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Friday, September 21, 2012

Rock you like a

And finally, let's talk about the Hurricane nerf.  I'll make this quick.  Here's the change:
Since we planning to reduce the powergrid needs of all medium artillery by 10% across the board, we are also planning to subtract 225 PG from the Hurricane, leaving it with a base powergrid of 1125. 
The upshot is that fitting a full rack of 720s with a MWD and LSE and full mids and lows will require a RCUII and either an ACR or PG implant. Also fitting a standard shield autocane with neuts and LSE will require dropping a few guns down to 220mm.
Here's my reaction: this is a non-issue, and it's for a series of really amusing reasons.

First things first: as CCP Fozzie says, reducing Hurricane grid by 225 is going to make fitting a full rack of 425mm AutoCannons impractical.  Remember yesterday, when I was making the comment about "_____________ in EVE is over-powered"?  "425 Canes" or "Welpfleet Canes" as they are variously known are definitely over-powered.  I think we've all known that for quite a while.  It's no mistake that for quite a long time this was probably the single most popular PvP ship in EVE Online.

Until it was replaced by something better, of course.  More on that in a second.

But the truth of the matter is Canes have always had too much grid.  You don't have to make a single compromise fitting a Hurricane pretty much no matter how you fit it.  Fit the biggest medium guns in the game of either stripe, fit links if you want, fit dual medium neuts, armor tank it, shield tank it, whatever you like... it will all fit and usually without using a single fitting mod and usually with room to spare.  At worst, you have to fit one ACR to put in a full rack of 720s.  Every other BC has to make serious fitting compromises, but the Cane has never had to.  So yeah, I think we all knew that the Cane was just a little too easy.

Therefore, making it a little tougher and making players make a few compromises is no bad thing in my opinion.  It will have one major impact: it's going to make armor Canes much tougher to fit and quite a bit more rare, but the meta has passed armor Canes by so that's not necessarily a bad thing, either.

But that brings me to the other thing that's funny about this change.  Armor Canes aren't the only thing the meta has passed by.  Fozzie indicates that fitting out a full rack of 720s to a Cane will require an RCU2 plus either an ACR or a grid implant.

You know... in the very unlikely event that you even want a 720 Cane.

You really should have switched to a Tornado for this by now, you know.  720 Canes are essentially obsolete in today's EVE and if you're still flying them, you're doing it wrong.  650s still have a place, but this change isn't going to change the fitting dynamics of 650 Canes very much at all.

So to summarize, this is a very minor change and not really worth getting excited about in my opinion.  425 Canes are going to be fitting 220s instead, and will lose a little bit of DPS in exchange for even more ferocious tracking against smaller targets.  Net result: I think Welpcanes are going to be effectively even more dangerous, not less.  Those last few 720 Cane pilots that haven't gotten the message by now will hopefully figure it out and start fitting out Tornados come winter.

Whew!  CCP Fozzie pretty much completely short-circuited the stuff I wanted to blog about this week.  Let's get back to that.


  1. " It will have one major impact: it's going to make armor Canes much tougher to fit and quite a bit more rare, but the meta has passed armor Canes by so that's not necessarily a bad thing, either."

    WTF Jester? In one post you bitch about dumbing down and homogenizing fits... and in the next you applaud the fact that armor-tanking has gone the way of the dodo, thus HOMOGENIZING fitting...? I know you're not stupid, so maybe a ruling of insanity (temporary or permanent?) is in order?

    Besides, who's to say that such nerfs will be limited to Canes? Let's shave some grid off the Brutix and Myrmidon too, cause you should need an ACR and a PDS to fit a full rack of neutrons along with your shield tank. :-/
    Never mind that they're bonused for armor reps, which're notoriously grid-hungry...
    But yeah, shield-tank everything and give it all massive DPS so ships pop like frigates, sounds like a winning strategy to me.

  2. whelpcanes (425's and 2 medium neuts) are MOT over-powered. Not by a longshot.
    Sure they are fast, but their tank is litteraly shit.
    If you have ever flown one, you know how squishy they are.
    Sure, they dish out good DPS. But there are several more ships out there that can tank more, aswell as dish out equal dps at the same time.


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