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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picture of the week: Low-sec bubbles

Just a quickie.

I've been noticing a lot more graphical glitches in the EVE client lately.  You can usually tell when you've been hit with them.  Suddenly, everything gets a hell of a lot brighter -- almost cartoony -- particularly planets.  Zoom in on your ship, and you can watch it go from wire-frame to clay model to painted clay model.  Explosions, torpedo effects, and going to warp generates strange after-effects, and sometimes gates produce spiraling spotlights.

But I think this is my favorite:

Oh look, the gate is surrounded by bubbles.  Too bad the gate in question is in low-sec.  ;-)

Of course, those aren't bubbles at all, but jump effects from multiple ships going through the gate.  The bigger bubbles are battle cruisers.  Smaller ones are cruisers and frigates.  When you get to see it, it's quite amusing!

Now let's see if it gets fixed...


  1. i'm actually a big fan of graphical glitches, and glitches in general, as long as they are reasonably functionally unobtrusive. i view them as spectacular, non-obvious emergent effects of physical law, like rainbows or mirages, except they're effects that suit a universe made out of software. ever glitch reveals something about how that software universe works; peeks behind the veil.

  2. Those bubbles remind me of his eyes.

  3. I've seen that happen to me in high-sec after I've been playing for a long time in one stretch, usually 4+ hours. Also weird effects happening when the gate-cloak wears off ( instead of phasing into view, the ship model turns a bright beige color, then fades to normal ). Not a major pain, but still annoying to have to quit & login to clear it up.

  4. It seems to be a memory-leak related to anti-aliasing. In that it takes a while for the glitches to appear then they get gradually worse - if you turn off anti-aliasing then you have no problems.

  5. It gets to be a problem when you've got combat situations with lots of missiles flying around; explosion effects also give you white-out conditions, so you can't frakking see what you're doing. Got caught by this glitch while rolling out for a militia op, and getting blinded by the explosion effects cost me an assault frigate.

  6. Its a pain in the a$$ tbh.
    Sofar, ive concluded it hits around the 4h mark of online time.
    Quite weird, and its been tested on two different clients and different pc's.
    No matter if i stay docked for 4h or in space. Around the 4h mark it always pop up, and if you dont relog it gets alot worse.

  7. The only glitch my EVE client has experienced in quite a long time is actually rather recent...suddenly, if I right click space or the autopilot route and choose to dock, then minimize my client, my ship will warp to the destination and just sit there without trying to dock. If I want to minimize while I dock, I have to select warp to 0 and turn on the autopilot...which, hilariously, asks for docking permission twice and gives Aura a headache.
    (Also, yay for suddenly being able to comment here again!)

  8. Another regular one I've been seeing is the gate jump effect is replaced by the cyno lighting effect. It's actually rather cool, but usually preempts a ctd /o\

  9. Good that you mention it! I was convinced it is my Linux that caused the glitches.

  10. I am having a graphical glitch where when the screen refreshes I get lots of many sized triangles appearing and flickering, even causing text to become unreadable. I have tried almost all the settings on my graphics card hoping to fix it but so far have been unable. When I asked in chat no one else said they had any problems so I thought it was my graphics card.

    1. I get this one around gates all the time. It's horrible.

  11. I get this too, actually, I totally thought it was just me having a slightly older graphics card so I never reported it.

  12. Turning off Anti-Aliasing didn't do anything for us, because we've never had it on. My wife and I play on two computers and it affects us both, very annoying in fleet engagements.

  13. Seems to hit around the 200 - 250 jumps mark for me while running courier missions... I don't have anti-alias on either. This is a side effect of shaders and the new nebulas casting their colors on everything, I think. I know it started shortly after Crucible launch. Easiest fix for it would be a button somewhere to reset the video card and buffers... Until they figure out what is leaking or not closing gracefully...


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