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Monday, May 7, 2012

Quote of the Week: Antagony

Quote of the Week this week comes from a beautifully-written dev-blog by CCP Manifest:
This lush, limitless environment full of epic battles, clever tactics, camaraderie, and antagony is built upon three basic, humble pillars.
  • Death must have meaning.
  • Everyone plays in the same shardless universe.
  • Sandbox design fosters human interaction that creates emergence that fuels a limitless storytelling engine.
And that's basically the formula to get EVE to this point.

Yet the structure misses a single crucial material. It lacks the catalyzer that CCP, the Mostly-Benevolent Space Gods, could not design in all of our omniscient, omnipotent omniVikingery.

A terrifying, powerful ingredient thrown into the mix nearly nine years ago to the day...

...The pilots themselves.

The dev-blog in question was the one announcing the EVE 9th Anniversary gifts, and if you haven't gone out and read the dev-blog itself, do.  It's quite a treat, and well worth your time.  I always like good writing, and this one really is good writing.

That said, I myself had to go out and see if "antagony" is really a word.  Turns out it is.  ;-)

If you haven't gone out and chosen your gifts yet, BTW, now's the time to do it.  The price of the +4 implants is slowly, slowly crashing.  That's still the most valuable gift as of this morning, but the gap between that and the mining crystals was closing fast.  The "Pax Ammaria" seems to have settled into a value of between 20 and 25 million ISK... for now.

Happy 9th birthday, EVE!


  1. As far as i could see, it was just +2 implants, but i might be wrong.. Wierd how i missed it :)

    1. There was one option for a load of reprocessing skill books. This also included 2 +4 implants

    2. The full set was +2s, there was a set of 2 +4's (can't remember the types)

  2. no it was +2 implants full set or
    the refinement skills and 2x +4 implants

  3. On EVE Central, the average selling price for the Pax Amarria is around 3k isk, and I thought it was widely available; so how are you getting your figure of 20-25 million?

  4. The blog list them as +2, was there a typo ?

  5. There are two implant gifts.

    "Refine your skills" gives you two +4 implants (for MEM and INT) plus a big pile of mineral refining skill books.

    "Plug and play" gives you a full set of +2 implants (all five attributes).

    If you do not select a gift before the deadline, you will be given the "Plug and play" gift (the worst one, natch) by default.

    I'm basing my price for Pax Ammaria on the few contracts that have sold for them in Jita. Are they actually selling on the market?

    1. Maybe it is the Pax Amarria<->Pax Ammarria issue


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