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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Picture of the Week: Sandbox advisory

Just a quickie.  At the very height of Burn Jita last Saturday, when you logged into EVE, you saw this on the log-in screen:

There's no player-run website (yet) that gives players these sorts of travel advisories about activities going on in New Eden.  To date, if you wanted to know if a lot of people were being killed somewhere, there were a few ways to do it:
  • pull up the in-game star map, and bring up the "pilots killed in the last 24 hours" or "pilots killed in the last 30 minutes" stat; or,
  • go to dotlan's EVE maps and look at the upper right hand corner, or just go straight to their stats page; or,
  • more recently, use the EVE Online website's browser-based map of the game.

So, it was kind of funny to see some explanation of how to do this in the recent dev-blog wrapping up Burn Jita from CCP's perspective.  The bulk of the dev-blog covers a lot of the technical aspects of how TiDi and server load were managed over the weekend.  If you're interested in the technical aspects of the game, that part is worth reading.  But even if you're not interested in such things, the first few paragraphs which are sort of "baby's introduction to the star map" are kind of amusing.

The following section of the dev-blog explaining why so many ships were dying in Jita is even more amusing.  The dev-blog doesn't come right out and say "Hey!  You!  Make yourself more informed about in-game events, will ya?" but it's pretty darn close.  Guess the GMs fielded a lot of petitions...

Though the number of such things CCP fielded wasn't mentioned in the dev-blog.  ;-)

But the little graphic that I opened this post with is the funniest thing of all.  When you clicked it, it took you to the browser-based map that I linked to earlier.  That means it wasn't a player-purchased advisory (done by, say, the "Save Jita" forces).  It means someone in CCP took the time to make the graphic, get it into the queue for such things on the log-in screen, and point it at the proper place in the EVE Online website.

It also means that someone in CCP made a conscious decision to nudge the sandbox a little, in more or less real time.  That's interesting to me, because I can't recall CCP ever doing that before.  I wonder who it was that did that, and why?  And will they do it again the next time the Goons or someone else decides to strike Jita or other markets again, this time by surprise?

Anyway, just something interesting to think about.  Happy Saturday!


  1. Flame this if you want, but among the people that inhabit this sandbox there are some that happen to be devs. I think emergent behavior also apply to them and there isn't anything wrong with that as long as they don't use h4x0r power.

  2. I wonder how much that advisory was due to the petitions of 'Y U no let me in Jita' when they put a cap on the amount of people they were letting in.

  3. "Guess the GMs fielded a lot of petitions...

    Though the number of such things CCP fielded wasn't mentioned in the dev-blog. ;-)"

    Maybe CCP Diagoras will post the stat someday... ;-) would be an interesting one.

    "Number of petitions received regarding deaths in/around Jita during the Burn Jita campaign..." lol

    Then again the forums were relatively bereft of "RAEEGGG!!" threads about it, too. I expected the whole first page of C&P to be all about how mean, ebil, horrible PvPers are ruining the perfectly good skinner-box WoW in space that CCP made...

  4. Being able to say "hey, we told you about it" deflects any hate away from CCP and puts it onto the Goons who welcome it. A win / win intervention. By doing the minimum CCP has avoided having to deal with the more extreme suggestions coming out of the high-sec community.

    1. yeah, i'm sure the goons are quaking in their boots at all the carebears who now hate them. All joking aside, i hope CCP is consistent with that travel advisory stuff at the very least - be nice if that login 'advert' popup could have been on the billboards.

      damn, there i go daydreaming again.

    2. Agreed entirely. It was a perfect response by CCP. They didn't directly impede the events at all but they gave the oblivious a chance at having a heads up.

  5. I don't see any issues with what they did. Even if this is a sandbox, CCP is sort of concord/npcs from a RP perspective. In that case, it makes perfect sense that they would issue some sort of advisories.

  6. *starts daydreaming about CCP actually making storyline arcs based on player actions ingame*

  7. It's pretty damned sad that people lost ships in Jita despite getting a warning from CCP.

    That warning may have saved a few folks, but it also gave CCP a good excuse to laugh at the petitioning retards.

  8. One thing I haven't seen mentioned though, is the language barrier. If the Russian, German, or Japanese community decided to organise a "Burn Jita" type event, could you still call casual english speaking players stupid for not being aware of the event?

  9. Krixtal IcefluxorMay 6, 2012 at 5:09 AM

    Where was my warning advisory 2 years and 2 months ago when I started playing...and lost my first mining Osprey and Badger UNKNOWINGLY to Hulkageddon. Had no idea what was goingon at the time (H'geddon II)

    I thought this warning was unfair and silly. EVE should be horrifyingly dangerous at times. And you know what a Carebear I am.

  10. They wanted to decrease the load on the Jita node. It was already overloaded with people couldn't log in or jump to there. The last thing they needed was some more clueless punks going there.


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