp by the Amarr Imperial Navy.  What arrogance!  What hubris!

And one of them probably figured that was unfair.  So he undocked in an Ibis.

And he pointed the freighter just long enough for the Amarr Imperial Navy to go from webbing that Fenrir... to scramming that Fenrir.

Hee.  I'm not saying that's how this went down.  The fact that the Ibis is recorded as getting the final blow means that there's a piece to this puzzle that I'm missing.  If you know more details about this kill, please fill them in in comments!  But it was probably pretty close to that... sort of an assisted suicide.


  1. According to some corp mate with low amaar standing, the Amarr Imperial Navy actually scram first unlike the other factions.

  2. The Ibis is shown as getting the final blow because kills are always credited to a player character if there's one on the mail, even if NPCs did most/all of the damage and delivered the coup de grace.

    Also, loki links have no effect on agility; it's the skirmish warfare mindlink that gives the 15% bonus.

  3. I'm pretty sure that when a ship dies to npc's the last player to shoot it gets the killing blow, so the ibis only had to shoot it once. Then he gets the killmail.

  4. The ibis (also?) had a gun - he just had to do one point of damage to get on the killmail. And because he was the only player on the mail, he'd get the killmail.

    Another possibility is that he just found the scrammed freighter (pilot error/bad luck?) and took a shot at it. And because he was the only player... Then there's no point involved.

  5. Players will get killmails over NPCs if involved. That's why I went out in a TP Hound when last years Hulkageddon started. To kmwhore.

  6. Dunno the details, but my guess is that the ibis had both the point and the Civilian Gatling Railgun listed on the KM and, since an NPC got the final blow, the KM was sent to the last person that dealt any damage to the ship.

  7. I know that one of the sales slogans is that "every ship is useful" and "you can PvP in any ship", but the Ibis killing Fenrir is maybe not what they meant.

    Also, entering Amarr space with a freighter when the Amarr faction police shoots at you is at the same level of wisdom as flying a Hulk to Goon null during Hulkageddon.

  8. I'm pretty sure that if a player is on a mail, he's automatically given final blow even if NPC's did most of the heavy lifting.

    1. ^^ This is correct. Hence how I "killed" a boomerang-Nado with a Tristan prior to the boomerang exploit patch. ;-)

  9. I think you might be overanalyzing this one Jester. While yes with loki web/boosts you can make fenrirs go faster, Burn Jita was good evidence of the number of autopiloting freighters moving about. As far as the killing blow goes, I've noticed when concord or npc's asplode a target they give the killmail/killing blow to the top non npc damage dealer on the killmail.

  10. All I know is that in a week this guy has been ganked and podded as a part of Hulkageddon and now this.

    EVE is a tough bitch of a game.

  11. "Faction police on the other hand, who are the ones that come after you if you have a low sec status, do indeed web before scramming. Or more correctly, the cruisers/frigs web, the battleships scram. At least from my experience"

    gheth is at least 2 jumps inside amarr high sec, so it stands to reason that he wasn't being scrammed first by faction police - it was that ibis for sure. Noone i know fits a point on their n00b ship by accident.

    merely based on looking at his cargo (looked to be fleeing hulkageddon to quieter pastures?), i'd say it was a one time decision by the freighter pilot, so looks like quick thinking on someone's part - he WAS flying past Sasen constellation (which is a couple jumps from amamake) so there was bound to be at least one pirate spotting the broadcast at a gate.

    the pilot should post to the hulkageddon leaderboards! there was a barge inside! hahahahaha

  12. Red Frog does not go to those lengths with freighters. Boosting only works with another pilot in system. No one wants to move around a booster with the freighter. It is more ISK efficient to have a second hauler AFK on that account instead of a highly trained booster.

  13. BTW, anyone who wasn't in RvB or E-Uni and Noir missed an great highsec fight today ....


    We still have another week to down E-uni's POS ....

  14. "A typical Obelisk pilot with no particular bonuses aligns for warp in 43 seconds. But a Nomad can be made to align in half that. "

    A Rhea with Nomads , Evasive Maneuvering V and Skirmish Warfare V can align in 17s flat as long as you have another member of the fleet in local

    Also - the implant you mention is incompatible with the low-grade nomad set.

    Thanks, that is all.


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