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Friday, June 1, 2012

KOTW: Reallllly big Noctis

There were a lot of kills that really tempted me this week.  I myself was peripherally involved in a fun kill this week, this Scorpion.  The armor tank is fairly standard; I like a dual-resist, dual-plate model myself, but OK.  The fun part is that Scorps are of course renowned super-close-range neut boats... and this pilot knew more or less our exact fleet comp and yet still went all Caldari racial jammers and no Minmatar jammers.  That's taking FW role-playing to impressive levels right there...

But no, for the actual Kill of the Week, I've gotta go with this:

Now granted, wormhole players have a lot of ISK.  And sometimes, it's fun to spend that ISK on goofy stuff, like gas-mining Tengus and the like.

But this might be taking things a little bit too far.

From the highs to the range-scripted Sebos to the meta Invuls to the hordes of tech 1 drones in the Drone Bay, this fit does nothing but scream "troll!" at me.  And yet the alliance that produced the kill reminds us that this ship is worth six PLEXes these days, or more than $100 U.S.  To build a realllllly big Noctis.  For some reason, the Verge of Collapse KB doesn't show what was in the cargo hold, but eve-kill apparently does.

Now granted, I've heard a rumor that there's a new method for blitzing the capital escalations of C5 wormhole sites.  And granted, the composition of the destroyed fleet this Rorq was with aligns with what I've heard about this new method.  Maybe the Rorq really really is the only practical way to salvage and loot the site if you're blitzing sites in this manner.

But there's got to be a way to make the Rorqual in question more survivable than this.  There just has to.  Because you're not making yourself look any smarter with loss-mails like this...  ;-)


  1. Cap escalations can be farmed to run the cap escalation 3 times (the capital wave respaw after DT the next 2 days) if you don't kill the trigger of the initial wave. The rorqual can be used to salvage while the site is being run (near the end) or after. Alternatively, you could keep a carrier at the end to rep the noctis or bring a scorpion to jam the trigger.

    Without cap escalation farming there would be very few site to cap escalate

  2. Would you please be so kind to post this new blitz tactic? thats a really interesting piece of information missing.

  3. 1. Its not a rumour, a rorqual provides capital remote reps on a site, but doesn't cause an escalation wave. This means you can warp in the rorqual first and get your reps set up then warp a dread in as the first escalating ship. Rather than warping in a carrier and a dreadnought wherein you have to deal with 12 battleships and can get a little bit dicey with a low skilled carrier pilot.

    2. Gas mining Tengus are not goofy. Imagine ninja mining in hostile nullsec in a hulk that is warp core stabbed, immune to bubbles, able to warp around cloaked and is quick to align... combining it with a cloaky hauler means you can (almost) always safely gas mine in w-systems that you know to be hostile with little risk of a) losing your ship, or b) losing your gas

    1. What do shield tanked fleet use for webbing?

    2. Same as everyone else ... a speed tanked Loki.

  4. Failmails like this just lower my faith in humanity just a little bit.

    I mean, what the fuck?

  5. We're not up to C5's (yet) so I have no opin on the Rorq except... wow (LOL)

    But the Gas mining T3 is a W-Space blue-plate-special. It's not weird if it works better than anything else. The T3 ability to run a CovOps and ignore bubbles is win-win.

  6. You dont need the rorqual for salvaging blitz capital WH escalations by any stretch. A properly fit noctis is more than adequate.

    The rorqual may have been used as a replacement for warping in a carrier to begin with to minimize initial spawns. The mods in the killmail dont reflect it though... no remote reps or transfers.. and you sure as hell wouldn't be fitting T1 shield mods. And it runs the risk of getting QUICKLY capped out by sleeper neuts. Having said that the rorqual may have refitted to a salvage fit when the first carrier came in.

    Looking at the fleet that was wiped though, they had the ships to do it without needing to use a rorqual to minimise spawns. So got to say I am a bit miffed with the need for a rorqual. Maybe it was bringing in strontium and was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Anyway, kudos to Aquila for the killmails... always good to have 3 bhaalgorns at the ready for such events :). This sort of thing is what makes WHs fun. You never know when your WH will open up onto 17B worth of capitals farming.

  7. Xaeroflex: It's not entirely a fail.

    Rorqs are useful in running C5 sleeper sites. This one could have had a better tank ( especially getting rid of those damned cargo mods and rigs ).

    The fail was not closing entrance wormholes properly before running the sleeper sites. Incoming wormholes, and your own ststic need to be dead or converted into cap traps before the Rorq leaves the POS.

    1. And how much time would that oh so much better tank have actually bought in this gank?


      Fitting looks like a decent compromise between survivability and being good at what this thing is actually used for.

    2. They probably did what you said, then Verge opened up to them, the dreads are sieged and can't move, and the carrier(s) in triage (again can't move). The rorqual may have been able to get out if they had detected the incoming wormhole in time.

      PS : The rorqual fit works and is legitimate. You can drop the rorqual on site when the last wave is spawned and start salvaging. With the uber range on the capital tractor beams and the tank. Salvage will be done a little bit after the battleships are killed.

      Their problem was lack of subcaps on site and farming with a small number for better isk/hr, which also lead to the new sig not being detected in time.

    3. I still think it had too many cargo mods.

      But the bigger fail was not watchin' dscan hard enough, as you both noted.

  8. I think this is a case where Jester is better off sticking to talking about stuff he knows about.

  9. Its a legitimate way of running C5 esc in a WH - so why the hating? Really not worthy of the shit you are giving them.

  10. I like how the killboard mixes up Brandyn Sax's Archon with the Buzzard in the maintenance bay and it even puts the API verified seal of approval on that mess.

  11. I must admit I've been waiting for the retraction from Jester on this one.

    If you want to put the kind of loot you get from C5/C6 sleeper sites into a ship with less tank than a cruiser - in an environment with no local - then be my guest.



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