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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Would you like some vanilla with your vanilla?

Just a quickie.

Here's the new Inferno trailer:

Is it just me, or is this the most boring trailer ever done for an EVE expansion?  Good Heavens the EVE trailer guys have lost their mojo.  Now granted, I was not a big fan of the "I was there" trailer or the "Awakening" trailer.  And I said as much.  Both felt ridiculously over-acted and over-wrought to me, and neither of them did a particularly good job of selling the game.

Which is... you know... kind of the point of a trailer.

And I wasn't alone in my opinion of those two trailers: they were roundly lambasted by the EVE player base.  But like Kevin Smith losing all of his confidence after helming two losers out of three in four years, the criticism seems to have impacted the guys making these trailers.  They've pretty much folded in on themselves.  And as a result, all the trailers since those two have been vanilla.  Unobjectionable.  Fact-based.  Straight-forward.

Boring.  Good voice acting and music lately, but still boring.

Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't been so hard on "I was there" and "Awakening".  ;-)

Guys, I don't expect "Butterfly Effect" or the Dominion trailer every time.  We know you're gonna win some and lose some.  We accept that.  But let's stop with the boring, OK?  Take a lesson from EVE players: just because you take a risk and get popped doesn't mean you stop taking risks.


  1. "Deadlier Incursions" is one of the headlines in the video

  2. The Russian parody of "I was there" to date has been the most entertaining trailer I've watched.

    I can't see much parody potential in this one. Maybe someone will surprise me.

    1. Bad is easy to parody. Boring is very difficult.

    2. Op success then!

  3. I like it. It has good build up and the message is spot on - "for a price, I will burn the universe"

  4. first time seeing the Dominion trailer and agree with you, it is pretty sweet.

  5. Yeah, I have to agree, this trailer really lacked epicness and was a bit too short. For me, the best trailers have a story to them rather than just showing off new features.

    They should have done something revolving around FW, IMHO. Something that has the feel of the Dominion trailer and the story of the first or second Day of Darkness videos would have been amazing.

  6. Wow I'm disagreeing with you a lot lately, Jester. I think its spot on, the missile and ship porn was great as was the dialogue. It could have done better in some cases, yes, but overall considering what this expansion is and that they're fixing old features... its spot on with the theme.

    Oh, and you want good EVE porn?
    Check -this- out

  7. It depends on who the trailer is for and what it's meant to achieve.

    We currently have a hope/cynicism thing going about vision, and a bit of tension between retention and recruitment.

    Incarna was all vision. A lot of people felt badly burnt by it. The current focus seems to be "less hype about the vision; more solid delivery". The Inferno trailer strikes me as part of the trend of reassuring and retaining existing subscribers that we've seen since the summer of rage. It's a safe and reassuring(ly dull) delivery, which isn't necessarily a bad thing just now.

    It's also not really a trailer to show to friends to try to lure them into EVE.

    Experienced EVE-players seem to like the Dominion trailer. To a newcomer that's a confusing space version of "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly", with one good Russian line in it.

    Maybe because it's what hooked me before I'd played, my favourite "vision" trailer is still Trinity. No gameplay; aimed at least partially at existing players to show re-skins that didn't affect me. But the music was stirring and the visuals showed both the aesthetics of the main races and the scale of things. This was achieved against stations and planets, in ways that haven't been captured since the move to using supers as the "big things" in trailers and filling every portion of the screen with more ships. Loved the opening sequence using the statue, too, and was delighted when I found that was a real in-game thing I could visit. For me, it was epic in a good way, firing the imagination. (Here endeth the rhapsody.)

    To give friends a feel for the game world, to inspire them enough to slog through the early stages, I'd probably still use Trinity and the game's opening sequence.

    For the social context I'd pick from "Butterfly Effect", "I Was There" (ADVISORY: Corniness[1]), and probably still the articles about the first big GHSC heist. EVE's about camaraderie and betrayal, real friendships and false ones, griefing and guardedness. If you hate that you won't be happy in it.

    [1] "We really can sound like this, but having it mirrored back to us from the official source is a bit cringe-worthy."

  8. Meh. Trailer wasn't all that bad - the missile graphics were nice. The voiceover was badly scripted and the voice actor was mediocre. But, I think we're getting jaded and/or spoiled. It would be fun to see a CCP trailer based on Clear Skies, though... don't you think?

    On a separate topic, Jester, what did you think of the awesome ship rebalancing job?

    Personally, I'm lmao. 5 whole frigates. Most of which were not broken in the first place. At this rate, it will take CCP about 10 years to rebalance all of the T1 ships in the game.

    1. I'm neutral on the changes so far. I want to see them get to some ships that I care about before I start talking about tiericide.

      Because of clone costs, I haven't flown a frigate in combat in years.

  9. Replies
    1. And btw, in german and russian, they are even better.

      I especially like the German version, but then again who doesn't like Germans talking about Flotte Größe.

  10. Even though, I'd love a longer trailer and would have even loved it to tell a little story, the new Trailer shows the graphical awesomeness of Eve, thus will definitely work as intended and attract new players.

    Btw. imho "I was there" was one of the best trailers until now.

    Caadil Kulee

  11. The Inferno Eve trailer is hilarious with Starlight Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight" playing in the background.

  12. Causality (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGplrpWvz0I)is still my favorite as it highlights the cutthroat nature of EVE.

  13. Krixtal IcefluxorMay 23, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    The last 3 trailers have all featured war and overly loud metal-ish music. It's obvious the kind of crowd CCP is going for now. Much younger. Nothing subtle like in the Butterfly Effect and others. I guess with SONY being a Shadow Master of CCP now, their Demographic Geniuses are demonstrating for us the expectations for EVE's New Order.

    It sucks big time. This is just one more symptom amongst the many reasons my 4 accounts are closing. 2 are already dark.

    "Those sweet sweet days are over" as Spalding Grey said.

  14. I agree, this trailer was just so-so, though it was better than the Crucible one, which I thought was even more boring.

    Dominion and Tyrannis are by far my favorites, and I occasionally go back and watch them just for fun. They're better than a lot of actual movie trailers IMO.

    Also, I've never thought that the Dominion trailer was something that could appeal only to experienced players. I saw it before I ever tried EVE and I thought it was one of the best trailers for anything I had ever seen.

  15. I see it as an awfully simplified version of the praised Crucible trailer.

    Hope they make it better next time. Without either hyped up dudes or egg holding ladies.

  16. Hey Jester,

    I haven't seen anyone write about the Inferno change of market tax from 1.0% to 1.5%. What is your opinion on this?

    Khalia Nestune

    1. It's a non-issue, except for the very biggest orders. Most market characters have the skill that lets you evade much of this tax in any case.

      In the meantime, the TOTAL ISK amount removed from the economy will give DrEyjoG something to smile about.

  17. I totally agree Ripard. Whilst technically sound, this video feels lazy. Viisually it works, but the dialogue is generic and hackneyed and could easily have been tacked onto any number of game trailers. The sole focus is the bland mercenary angle (presumably due to the DUST514 link), with no reference to the richer Faction Warfare backstory.

    Then there's a lazy Crucible-esque series of fast-cuts with bulletpoints because they couldn't budget for/think of/be bothered to produce the meaningful end the the trailer. It was understandable in Crucible because there *was* no story to leverage. This was just poor marketing.

  18. Ok Jester, i have a blog challenge for you. Convince me, an admitted carebear, why i should jump on the $7 steam EVE sale.

    I've been reading your blog for almost two years now because I love readying about EVE ... it sounds like the perfect game to me (having come up on Ultima Online, but always prefering the space setting). That said, i played EVE for about two or three months 3 or 4 years ago. I played just long enough to get my Cormorant (which i LOVED), enjoy some mining and PVE and then *surprise!* get PK'd, in my shiny new destroyer by a guy in a frigate (which according to the info I had at the time i should have stood a chance against).

    After being PK'd, I realized that I was set back a few weeks and decided i didnt want to work that hard just to get back to where i was ... and quit. Not something I was proud of, it just seemed that EVE required a lot of "outside the game" work to get proficient at, which i don't have time for (kids and a career travelling).

    Should I take another crack at the game i absolutely want to love, or just come to terms with the fact that the game wasnt designed for my demographic (older carebears with little free time). In your opinion is the game actually becoming less bear-friendly (seems that way on your blog) than it was a few years ago? Thanks for all of the interesting posts.


  19. i started playing eve after seeing the "i was there" trailer. i liked it.


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