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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paid for the Kill of the Week

This week's KOTW sums up a lot of stuff I've covered before in one convenient Christmas gift-pack:

The obvious ones:
  • Don't fly what you can't afford to lose.
  • Don't fly it through obviously camped systems (Miroitem is the system on the other side of freakin' Rancer, for Heaven's sake).
  • Don't move PLEXes around during EVE's peak times.
  • Use the right tool for the job.
You might think a "cloaky Loki" would be a good ship to move PLEXes around in, and if the fit were even close to good, maybe.  But so many things are wrong with this fit that I'll start by pointing to the only thing that's right about it.  The Amplification Node subsystem on a Loki will greatly increase the amount of time needed to lock up your ship.  That's kind of a nice bonus for escape and evasion.  Too bad this pilot completely destroyed that bonus by fitting five(!) Inertia Stabilizers to the ship, which increased the sig radius of this ship by more than a third.  That meant a half-second quicker lock time for those enemy Rapiers.  That's why everyone uses Nanofibers instead.

No buffer, no 100MN Afterburner, and no Warp Core Stabilizers did the rest.  The Interdiction Nullifier is also completely useless in low-sec.  Had the Intercalated Nanofibers subsystem been used instead, this ship probably would have escaped.  All in all, this was a mercy killing.  Fortunately, those that killed it did not profit from the idiot behind the wheel.  Chris Cottle was thrown out of his corp a few hours later, and good riddance, particularly since he did all of this in a full set of +5s, too.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

Only two dead super-caps to write about this week.  Uanzin is renowned throughout Derelik as the worst possible place to undock a capital ship and this week it cost a player an Aeon.  Looks like a pretty straight-forward PL gank.  It's a former SniggWaffe player, so he probably made the mistake of telling someone he was moving his Aeon, or the bigger mistake of asking for help with it.  If there's no fleet involved, know how many people need to know that you're moving your super-cap?  One.  You need to know.  Nobody else does.

And this Goon Nyx died to an NCdot fleet, the result of a very straight-forward gank.  themittani.com has a listing of the dumb mistakes made (I count six).  The Nyx certainly didn't get any kills.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

And since I missed this feature last week, let's cover the two dead super-caps from last week.  The first is kind of entertaining: a Legion of xXDeathXx Ragnarok ganked by a combined NCdot/Nulli Secunda fleet in Venal.  An old friend of mine and very fine pilot, Enthropic, was in on that kill.  Congrats, mate!  EVE News 24 has the story on that one.  Pretty straight-forward gank, and the Titan didn't get any kills before it went down.

Second super-cap to die last week was this Nocturnal Romance Wyvern, lost to a Goon fleet in Syndicate.  Word around the campfire is that this is an alt of the pilot TinkerHell, who's famous around Syndicate for some occasionally... ummmm... unorthodox "solo" PvP techniques.  Whether this was actually TinkerHell or not, looks like this Wyvern was dropped to ensure the death of a Goon carrier... failed to get on that KM because the carrier was already in structure... and then got itself tackled by the supporting Goon sub-cap fleet.  That fleet then held the Wyvern for quite a while before the eventual Goon capital ship fleet could come in and finish it off.

Still, that's the closest thing since I've started tracking super-cap deaths to an actual "super-cap fight" so congrats to this pilot whoever he was for being brave enough to drop your super into an actual battle.

Who knows, maybe someday soon we'll have a week in which more than two super-caps die...  And just maybe more of them will be used in actual fights, instead of just getting themselves ganked.


  1. Didn't -A- lose 10-15 SC to Southern Goons some weeks ago in a cap fight. Weren't you tracking super cap kills at the time?

    1. I started tracking them with the KOTW on September 9, going back to September 2.

  2. but what was the last time we had an actual supercap brawl? instead of a gank one way or another

    i dont even know

    maybe the big -a- loss a few months ago...but they didnt stand a chance against the PL titan fleet

    1. Proper supercap brawls like we've had in years pasts are rather unlikely - none of the forces on the defensive in current wars are committed enough to their space that they want to deploy supers without being under a cynojammer.

  3. At first look at theInteria stabilizers they look like a good MODule to fit because they align you quicker... second look of course you see that they have like a 10% sig radius bonus! What are they good for?

    1. They're OK used in limited numbers on high-sec haulers as long as the cargo involved isn't too valuable. It's also useful for travel-fitting high-sec battleships and the like to get them where they're going faster.

      In any case, I wouldn't ever use more than two of this mod, much less five.

  4. It was not TinkerHells Wyvern. His alt flys the Nyx in that corp.


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