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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kill of the week: Count all your DPS

Kill of the week this week is courtesy of a TEST Alliance ratter:

It's tempting when going into a PvP situation to discount all of the DPS that might be on your side.  Often "the DPS that might be on your side" doesn't have to come from your guns, or even an ally's guns.  For example, it's very common in low-sec to force a fight near gates.  The aggressor in such a fight will most often draw gate gun aggro.  Though that DPS is somewhat random, it can turn the tide of a close fight in the favor of the person who isn't drawing that gate gun fire.  And of course in a 1v1 engagement, gate gun aggro is as good or better than a second ship on your side.

Similarly, it's quite common for those experienced in PvE in various types of sites to draw a fight in a situation where they can draw rat damage onto their side.  Many fights happen in wormhole sleeper sites, in faction warfare sites, and occasionally in incursion sites where one side or the other takes advantage of their unique knowledge in this area.  I've heard of several fights in wormhole sites, for instance, where those caught working a WH site deliberately trip additional waves of sleepers to go after their attackers.

But nowhere else does this apply as well as it does when ganking ratters.

On paper, an Anathema has zero chance of defeating a Tengu in a 1v1 engagement if the Tengu pilot is awake.  In practice, if the Anathema catches the Tengu already on the brink of being overwhelmed by rat DPS in a sanctum or haven, the Anathema can tip a precarious balance that the Tengu is managing.  That's what happened in this case.  F-88PJ, deep in Fountain, is a common ratting system with a -0.90 true security status.  As a result, this Tengu was almost certainly at some critical point in a haven or sanctum.  All the Anathema had to do at that point is keep the Tengu from running away and apply just a tiny bit more DPS tuned in the direction the Tengu isn't tanking.  This particular Tengu is heavily tanked against Kinetic and Thermal damage, but has no tank against EM damage.  It also has virtually no buffer; this fit is pretty much a glass cannon with only the minimum shield booster that would do the job in such a site.

A point, a little bit of laser DPS, and suddenly the Tengu is faced with a lot of bad choices.  Try to kill the Anathema with heavy missiles?  A tricky proposition because of the CovOps small sig.  Try to reduce the incoming rat DPS to a more manageable level?  This is also a possibility, albeit a risky one if the Anathema catches the spawn at exactly the right moment.  Beg for a ransom?  Somehow, I doubt that would have worked in this case...

All that said, ratters often operate on the edge like this, and it doesn't take much additional DPS to push them over the cliff.  This Anathema pilot was smart, realized it, and took advantage at just the right time to get himself an epic kill mail.  Nice job, Womyn Power!  But there's several female EVE players here that want to have a word with you.  ;-)


  1. http://prons.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=25048

    Yeah, EMP tears through that 0% resist hole.

  2. It's common sense that you shouldn't be on the edge in EVE. If you buy a ship from every ISK you have, you'll be called an idiot by everyone. The good practice is to have enough safety buffer to rebuy your ship.

    The same should be applied to ratting: Attack a rat/sleeper/L4 only if you could win if it would double.

    1. That's not really true. Since tank generally comes at the expense of gank, every extra bit of tank you fit over and above what is actually necessary reduces your damage output meaning you take longer to complete the sites (and thus you get less isk for your time). The anomalies and missions themselves are predictable, and providing shoot the correct targets you should never need more than a certain amount of tank to complete them. Going overboard with tank is really only useful if you're new and unsure of what you can cope with, or if you're planning to run missions semi-afk (which in lowsec or nullsec is a pretty bad idea).

      Being tackled by a PVP ship is better solved by prevention than modifying your fit - you could fit for every possibility, but it would still only take a slightly more powerful ship, or for that ship to have a small amount of backup, for it to all be in vain. If you watch local and your directional scanner, you should never have the problem in the first place.

    2. Yes and no. Swapping tank for gang let's you run sites faster. Finishing sites faster=more isk. If cought chances are you die anyways so why not maximize idk per hour and if you run enough sites it pays for it's self. Also most 0.0 is safe and this pilot should have been more on guard

  3. Assuming the anathema had a cloak and 2x t2 rocket launchers with EM rage rockets, it can actually break that tengu fit completely by itself (particularly if it fits a BCU or two). That tengu can only tank around 40 dps against EM with perfect skills, an anathema can put out anywhere from 50-80 depending on the fit.

    If you look at the killmail, almost a fifth of the damage taken was dealt by the anathema itself, and you can assume the tengu had been taking rat damage for some time already. I've no doubt that your assessment is right, but I suspect that the anathema was reponsible for more of the killing than it appears at first glance!


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