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Friday, May 4, 2012

Kill of the Week: Capital of high-sec

It was very tough to come up with a Kill of the Week this week.  There was obviously a lot going on.  ;-)

I decided that since I covered Burn Jita earlier in the week, I wasn't going to choose anything from that, even though it was really tempting to do so.  If you're interested in the more interesting Burn Jita kills, here they are.

Likewise, while it's very tempting to go with something from Hulkageddon, I'm not going to do that, either.  Maybe I'll do a wrap-up post on interesting Hulkageddon kills at the end of the month.  More likely, I'll leave that territory to Helicity Boson to blog about.  That said, I've gotta say that this particular Hulk is rather epic.  Never occured to me to use A-type modules on a piece of tinfoil before.  Bravo to you, sir.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention this glorious piece of fail.

Usagi Tsukino of Rote has developed an image which I think describes this fit best:

But no, I'm not going with that for KOTW, either.  Though it came in a close second.

No, for Kill of the Week, I think I'm going to go with this:

This is a Thanatos that died in the midst of Burn Jita that was almost overlooked.  Why do I care about this badly-fit carrier?  Because it died in Antiri, a 0.7 system.  There are a goodly number of high-sec capital ships out there.  I already mentioned a Nyx and an Archon that undocked from Jita 4-4 during Burn Jita.  There are at least four ways a capital ship can be in high-sec:
  1. At one time, I understand that capital ships could be built in high sec.
  2. It could have been mistakenly reimbursed to a pilot's home system after a petitionable loss, if the pilot's home system was in high-sec.
  3. I'm also told that occasionally, wormhole space will glitch and will dump piloted capital ships into a random nearby k-space system that is even more occasionally in high-sec.  And...
  4. I'm also told that if an unsubbed account is logged off in space for long enough, as part of database clean-ups, the pilots on that account will be returned to nearby stations in the ships that they're flying.
Not sure which one of four sources fits this carrier -- signs point to #1.

You might be tempted to ask "How much is a high-sec capital worth, if you have one?"  The answer is: nothing.  The GMs won't allow high-sec capital ships to be traded, bought, sold, or contracted.  So unless you want to mine some veldspar or jump it out of high-sec, there isn't much else to do with a high-sec capital except show off or blow it up gloriously.  But it seems from the KB comments that this pilot was looking to quit EVE on a high note.  I'd say he succeeded.  ;-)


  1. Krixtal IcefluxorMay 4, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    He's POASTING Ponies now ! :O

    OhNooooes !


  2. I think part of the blame for this can be laid at Halada's door. He recommends a Gist C small shield booster on his Hulk fit in the miner's guide (which is what everyone reads).

    It's not a terrible idea - the module cost about 10m when I bought mine and is protecting an expensive ship. He claims that only this shield booster can be made to permarun while mining which is pretty useful. However the thinking was pre-Hulkaggeddon, now such a module is a beacon to suiciders.

    1. That's not Halda's fault, though.

      Or anyone's for that matter (does Halda even still play?):

      Emergent game-play is emergent, and as others have correctly noted, times have changed quite a bit since then.

      (Although it may be coming full-circle, IE mining might just be a worthwhile career once more.)

  3. This carrier isn't "badly fit". Bad fits are very sub-optimal but make sense for an uninformed person for example a ship with bonus to large energy turrets fit with large hybrid ones. After all it can shoot.

    This carrier fit is not "bad" it's "troll". The guy wanted to give a finger to someone or something (like EVE itself before quitting).

  4. That Hulk fit is a throwback. Now days you don't see A-type modules of any sort on them because highsec doesn't require them, and 0.0 where spawns do put out enough damage isn't safe enough. But turn the dial back a few years when Bob was still around and the north ways carebear wonderland... and you'd see some pretty pimp hulk fleets setup to tank anything that could possibly spawn without any sort of DPS at all. Stripping systems to churn out caps.

  5. There's a rumor that method #4 has been used to deliberately create highsec capitals for sale, up until this database cleanup rule stopped applying to them about a year ago. People were buying them up for showoff purposes. It's not known how many were created, but some clearly were.

  6. Someone linked me to that Rave...err, I mean Phoenix mail and I decided it would be funny to post it to Battleclinic.

    Apparently, they thought I was serious.



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