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Friday, May 11, 2012

This is why we test

Picture of the week is more like a video of the week:

This video does a great job of highlighting a lot of the new visual features coming in Inferno, particularly the various types of missile launchers.  The new effects are really well done!  The CCP art team continues to hit home run after home run over the last eighteen months or so, starting with the turret effects, the new nebulae, the v3 effects for Caldari and Gallente ships, and now the missile effects and v3 Amarr ships.  I might bitch a tiny bit that most of the new v3 skins -- and all of the Amarr ones -- are overly dark, but I have a sneaking suspicion that once we can start skinning them, "dark" will be the last thing you want your ship to be.  So that's all right.

The video was of course generated from footage from the Singularity test server.  If you're one of the people that "doesn't do Singularity", you might want to make an exception this time.  If nothing else: the new inventory system is really, really different.  If you don't take some time to get used to it on Singularity, you're going to be at a true disadvantage once it hits Tranquility.  Seriously: it requires a more or less total change to the way you think about how your ships, items, and corp items are stored.  Lots of people are frustrated with it or calling for its removal.  That deserves its own post, and it'll get one -- mostly because I'm 100% in favor of the changes.  But I wanted to start mentioning it now: if you haven't been on Singularity since the Inferno mirror, go.  At the very least, go try it out so you'll understand some of the things I write when I start writing about it.

Another way you'll be at a disadvantage on TQ if you don't at least glance at Sisi: it's now possible to visually determine how a missile ship is armed just from looking at it.  You'll want to start familiarizing yourself with the missile launcher external models and where they are on the ship models as soon as you can...

In the meantime, back to the video, which is well worth watching from start to finish.  I have serious doubts that missile smoke would work that way in the vacuum of space, and you know what?  Don't care.  ;-)  The missile effects are extremely dynamic and visceral, particularly the torpedo and rocket effects.  It's quite impressive, in particular, to watch a capital ship under missile fire.  The video shows this, and most other combinations of missile firing ship and target, from both forward and reverse angles.  Not a lot of close-ups, but that's OK: you can go out to Sisi and look at whatever close-up you like, right?

Great job on this video, Flamewave!


  1. I can't wait to see how the missile graphics look when a 200 ship Drake fleet starts unloading on targets. It will probably crush my frame rates.

  2. Wow...those new effects are simply stunning! I couldn't imagine them getting it any more perfect. Sure, they're not realistic, but who cares!? Eve is Real...but only when it makes sense, and that is as it should be.

  3. Well, my three year old quad core didn't do well in yesterdays mass test. 0,1 FPS@ lowest settings during the POS bash and then it crashed. Time for an upgrade!

  4. "I have serious doubts that missile smoke would work that way in the vacuum of space(...)"

    Meh, they dropped the annoying surface effect on missile explosions, so I still call it an improvement in the realism.

    Here hoping that next on their list is to look into ship explosions, visual effects of hull damage and perhaps even procedurally generated wrecks.

    1. They're working on a new ship explosion effect. They showed test video of it at the last day of Fanfest.

  5. *** I have serious doubts that missile smoke would work that way in the vacuum of space, ***

    ...no more than ships would have a "top speed" (other than the speed of light) in the vacuum of space...

    The space in the EVE cluster very clearly is filled with some sort of atmosphere or fluid! So the missile trails may as well reflect that.

  6. Fanboy squee: They used a Widow.
    Sue me. :p

    Re: Ezrvinh
    Space isn't a perfect vacuum, and the closer you get to C, the more Newton gives way to Einstein in determining the effects of collisions with little flecks of dust. Add in potentially Doppler-shifting EM radiation into more hazardous bands, and there is a practical (if not functional) limit to the sublight velocity of a spacecraft.


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