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Monday, May 14, 2012

Quote of the Week: Cruelest game around

This week's QOTW comes from an unusual source.  I follow several of The Escapists video series, notably The Big Picture and Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation.  As a result, I visit the site a couple of times per week.  This past week, an ad for another video from the GinxTV series called "Top 5 Character Creators" caught my attention.  Curious to see if EVE would be mentioned, I went ahead and watched it.

EVE, you might be amused to know, was indeed among the top five.  It was, in fact number one.  Even more amusingly, after laying down all of the things that make EVE's character creator so impressive, the video maker concluded:
The irony is that this incredible character creator is tied to a game where you'll spend most of your time staring at the back end of beautiful but inhuman spaceships... proving once more that EVE is the cruelest game around.
Aheh.  Pity that this is a game of internet spaceships, not internet character creators.  ;-)  As such, I don't think you're going to see CCP advertising this particular review, despite how positive it was.

It did underline again, at least for me, how ground-breaking the EVE character creator really is.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much of it made its way into DUST 514 in a couple of weeks.  As you may know, there is still a small group working -- slowly, slowly! -- on Incarna features.  Inferno itself will feature a few new goodies for the avatars, including some new clothing, hair, and skin tone options.

That's really all I have to say about that one, but there was an amusing runner-up for QOTW this week.  I was on a LOL T1 cruiser roam over the weekend that found itself caught in a pipe between a LOL Thrasher roam on one side of us and a small group of artillery-fit Tornadoes camping a gate on the other.  A member of my alliance summed it up this way:
We can go up against three tigers or three hundred cats.
Needless to say, that was good for a laugh.  We ended up going through the tigers (where we lost a few) rather than the cats (where we probably would have lost everyone).


  1. I think you've mentioned LOLT1 cruiser roams once before too... What sort of composition do you fly usually? I'm not talking exact fits, just generally... I've flown mallers, stabbers plus exequrors for logistics before which was fun.

    1. In this case, our roam was zero-tank all-DPS cruisers and Blackbirds. I was flying one of the latter. Rote also seems to occasionally have a bit of fun with RR cruisers and BCs. I'd consider that another variation on a LOL T1 cruiser roam.

  2. Funny, we did a "LOL T1 cruiser" fleet yesterday (though admittedly we had logistics and a loki booster, but also admittedly we outran the logis and they played little role) to "practice" AHAC fleet mechanics and it had quite awesome effect. It's amazing how useful the useless armor fleet can become if only it manages to land directly on its opponent's face, which in this case was 300km off a station. The DPS output of a spacepenis is quite impressive, if only people could be convinced to fly packs of them more often.

  3. CCP have mastered the art of trolling. This is to be expected.

  4. Do you think there are serious T1 cruiser roams out there? Not implying anything. Just asking!

  5. Speaking as someone who's actually srsly trying to bring back T1 cruiser PvP (especially given the recent cost increases of shinier ships) -- why does it have to be "LOL" T1 cruiser roams? After all, if one wishes to lay claim to "l337" PvP status, shouldn't they be capable of doing "more with less"? I mean, it's pretty easy to be "l337" with "l337" ships... just saying.

    Besides, I would rather do a "LOL" roam where everybody's doing just that: LOLing and having a good time blowing up or getting blown up ... than some "super srs" roam where some dude is raeging! all over comms, obviously frothing at the mouth and about to give himself a stroke. Again, just saying.


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