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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in your hangar?

So, that family obligation that I mentioned last week is taken care of, so I should now have more time available both for blogging and for playing EVE.  In the meantime, I got a kick out of this post written by Rixx Javix -- who is back to blogging!  In it, he lists the ships that are in his main hangar, their names, and a short bit of information about each.

This struck me as an interesting little post so I thought I would do the same.  It's particularly relevant because I think it'll be interesting to compare this list to a similar list next year.  Right now, I have a pretty wide variety of ships available, a lot of which I do not use.  If the Goon plan to make T2 components and ships more expensive succeeds, then one result of that is likely going to be that I and everyone else will have to cut down on the number of hangar queens.  So I think it's a good idea to kind of draw a baseline here to see where I'm starting from.

One little note: I like to name Ripard's ships after one-liners from movies, particularly action movies.  So in each case, I've given the source for the one-liner.  ;-)

So, here we go, a list of all the ships in Ripard's main hangar in Rote Kapelle's home system:

Enyo (x3), "You're Fired".  Name source: True Lies.  I'm trying to get back into some solo PvP, so if you see me wandering around in one of these, it's because I'm out trying despite the horrid time zone I live in.  Not much luck so far.  You people and your need to sleep.

Ishkur (x1), "Snow Cone Maker".  Name source: True Lies.  I built one for an Ishkur theme roam, got eight kills with it, and then lost it.  I mentioned I was going to get another, and one of the other Rote pilots that went on the roam -- who disliked the concept -- gave me his.  Haven't flown it since.

Wolf (x1), "I Married Rambo".  Name source: True Lies.  Or I might use these for soloing.  Haven't decided.

Drake (x2), "C'mon Bennett".  Name source: Commando.  One's fit more or less standard fashion, the other is a PODLA Drake (that'll be a FOTW sooner or later).  I rarely fly them.

Drake (x1), "Leave Any For Us?".  Name souce: Commando.  This is a five-link Drake that I used to set orbiting a POS when I was in LAWN and leave logged in all day for home defense.  Rote doesn't believe in such things, so I've never flown it since joining them.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it.

Hurricane (x4), "Alabama Tick", "Pushing Pencils", "Sexual Tyrannosaurus", "She's Your Baggage".  Name source: Predator.  One 425 Welp Cane, one armor Cane, one 650 skirmish Cane, and one 720 Cane.  The last one will probably be rebuilt into whichever of the other three I lose first.  I tend to lose Welp Canes a lot...

Prophecy (x1), "English Accent".  Name source: Robin Hood, Men in Tights.  Built for a theme roam.  Flown once.

Tornado (x2), "Ska-boosh".  Name source: Kung Fu Panda.  Pretty typical 1400 Tornado.

Machariel (x1), "Let's Party".  Name source: Commando.  Rote used to do Mach roams all the time, so this boat got a lot of work.  More recently, we've started using two or three of them as anchors for larger nano gangs.  It's a role I've been in a couple of times.

Tempest (x1), "For Close Encounters".  Name source: Aliens.  Used to be one of my favorite ships.  I've written about the Tempest here a couple of times.  I still pull it out for home defense situations.

Huginn (x1), "Lowly Lowly Cook".  Name source: Under Siege.  One of my favorite Recons.  Depending on FC preference, I'll either fly this or the Rapier below.

Rook (x1), "Gonna Get Me An Ear".  Name source: Firefly.  Used in ultra-small gang situations (five or fewer ships).

Claymore (x1), "Overkill is Underrated".  Name source: The A-Team, of course.  Dedicated Command Ships are slowly going out of style, so I cannot wait for the buff.  In the meantime, I flew this ship all through the Syndicate Tournament a couple of months back.

Damnation (x1), "Always Bet on Black".  Name source: Passenger 57.  Just bought this a couple of weeks ago one to back up Rote's one current frequent armor CS pilot.

Sleipnir (x1), "Stupid, but Ballsy".  Name source: True Lies.  Another ship that used to be one of my favorites, but the doctrine around this kind of boat is getting a little stale. 

Buzzard (x1), "I Seee Youuuu".  Name source: Predator.  Pretty standard scanning Buzzard.

Ashimmu (x1), "Franklin".  Needs to be renamed.  I recently moved this ship, two Zealots, and a Tengu from one of my combat alts to Ripard.  This one is heavily tanked and focused on 100% neuting for AHAC fleets.  Sort of a yellow Curse.  If only the Pilgrim didn't suck.

Celestis (x1), "Dodge This".  Name source: The MatrixDramiel killer.  Haven't undocked in it since moving to Syndicate, since roaming small frigate gangs in this area are vanishingly rare.

Cynabal (x1), "Goan Bleed You".  Name source: Predator.  I used to fly this pretty frequently, but when I joined Rote, I learned that most of their FCs actually prefer Vagas for nano roams.  I'm more than happy to oblige.

Osprey (x1), "Ugly Motherfucker".  Name source: Predator.  Built for a theme roam, which I ended up missing.  I'll probably whelp it in Rote's next LOL T1 cruiser roam.

Cormorant (x2), "Reach Out and Pod".  I've written about these before.

Thrasher (x1), "Get It Off!".  Name source: lots, but I was thinking of Austin Powers.  My last Thrasher.  I use both long- and short-distance fits.  This particular specimen is long-range.  I need to import some more Thrashers into null.  ::makes a note::

Keres (x1), "I'm a Special Boy"  Name source: American Pie.  I've written about this one before, too.  I haven't flown it seriously since leaving Faction Warfare.  See below, under Kitsune.

Kitsune (x1), "Hush! Hush!".  Name source: Broken Arrow.  I bought three of these about two years ago.  Two of them were one-volleyed by HACs.  EAFs are so fragile.  I sometimes sit in this one overnight to mess with CCP Diagoras's stats, but I never actually fly it.

Falcon (x1), "Death From Above".  Name source: Avatar.  I rarely get to fly this ship, which is a shame because I get a kick out of it.  But unless massively outnumbered, Rote prefers Recons with at least some DPS.  Ironically, I could have flown this in many fleets when we road-tripped out toward the drone regions, but I didn't pack it.

Rapier (x1), "People Need Killin'".  Name source: Mr and Mrs Smith.  This is the mirror of the Huginn above.

Daredevil (x1), "Don't Like Rednecks".  Name source: Commando.  I won this in a contest a couple of years ago, promptly rail fit it, and then forgot about it.

Dramiel (x1), "Too Much Red Meat".  Name source: Commando.  I mostly use this for building tactical warp-ins.

Federation Navy Comet (x1), "We Salute You".  Name source: Gladiator.  Rote is a big fan of "cop-cars", so I built one.  Since CCP re-skinned the Comet, cop-car roams have been much less frequent.  Sad face.

Probe (x2), "Christmas Tree".  Name source: Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.  I use these as throw-away cyno ships.  The name "Christmas Tree" (as in, lit up like a) is lucky for cyno ships, I find.

Cerberus (x1), "I'm Really Hungry".  Name source: Commando.  On those rare occasions that I'd rat with Ripard, this is what I'd use.  Haven't flown it in at least a year.

Deimos (x1), "Pikal Envy".  Name source: Babylon 5.  Sometimes, you want a suicidal slow super-close range armor boat.  This is mine.

Muninn (x1), "Gimme Da Cash".  Name source: The Fifth Element.  I built this allll the way back in Gentlemen's Club, before I had a character that could fly Zealots.  I haven't flown it in at least two years.  I just recently stripped the fit.  Anyone want to buy a Muninn?

Vagabond (x1), "Quarterback is Toast".  Name source: Die Hard.  Love my Vagabond.  <3

Zealot (x2), "Renown".  Needs a name change.  Pretty standard ABHAC fit.

Broadsword (x1), "The Revenge Business".  Name source: The Princess Bride.  Recently bought this one so I'd have a shield HIC available if needed, but I haven't flown it yet.

Phobos (x1), "Smell Them Coming".  Name source: Commando.  Just started flying HICs this year.  My trial by fire in this one was the massive dreadnought fight Rote had back in February.  But I've also used it in a number of low-sec roams as well.  I get a kick out of it.

Ares (x2), "Sweep the Leg".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  Rote likes Areses as scouts for roams, so I bought two of them.  But scouting in Rote is such a specialized profession with fantastic practitioners that I haven't even attempted it.  ;-)

Raptor (x1), "I Like It!"  Name source: Robocop.  No, I don't like it.  This name is sarcastic.  If memory serves, someone dropped this ship into my hangar as a joke.

Stiletto (x1), "For Defense Only".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  Another scouting inty.  Stilettos were what I used for scouting before I joined Rote.

Taranis (x1), "Squish Like Grape".  Name source: The Karate Kid.  My beloved dual-point-and-scram Taranis, used for fleet tackling.  I might refit it dual-prop instead, though.

Eris (x1), "My Mom Will Shoot".  Name source: Bad Sly Stallone movie.  In LAWN, I would use this ship as a quickie home-defense ship for small attacking frig gangs and bubbling in their pilots.  Fit for this, the Eris puts out a surprising amount of DPS and takes a ton of punishment.  Again, I don't see this kind of gang in Syndicate, so I haven't undocked in this ship in a while.

Flycatcher (x1), "Suicide Squeeze".  Name source: Major League.  I've been flying dictors a lot more lately.  This is my standard double-bubble Flycatcher.

Sabre (x2), "Stick Around".  Name source: Commando.  Other times, I fly this dictor.  I've come up with a double-bubble Sabre fit that I don't think is too terrible.  It'll be a FOTW at some point.  It's not quite as tanky as the Flycatcher, but puts out almost 200 DPS, which is definitely nice in the smaller Rote gangs.

Hound (x2), "Motherfuckin' Tin Can".  Name source: Die Hard.  Used for POS-bashing back in the day.  Rote has had exactly one POS bash since I joined them.  <3 Rote.  I'd probably use an Oracle for this purpose today.

Manticore (x2), "Shoot the Glass", "Yipee Ki-Yay".  Name source; Die Hard.  One is used for bombing runs, the other is used for behind-enemy-lines bomber/Recon gangs.  Given the explosive nature of one of those one-liners, guess which is which.  ;-)  That said, Rote isn't a fan of bombers, so I haven't undocked in either one since joining them.

Loki (x2), "Come Get Some", "This is my Boomstick".  Name source: Army of Darkness.  One is a shield link ship.  The other is a AHAC web Loki.  The latter gets used a lot more than the former.

Tengu (x1), "Sirius".  Needs a name change.  And this is the last one that I picked up from my alt.  I've just started flying Tengus in PvP, mostly in longer range nano fleets where Hurricanes are becoming less and less viable.

So that's Ripard's hangar: 63 ships, of which about 20 or so rarely or never get used.  All but one of them is PvP fit, or for supporting PvP (like those cyno ships).

One interesting thing in retrospect: only two T1, non-faction cruisers.  Only two battleships of any type, but that's not surprising: I only rarely fly battleships with Ripard.  He's got a couple of old LAWN Maelstroms in Empire.  Ripard can't fly capital ships at all.  I also don't fly T1 frigates with Ripard any more, either.  His medical clones are too expensive.  It makes no sense for me to put a multi-million ISK medical clone into a single million ISK frigate.

I have a Talos and a Naga for Ripard in Empire, but the situation hasn't come up where he would need to fly one yet.  I have a Devoter for him in Empire, too, but I'm waiting to bring that in until I lose the Phobos, heh.  And sooner or later, I'm likely to get him a Proteus, though that particular ship is pretty rare in Rote.  I might settle for a Lachesis instead, though I hate how thin they are.  I have an alt that flies Logistics, so I don't use Ripard for that.  The same alt can fly a perfect Curse.

That's the list.  Any obvious holes?  Any other blogger want to pick this idea up?  ;-)


  1. I found this post scientifically fascinating.

  2. Yea, I really liked his idea too... I called it "Rixx'es Accidental Blog Blather #1."

    Main diff tween you, Rixx n me is as
    I hadda big firesale after we left the C2, (moving all them ships out n around was tiresome...) I had most a these and about 10 moar in the hole plus about 30 shuttles we used for POS gun practise..

    So I have only 28 total left, but I USE most all of em summa the time.

  3. Just a quick observation, you must really enjoy 'True Lies'.

    1. For a while, all of my AFs were named after True Lies one-liners. It really is a rather quotable movie.

  4. Interesting, but the most important part of that entire blog to me was in the second to last paragraph.

    "It makes no sense for me to put a multi-million ISK medical clone into a single million ISK frigate."

    That needs to be fixed. One small little mechanic that walls off an entire type of play because it's cost prohibitive, even though it should be the cheapest and most disposable thing to do on a drunken saturday night.

    1. Eh, it does act somewhat as a balancing factor. If someone with a lot of SPs is flying a frig, they're probably so rich that they don't care about the medical clone cost. Meanwhile, poorer people with lots of SP stay out of frig-on-frig action and leave it for lower SP characters thereby not leveraging their high SP totals in support skills.

      So I can see it either way.

    2. The only issue with this is that out of someone's 100m sp, a lot of it is of no use to making the frig better.

      Additionally, not all older players are rich, or want to lose the isk for no reason. I'd rather see clone costs reduced/removed, as I think its a poor mechanic that adds little to the game except give another reason for people not to PVP.

    3. So long as your not in null sec where you can get bubbled there is very few reasons to lose a pod. That said, good luck finding a solo AF fight in high or low sec!

    4. Sounds like a "sunk cost" argument to me. It's not cost-prohibitive at all to fly frigs in a high-sp clone. In fact, it's cheaper because your ship is cheaper. I don't get podded any more in my frigs than I do in larger ship types, probably because frigs are fast enough to get out of bubbles. Also, too many high-SP players don't or never did fly frigs and are therefore terrible at Eve.

    5. Here is my problem with skill clones. I think I've been on 3-4 kill mails since I started the game and getting podded now costs 13 mil each time. Sorta tells you what I haven't been doing. Having not been doing that and knowing I'm going to eat a lot of deaths before I get anywhere near proficient at it, I'm looking at a couple hundred million in skill clone cost expenditures to get up to a 1 month old pvp character's proficiency.

      Toss in ship costs on top of that and all the sudden we're talking real money. Unless I do it in T1 frigates. And, as you've pointed out...

      "It makes no sense for me to put a multi-million ISK medical clone into a single million ISK frigate."

      So unless I want to open a 3rd account for a combat character skill clones have hit the point they are a barrier to entry. And it's only going to get worse.

  5. Gimme one of those old lawn maels m8 ;)

  6. I personally loved your Firefly reference! Love that scene. :D

    1. I habitually liquidate all ships that I don't use.

      So currently my hangar has like, a few afs, a cloaky hauler, some recon, a gila and some welp canes.

      They don't have cool names though, I think I will rename them all to "insert creativity here".

  7. This "post your ships" idea is actually great and bloggers should all do it to inform their readers. I'll post mine on Monday, thanks to Rixx and you the great idea!

    About your list: Oh my God so many ships. Is it standard among veterans to have so many or is it just you and Rixx?

    I'm sure I won't have more than 8 ships even after 5 years.

  8. Awesome list. I've actually written this post about 4 times now, so it is fun to go back and see how the hanger and ships change over time. I especially enjoy seeing how people name their ships. I've personally gone thru about a dozen naming conventions over the years.

  9. "Stick around" may be from Commando too, but I think you named it after the scene in Predator where Arnold impales a guy w/ his machette and sticks him to a post.

  10. It'd be interested in the Eris fit. We see some of this small gang stuff, so it may be useful. Any suggestions?

  11. You all, ALL of you, have too much time one your hands.... :-D

  12. "It's a role I've been in a couple of times."

    Lol, if one person in the gang is more likely to be shot than the others, turn this into an advantage.

  13. I like to use names of Culture ships from Iain M. Banks novel

    My favorites are my Amarr BSs the Eschatologist and the Lapsed Pacifist.

  14. Your part of Syndicate is boring. Come up to 6-CZ area.

  15. I think if I was going to use a Firefly one-liner to name a ship it would be "Our Witch".

    My few ships (6) are all named after actresses.

  16. Got a wolf kill today with your celestis. Wonderfully deceptive ship and on the cheap too. Ill be flying this more often

  17. ususally i like your blog and the others from the pack, but this so called 'accidental blog banter by rixx javix' is nothing more than another edition of 'who's got the biggest ...?!'

    i mean, who cares what you guys fly? it's of no use to me or other readers since every person flies their ships according to their skills/income and especially their gaming style which differs a lot as you know.

    so please stop this blatant show-off and get back to work ;)

  18. Kairos AntillesMay 8, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Canning from "hangar queens" - yet another way that "EVE is real".

  19. http://ruar-eve.blogspot.com/2012/05/whats-in-your-hangar.html

    My list if anyone's interested.

  20. Thanks for sharing--you certainly have a TON OF SHIPS damn. I only have maybe a dozen myself, not counting shuttles of course. Tend to name my Main's ships after things I feel appropriate or I like the name of, but I've taken to naming all my alt's ships after ship names from Homeworld, mostly Taidanii.

    I'm curious, do you ever use the sacrilege much? From your lack of posting much about it, I gather not, but I would love to see you post about it if you have anything to say or perhaps a fit for it.

    1. I only have one character that can use T2 HAMs, and that character can't fly HACs, so no. Never flown a Sac.

      I can tell you that in Rote, they're used in the same fleets as short-range blaster HACs, like Proteuses and Deimoses.

      If I were to fly one, it would look like this:

      [Sacrilege, Curious]
      Damage Control II
      Ballistic Control System II
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
      Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
      1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

      Experimental 10MN MicroWarpdrive I
      X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
      Warp Disruptor II
      Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron

      Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Inferno Rage Assault Missile
      Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Inferno Rage Assault Missile
      Small Energy Neutralizer II
      Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Inferno Rage Assault Missile
      Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Inferno Rage Assault Missile
      Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II, Inferno Rage Assault Missile

      Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
      Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

      Hobgoblin II x3

      Compared to my Deimos, you give up a ton of DPS and a decent drone bay. It's also tougher to dual-prop it: you'd have to either fit a CPU implant or drop the small neut (likely, the latter). I'd probably drop the TP and dual-prop it, since most short-range HACs do this. The big advantage to the Sac is of course its tank, which is massive. Best tank of all the HACs, and it only gets better under links. It can also tune damage to what's needed, so carry a variety of different missiles, in both Rage and Navy versions.

      Guess I'll make this the FOTW next week.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Holy BanannaNutMuffuns, Batman! That is a LOT of ships!


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