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Friday, June 1, 2012

May junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this path month...


I'm seriously considering going to EVE Vegas, a repeat of a fan-run event that ran last year in Las Vegas, NV.  "Lost Wages" isn't a very long drive for me (unlike, say, Iceland) and there will be people there that I'd very much like to meet.  The downsides are two: despite objections to the contrary, the event seems to be rather Goon-focused in terms of attendees.  Goons seem to have gotten all the early cheap tickets, for instance.  And the second is that the event itself is now rather expensive, at $250 per ticket, plus another $300-$400 for a hotel room at the event, depending on where exactly I would stay and for how long.

I understand the reason for the cost: it's a fan run event and fans have to foot the bill for the venue.  And this year, the fans have to foot the bill for the CCP guests as well.  But all in all, that's a pretty big pile of money that could go to a Fanfest 2013 trip.

So... yeah.  Torn.  Anyone reading this going?  Anyone go last year and what to share a story?


EDIT (2/Jun/2012): Link fixed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ganking got a pretty good buff this month:

If you are sitting in Niarja or Uedama scanning haulers as they go by, the hardest part of the process is knowing exactly when to commit to a gank.  You often only have seconds to decide based on a quick review of what comes up on your ship scanner.  What is this worth?  What is that worth?  Sometimes you end up guessing, and you can guess really badly if you mistype something into your Jita alt's search bar.

This website changes all that.  Here, you can copy the results of a ship scanner run.  In return, it will give you a quick and dirty run-down of what the stuff you scanned is worth.  It's obviously not even close to perfect, but it's sure as hell a lot better than trying to figure out the value of this stuff yourself on a short deadline.



Almost every week since I started this site, I've been posting a Fit of the Week on Wednesday.  The site's been running for about 18 months now, which means I have 70 or so.  About one week after the new active shield hardeners went into the game, I was asked what a "V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix" was on one of the past FOTWs.


So now I'm torn.  This isn't a Wiki.  I've never pretended that it is.  But should I go back and update the old FOTWs?  People do quite often search Google for "incursion Nightmare" or "Thundercat" and those searches seem to lead them to me and to those old posts.  Obviously, updating the old FOTWs would make them continue to be relevant to this sort of search.

On the flip-side, it would be very tempting to go back and tinker with old FOTWs and make them better rather than just converting them.  I've learned a lot about ship fitting in the past seven or eight months.  But there's also a certain amusing historical value to be had in keeping a record of what stuff used to be called.  And redoing all those fits would be a lot of work.

So again, kinda torn on this one.  Anyone have a strong opinion on it?


After I posted the updated Snapcount data through May, I was asked by several people: where are the pre-Fanfest bot bans in the Snapcount data?

Good question.

Right before Fanfest (which happened in late March), CCP Sreegs indicated that he'd banned a number of accounts for botting.  The botting application forums also had stories of people getting banned.  Sreegs in particular said that "1268 accounts of both sellers and suppliers have been banned permanently."  Prior to that, in early April, he said that "around 105 accounts" had also been banned.  It's important to keep in mind that Snapcount data is the number of people logged into EVE at any given moment, not the number of active accounts.  I have no way of measuring that.

So should Snapcount have shown this data?  Its predecessor could easily see the dip in active accounts from Unholy Rage, after all.

I'll have more to say about this next week sometime, but the answer is "no".  Sreegs seems to be focusing on the demand side of the equation, the buyers and sellers of ISK.  There hasn't been nearly as much focus on the supply side of the equation: the actual bots.  In other words, this is an anti-RMT campaign, not an anti-botting campaign.  The number of accounts that were actually banned is very insignificant and probably don't represent accounts that are logged into the game all that often.  So they wouldn't show up in Snapcount.


There's an annoying bug that I keep running afoul of.  I've bug-reported it twice to no effect, so I want to mention it here.  If you're going to biomass a character (delete the character from your account), please move that character to an NPC corp FIRST.  When you biomass a character and they're a member of a player corp, the biomass function dumps their stuff on their previous corp.  But it doesn't put the stuff into the corp hangars.  Oh no.  Instead, it's dropped into the Impound hangar for that corp.

And the corp has to pay to get the items out of impound.  You can't delete or otherwise purge items from impound.  And of course, the impound fees can very easily and quickly outstrip the value of items in impound.  And the assets stay associated with the corp forever.

As a result, it is extremely easy for a biomassed character to leave impounded objects in a corp's impound list scattered all over the galaxy, items that the affected corp can't do anything about.  As I said, this is a bug -- or undocumented feature -- that's been in the game for several years.  I've bug-reported it twice, it gets into a "filtered" state and that's where it stays.

So, I'm just going to mention that if you create a new character and then create 500 Ibises for them in stations all over the galaxy, then join the corp of someone you don't like, and then biomass that character, your enemy's corp will be left with an aggravating legacy that will remind them of you forever.

What you do with this information, I leave to you.


Through the combined efforts of spy alts, API keys, and flat-out voluntary contributions, EVEskunk has put up a page that shows the standings of a large number of the biggest alliances in EVE.

No more asking "is X blue to Y?"  Just go to this website and see for yourself.  It only has entries for the very largest sov-holding alliances at the moment, but it's a project that promises to grow.  It's definitely a cute and useful idea!

I was extremely gratified to see how many big alliances have Rote Kapelle set either -5 or -10, too.


Finally, a blog I've been really impressed with the last couple of months is Tiger Ears.

It's extremely W-space focused, and that extreme level of specialization has -- to date -- kept me from listing it among my Must Read Blogs.  But other than that, it has all of the things I look for in blogs that I list there: daily updates, good writing, and interesting ideas.  It'll almost certainly make the Must Read list sooner or later.  Until it does, it might be one you want to add to your own daily reading lists.


Whew!  Longer post than average for the junk drawer.  I probably should have gone ahead and expanded one or two of these into full posts...


  1. As for Eve Vegas, if you are a Cali resident I know of some hotels in Las Vegas that will give you a 40% discount.

    The link in your second snip is to a malware detection site...

  2. Is that gank site link correct? :)

  3. I'm definitely going, along with my wife (whom plays EvE) and some of my corpmates are also going. It'll be fun to meat others who play and have a chat. I am unlikely to ever make it to Iceland for Fanfest (though I'll try my best for the 10 year anniversary).

    1. Soylent green is people! IT'S PEOPLE!!! I think you meant meet, as meating people is both illegal and gross.

  4. For the FOTW: after the in-game name, you could write the meta level of the item with its basic name.
    And unless you've got too much free time, I don't think there's much value in converting older FOTWs, because your readers can look for a wiki to help them out. On the other hand, reading the results of your tinkering with those older FOTWs would be interesting, if it includes the reasoning behind said tinkering.
    And thanks for all those FOTWs by the way =)

  5. EVE Vegas: If it's a choice between Fanfest and Vegas, save the cash and come to Fanfest. No doubt!

    Legacy fits: Do a comment at the top of the post of a legacy FOTW with a status. Is is still viable, but the mod name changed? Is it deprecated? In case of a deprecated fit you'd like to fix, do a new post and link to it in the comment. (Don't go changing history :))

  6. I say mini update the old FOTWs as you feel like it, having them under the actual FOTW that gets the whole write up and such. If you feel that an old fit should be the new FOTW, go for it. Ships go in and out of style.

  7. My small Alliance(maybe 20 actual people) has two confirmed and two maybes for Eve Vegas. I'd be nice to share some scotch and BS with you IRL during Eve Vegas.

  8. I was thinking a V2 on the FOTW would be a good compromise. You could revisit the fits you'd like to update and there would stil be a clear difference between the legacy build and the new fit.

  9. Myself and a buncha fellow Gents are going. Can't wait

  10. I'm not a Goon and I will be at EVE Vegas for sure. Last year, it certainly wasn't Goon-dominated (well, any more than EVE in general is, anyway).

  11. More people should jump on the bandwagon and recommend me. I kinda like it.

  12. I can't do fanfest but am DEFINITELY strongly considering Vegas. If I can rack up the OT (shouldn't be a problem the way this fire season is shaping up), should be able to afford it no problemo. :-D
    40% discount on rooms would be a huge help as well.

  13. Absolutely not a goon... and going to EVE Vegas

  14. Re travel : I want to buy you a drink next year in Reykjavík. So invest wisely.

  15. I had a chat with bug hunters once, and AFAIK "filtered" means : not worth exploring. It is an end state. End of the story.

    They should have left an appendix in the bug's description as to why they did not have it "attached to a defect" -- which is the state you want to see.

  16. Concerning when the bot bans occurred. The first wave of bans happened on 27-28 February. It appears that bans continued once a week (I think on Tuesdays) until Fanfest And at Fanfest Sreegs stated he aimed to go to a continuous bot banning program. Going continuous means no big spikes in the graph. I'm not sure when he actually went live with that plan.

  17. On the Fits of the Week: most of them are still quite useful in their original form, so all that would really be needed would be some sort of guide to the history of changes in module names. There's got to be one somewhere, right?

    However, things like the hybrid buff and ship changes do make some old fits more interesting. And the overclock rig opens up an awful lot of possibilities - like a true scout bomber with cloak, torpedoes, and an expanded probe launcher (which can even swap a torpedo launcher for a bomb launcher for null-sec). A rig costing half a million ISK can exceed the effect of a plus-6 CPU implant; you're going to be seeing all sorts of new and interesting fits.

    And the ancillary boosters are already starting to have an impact, allowing for massive short-term shield boosts. Heard about a Cormorant that gave an attacker fits with one of those, and with Hulkageddon becoming a permanent thing, a bunch of ancillaries on a Hulk or Mackinaw may become the preferred fit for hi-sec mining. (No good if you're mining AFK, but if you're ready to fire up the boosters the instant you get red-boxed, you can probably hold against a max-DPS Catalyst long enough for Concord to show.)

  18. I don't think you should change the FOTW. As a relatively new player in comparison (a year and a few months), I enjoy seeing the history of the game in all its various ways, and fits like yours are a big part of that.

    As mentioned above, maybe putting a disclaimer on them that the fit no longer works, or adding the meta level for the name changes would be helpful. Don't go rewriting history though, the USAF doesn't show Sidewinder missiles as part of the weapons loadout for a P-51... Keep history historic! :D


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