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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kill of the Week: All or nothing

Number of dead super-caps this week: ???

For those who aren't keeping track (mission-runners, Incursioners, industrialists, you know who you are), eve-kill.net has been down most of this week.  As a result, people who keep score in EVE by keeping track of their kills are having a harder than usual time doing so.  Battleclinic is still there, of course, as are the various corporate and alliance kill boards.  But in the view of myself and many others, Battleclinic has many serious deficiencies and it's a lot more fun having a kill board if you can keep track of what all the other alliances and corps out there are up to, too.

Try to imagine being an industrialist who can't check his ISK balance, or an incursion alt that can't check his LP bank, and you start to understand what this feels like.

Anyway, eve-kill seems to be down due to a hardware issue and presumably when that's fixed it'll be back.  In the meantime, one of the various minor effects of this is that it's harder for me to find a KOTW.  Still, I came across this one which I think is amusing in the absence of something more impressive:

I've talked briefly about "theme roams" in the past and this looks like the result of one of those.  You might have missed it, but in one of the recent expansions, all of the existing "noobship" bonuses were tossed in favor of four racial bonuses per ship.  And the new bonuses are actually interesting and kind of useful!  This has created a new and rather ironic market: mass contract sales of noobships in Jita.  You can find either groups of all four noobships or larger groups of a single model.  And of course, they're created with the simple expedient of warping a pod back and forth from one Jita 4-4 station to the other, simply packaging and moving the newly created noobship into a Station Container or the like after each docking.

Each noobship comes with four "signature" bonuses for their respective races.  If you want DPS, though, the Gallente Velator still leads the pack handily with its 10% bonus to hybrid damage, 20% bonus to drone damage, and double-size drone bay.  It even has an armor rep bonus now.

Still, one of the Ibis bonuses is amusing: a flat 30% bonus to jamming strength.

ECM is a topic guaranteed to inspire rage in PvPers, particularly attempted solo PvPers, because it's so all-or-nothing: heads you win, tails you lose.  And this Ibis bonus means that even the most raw noob in the game, with absolutely no skills at all, can easily put two jammers on the field with a 5.2 jam strength each.  The jamming strength jumps to 6.5 or higher with a good ECM pilot aboard.  And that's sufficient to jam out most frigates and destroyers in the game pretty reliably... with a free ship.

And that's apparently what happened here.  This Sabre, with its Sensor Strength of 9, stood no chance at all against three jam-fit Ibises, and once jammed out, even the best Sabre fit in New Eden can only tank about 50 DPS or so.  This is definitely not the best Sabre fit in New Eden, so it didn't last long.  Fortunately, the pilot in question had a good sense of humor about it:
Damn noob ship with jamming bonus!!! LOL
So, not a dramatic or particularly important kill, but a fun one...  I'll catch back up with super-cap kills and a more impressive KOTW next week.  Hopefully.


  1. A fleet of ECM Ibises, flown by noobs or alts with <900K SP, can utterly ruin anyone's day.

    When you get popped and podded, you just go back to station, get another one for free, and rejoin the fleet.

    Try this in FW or an Incursion, targeting the logi ships, for maximum rage/tear production.

  2. Very nice. We've done Velator ganks in Amarr before, nothing better than someone losing their shiny to a host of free ships, but the jamming Ibises is a new one.

  3. CCP really needs to address ECM ... they put a bandaid on it with the changes to the Falcon and such but can you think of any other E-war option that results in a kill like this for (3) noob ships?

    The jams need some kind of diminishing returns at the least.

    1. Actually, if you had three noob ships fit with 2x web, 1x scram, and 3x range TD, you would be able to achieve the same effect. The sabre would be doing a wopping 30 dps at 3km with barrage. You can imagine how much it would do to a noobship kiting it at 8 km.

  4. Here's a good one - https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=156864



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