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Friday, June 29, 2012

Week in the Life: Ishukone

So, a little unintended bug has been fixed today.

A week ago, when the new clothing items hit the NeX (more on them at some point), there was one mixed in there that was a little unusual.  It's called the Men's 'Sterling' Dress Shirt (Ishukone Special Edition).  This was previously an exceptionally rare item, with perhaps a few dozen in total circulation in EVE.  The only way you got one was to buy a package that CCP made available several months ago that included 13 PLEXes.

And of course, once such an exceptionally rare item hits the EVE market place, its price in ISK is set based on supply and demand.  With such an insanely limited supply, the price started at about 400 million ISK and had been steadily rising for the last several months, peaking at 2.2 billion ISK.

For a shirt.

So I expect you can imagine my surprise when I noticed that one of the new items in the NeX appeared to be this very same shirt, listed for 500 AUR, or about $2.50 U.S.  I looked again, and sure enough.  Definitely the same item.  Checking the Jita market, I was amused to notice that the previously 2.2 billion ISK shirt now appeared to be selling for 60 million ISK.  And needless to say, some of the people that owned the super-rare item raged pretty hard about it.  Rather amused and not wanting to spend my own stash of (free) AUR, I bought a couple on the Jita market and socked them away as a curiosity.  And I didn't think very much of it.

Until today... when I notice with a great deal of interest that the Ishukone shirt is no longer available on the NeX for any price.

I wasn't the only person that noticed, either.  As you can see, there appear to be some 150-odd more Ishukone shirts in circulation this week than there were last week.  Guess some of you noticed the same thing I did and spent some of your hard-earned AUR on them.  To two of you... whomever you are... thanks.  ;-)


  1. Crap, I knew I should have bought some of those. I bought a bunch of the new items and sold those at the new-item high prices.

  2. Wonder if they'll do the same for the red/gold executor coat (female). Dropped from 500mil to 50mil overnight.

  3. It wasn't an "unintended" bug. Certain players were made aware about it, just prior to the release, by a dev and told to cash in before the "bug" was fixed. I'll leave it to you to discover who and why.

    1. Well, I certainly wasn't told about it. Have any evidence to back this up?

    2. Anytime someone makes money, the OMG INSIDER INFORMATION guys always come out

    3. No evidence, because it certainly isn't worth someone losing their job over a brief moment of pique at someone else at the company, who has been doing "favors" for in-game friends. No real harm done, after all.

      Just think of it as yet another something to feed the conspiracy nuts.... After all, everything done by CCP is really just a Goon plot, or a plot against the Goons... I forget which.

  4. CCP is in bed with BoB. No wait, CCP is in bed with the Goons. Oi. I can't keep track!


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