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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pictures of the Week: Rixx is busy

For those that haven't seen them yet, some new art is leaking out of the test server.  I apologize in advance for not putting these videos up directly, but most of them are "you must know the link to visit" videos.  Here's the new Minmatar destroyer:

That one needs to have its art redone before it's even released, as far as I'm concerned.  Ew.  ;-)  Here's the new Caldari destroyer:

This one has kind of a nice U-boat feel, and other than the pointy snout kind of looks like a mini Naga.  Still, besides the Rokh, which Caldari ships had this look before the Naga came along?  It's like dlamont, who designed the Naga is the new Chief Caldari Ship Designer.  ;-)  I dunno, I guess I'm used to Caldari ships spreading either along the Y- or Z-axis.  All of these Caldari ships spreading along the X-axis are reminding me too much of Amarr ships.

Cough.  Just my opinion.

Anyway, there's also these, which I'll just leave here:

And this, which appears to include an early version of a third (Gallente?) destroyer as well as a closer view of the new Tempest:

And finally, here's the new ORE mining frigate:

I really like the look of that one.  It has a huge Homeworld vibe going for it, which I approve of completely.  I could look at two-tone bumblebee-colored ships all day and all night.  If this ship were dropped into Homeworld as a mining ship, it wouldn't look out of place at all.  Even though I'll probably never undock in it, I'm still gonna buy one...

Anyway, looks like Rixx Javix has been busy continuing to motivate members of the art team.  Keep up the good work there, Rixx.  ;-)


  1. 3rd destroyer could be the orbital bombardment destroyers that where mentioned once long ago? Also where is the dust posts it is on sisi and do to hit the live servers sometime soon and still no jesters thoughts feelings or rambling's about its effect on eve. I know that your hands are tied some by the privacy bit but a post or 2 about effect on eve would be cool.

    1. Yes, these are among other things the orbital bombardment destroyers, though I get the impression they won't be able to do it right away.

    2. They are? Do you have a source for this?

  2. to me, the caldari destroyer looks way more like the talos than the naga

  3. I'm a little confused - what do these new ship models have to do with Rixx? Did he get hired by CCP?

    1. See:




      I was being facetious.

  4. There was a very early version of the Amarr destroyer posted on FHC, but it literally looks like some lazy art dude just took a crappy model of a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer and ripped out the engines in the back so it's not really worth posting. Hopefully they scrap that model and start over or change it drastically.

    And the Minmatar one sucks, I'm never going to fly that unless the bonuses are hilariously OP.

  5. CCP, y u make your expansions awesome when I have to take a break from Eve? >.>

  6. I was going to say I didn't have anything to do with it... but then again, maybe I did after all. If so then they haven't exactly been listening, especially in regards to Minnie design. While I'd need to see the textures on the new Pest before making a final judgement - that new Minnie Dessie is pretty bad. It looks like someone put a battering ram on an old Civil War Iron Clad!

    I'm all for updating almost decade old ship models, but some legacy and racial care needs to be maintained.

  7. Both the Minnie and Cally destroyers reminded me of Homeworld as well; the Minmatar dessie looks an awful lot like Homeworld 1's heavy corvette (Kushan version, that is) just with a slightly more rusty/spare parts appearance and some solar panels stuck on the front. The Caldari destroyer reminds me the Hive Frigate from Homeworld: Cataclysm.

    Now I think about it, the remodelled Manticore Stealth Bomber has a lot in common with Cataclysm's Acolye fighters. Hmm...


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