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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kill of the week: Really big Falcon

First, it would be wrong of me not to briefly mention an alliance-mate:

That had the honor of being the most expensive pod-kill in New Eden last week, something we teased claire about quite a bit.  Occasionally, Rote Kapelle's effiency goes too high, and we have to have someone lose something frightfully expensive to balance it back below 75%.  claire was elected and did a fine job of it.

With that said, let's get to the real KOTW this week:

About twice a week, someone sends me a kill-mail of someone doing something heroically stupid.  I don't usually select these as the KOTW for two reasons: first, I try to use KOTWs as teaching experiences so that you can avoid appearing here.  ;-)  Second, it makes me feel bad to immortalize true stupidity.  Some people are just bad at this game or haven't taken the time to learn this game, and I don't want to make fun of them just for that.

However, there are exceptions.

There are literally only three things on this KM that belong there: the two CCC rigs, and the Capital Energy Transfer Array.  Every single other thing in and on this carrier had absolutely no business being in or on this carrier.  Now, there is a video of this carrier kill, and it's from the carrier pilot's perspective.  The pilot didn't even try to use any of those jammers.  ;-)  In addition, the character is five years old and spent some time in SniggWaffe.  Because of that, it's pretty certain that this loss was a troll from someone's alt.  The character in question has a kill in a Noctis, after all.

But seriously... does that matter?  It still deserves the "honor" of being KOTW...  Congrats on losing your really big Falcon, Kiersyn VanRhuel.

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