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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arcade game

Just a quickie.

So, more and more information is leaking out into the public about DUST 514.  I'll have more to say about a certain E3 video in particular in the next few days.  In the meantime, I'm afraid I found the following quote very amusing, though not for the intended reason:
"We're still tuning prices - the costs will change according to the feedback we get on the beta - but I believe when I calculated it last, at its most high-end - if you assume that somebody came in and had to buy, with real-world money, the best gear for a serious throw down - it was like a 24-cent thing."
That's CCP Vice President of Art Morgan Godat, speaking to Eurogamer.

So let me make sure I have this right: DUST is basically an arcade game that I can play for a quarter per life?  Am I understanding you properly?  What is this, the 1980s?  ;-)

The DUST 514 "beta event" now starts "on or around 29 June".  I assume "beta event" still means "don't write about it unless it's public."  In particular, though, this is now public:
But people are already buying items with real-world money.
So expect me to have quite a lot to say about that...


  1. Remember that is a quarter for high end kit. If you can get a solid loadout for a dime, throwing CCP some scratch can be nice for the player while contributing to Viking world domination.

    I am actually impressed by what I have been able to see about the DUST model from publicly available information sources. I do hope they add a subscription option with monthly Aurum stipends like many other F2P games do. (LOTRO & DCUO for example.)

  2. dudes...really... a standard FPS cost about 60 dollars. If this is broken down with this model that's 240 load-outs. Are they trying to say that I will have 240 high end deaths before I exceed my standard FPS cost? are you kidding me. even if it was 1 cent for a load out. That's 6000 deaths. Anyone can easily die that amount of time in a week of playing. I know I know. some people out there are saying he I won't die that much. Talk about making people in the game really getting upset when they die. And don't get me started if someone starts Team-killing. "You mean that *%^$*& just cost us 5 dollars by Team killing?!"
    Maybe this game will be the true progeny to eve after all. And let the tears begin to flow.

    1. your talking about bought Items though, the way I understand it, you can play with ISK and never spend a penny and be at no disadvantage other than a bit of time.

      Besides, tbh, I'm fed up with dying hundreds of times and the only thing that suffers is my K/D, I want to be rewarded for playing well and penalised for being useless.... (I'm hoping this will persuade me not to play when I'm hammered :) )

    2. You probably shouldn't count on a game to make life choices for you. ;-)

      That said, see my comment below about WoT.

  3. also dont forget how much PacMan made in the 80s.

    25c per game is a proven buisness model. people are willing to pay for many lives at that price point. and if each game is 10 minutes then they are making more than Blizzard is for a WoW subscriber who plays 15 hours a month.

  4. So you, along with everyone else, has chosen to ignore the part where this is the 'highest of the high end'. It's a theoretical loadout where the best of everything has been tossed onto the best dropsuit.

    People are not going to actually play with 24-cent loadouts, same as people don't undock officer-fitted faction battleships for PVP.

    1. I've also gently ignored the part where this is the most expensive *drop-suit*, whereas lots and lots of players will be in LAVs, HAVs, Recons...

    2. ...and also the part where you could also pay for these things with isk? Or is that not the case. Your the one in the beta Jester, not us. NDA or not Im genuinely curious as to how much of a sugar daddy Im gona end up being to my Dust friends.

    3. Without breaking NDA, I can say you might want to consider what CCP is doing to PvE in EVE lately.

      Or how fun getting a tier 6 tank in WoT is without going premium.

    4. Vehicles are a lot more survivable than a dropsuit and a rifle, though. So it's a given that they will be proportionally less expensive.

      Still, if going by the price of T1 frigates vs faction frigates, I dare say not even the largest 'T1' vehicles will hit the levels of the 'officer's gilded golden monocle' dropsuit.

      Well, they might. I mean, this is CCP, after all. But going by common sense and EVE precedent..

    5. "Or how fun getting a tier 6 tank in WoT is without going premium."

      ...having actually done that...
      In the words of James May; Permission to say cock.

  5. If Dust is anything like Team Fortress, 24c per life is about $8 per hour...

  6. That's the point. It wont be like TF. Deaths have meaning in eve and they will have meaning in dust. The loss of gear is ment to make you stop and think before you jump in. I expect this to mean that there willI be less kills and more hate and tears.Another point that is gently overlooked is that these 24 cent fits are not required to win. This is a FTP game after all and ccp has said that it won't be pay to win. A decently skilled player in free gear could and should still be better than a 24 cent noob.

  7. Well I've got 24 cents that says people are gonna be spider tanking their tanks a heck of a lot.

  8. I'd like to say more, but won't because of the NDA. The tone of the post seems to imply you need to spend aurum to compete...

  9. I'm not sure how you read the tone as implying you need to aurum to compete. All its saying is that if you want the best of the best aurum gear on the same load out then it would be about 24 cents. It doesn't say spend 24 cents per load out to win. I have a feeling that aurum gear will be very much like faction gear in that ya there will be some noobs fitting their full load outs in faction gear but for the most part if at all it will Only be one or two peaces per fit thus much cheaper. personally haven't seen anything from ccp that implies any different.


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