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Friday, September 21, 2012

RAGING assistant to the QOTW

I cannot even express how much this makes me laugh:

Short version, a pilot from my old alliance LAWN got into an argument with alliance leadership.  Knowing what I know about LAWN alliance leadership, this does not surprise me in the slightest.  And like wronged and vengeful corp directors across EVE, he responded by dropping Blueprint Haus sov in nine systems and stealing 47.5 billion ISK.  This sort of thing is so routine in EVE that normally it wouldn't even be worth talking about.  By corp theft standards, the amount of BPH's loss doesn't even count as paltry.(1)

And yet the response of Viger, Blueprint Haus's CEO, is nothing short of nuclear melt-down and unending eternal hate hate hate so much vile hate.  There are teenagers that can't summon up this level of righteous smiting anger.

Best quotes:
We intend to make your toons blacklisted for most of EVE.
We will protect EVE from you.
For the record, Blueprint Haus members for the most part fit the old cliche of Northern Coalition no-PVP-all-care-bear-all-the-time to an absolute T.  There are certainly exceptions, but a lot of the time you couldn't drag them into fleets if your life depended on it.  They were miners and industrialists and plexers and proud of it.  The average security status of BPH's 137 members is 2.3, for Heaven's sake.  They would build capital ships and super-caps for alliance members... as long as you didn't mind paying over market value for them.  Don't like it?  Don't buy them!

There's a commonly bandied-about word for this sort of EVE player, but I won't repeat it here.  But I'm sure most of you know the one I mean.  I normally avoid stereotypes, but this time it fits.

From this, you'll no doubt recognize and appreciate the amount of ISK flowing around BPH at any given time.  So to see this level of rage over barely enough ISK for one super-carrier... yeah.  I found it funny.  Really funny.  Oh no!  Blueprint Haus might hunt down and destroy Legras wherever he goes... forever and ever and ever and so much vile hate.

...unless he sells the character the very next day, of course. 

Presumably, he's secured a new e-mail address as well.  Gods, I love this game sometimes.

(1) Though having this amount of personal ISK would certainly be gratifying.


  1. I had a big old facepalm when I read that mail and knew it was going to get laughed at all over. You just have to let things like that go and not rage about it.

  2. was the term, "emorage" the one you were looking for?

    bah, stupid corporate role system sucks...i should say he rage against the real culprit: CCP's idiotic mechanic that makes corp theft child's play...it's probably the easiest way to make isk in eve.


  3. "There's a commonly bandied-about word for this sort of EVE player, but I won't repeat it here. But I'm sure most of you know the one I mean. I normally avoid stereotypes, but this time it fits."

    Can you...elaborate ? I don't know what you're hinting at, but now I'm curious.

  4. I normally avoid stereotypes, but this time it fits.

    Yes, please do tell us what you think about Jews and how this sterotype fits them.

    1. The STEREOTYPE fits, mate. Please do not be deliberately obtuse.

  5. After seeing that e(mo)ail in my Inbox I knew it was going to be epic. Then I spotted the allegedly sold Legras toon a day later hovering around the Torrinos/EC gate, and all sorts of tinhattery ensued. Good times....


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