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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this past month...


Want to move a super-cap around, or move a capital ship around in a stealthy fashion?  The preferred method is the "3-second cyno".  It requires that you sacrifice your cyno ship.  Here's how it works:
  1. Undock in cyno ship and warp it to the cyno location.
  2. Activate "self-destruct" on the cyno ship.
  3. Wait until the self-destruct has about 5-10 seconds left.
  4. Activate the cyno.
  5. Jump to the cyno.
  6. Watch the cyno ship self-destruct taking the cyno off the map with it.
As I said, it's the preferred method for moving capital ships in a stealthy fashion.  People who monitor the map for cynos to kill or capitals to tackle (and there are many such people) have the minimum amount of time to spot your cyno.


CSM Chairman Seleene let slip in a blog post some months back that CCP was going to be eliminating the Ethnic Relations skill.  That's a decision I agreed with, because the skill itself was ridiculous.  (It allowed corp CEOs to allow more characters from other races to join their corp.)

There have been many such skills eliminated in the game over the years... and skill-books for those skills are now tremendously valuable.  I was a little bit curious if that would happen to Ethnic Relations.  Since the skill-book only cost 36000 ISK, on a whim, I decided to invest in a thousand of them.  It was a 36 million ISK investment with the possibility for a very nice return if CCP did eliminate the skill.

Well, they did eliminate it, but they replaced it one-for-one with the Diplomatic Relations skill that does something completely different.  And the price of the skill-book remained the same, sadly.  That left me sitting on a thousand Diplomatic Relations skill-books.  Well, I finally sold the last of them in Jita and elsewhere throughout the galaxy this week, making a small profit instead of my hoped-for really large one.  Oh well.  When it comes to trying to speculate on new EVE releases, you pays your money and takes your chances.  ;-)


And finally, some unrelated quickies...

Anyone else noticed another slow-down in the development of third-party tools for EVE?  EFT is usually running several weeks behind actual ship fitting, and now EVE HQ development has been discontinued.  Further development on Aura for Android phones is also slowing down.

This is a pretty nifty link: similar to the EVE Online Blog Pack, this one is a pointer to EVE Online pod-casts called (appropriately enough) the EVE Online Pod Pack.  As I've said a couple of times, I'm not a pod-cast guy myself, but I've added it to the "Must Visit Links" off to the right for those of you that are.

Remember how I bitched at the Declarations of War pod-cast that the CSM didn't have a periodic place advertising their activities?  Hans Jagerblitzen has remedied that for September.  Go give it a read.  It's worth your time.

Another amusing link.  This one's a list of EVE's "educational organizations" on the EVE Online official wiki.  It amuses the hell out of me because Goonswarm Federation is listed.  Now granted, they certainly educate new players, but I think the new player off the street that takes their entry on this wiki literally is in for a surprise...


And that's all for the junk drawer this month.  Pretty quiet one, junk drawer wise.


  1. Quick clarification about EveHQ, development of it has been taken over by someone new. So it's not dead.

  2. FYI: You have The Altruist listed twice.

  3. I think you are being entirely unjust towards Goonfleet. The Goons maintain one of the best, most relevant, and most up to date complete Eve wikis in existance.
    As well as being a part of one of the only powerblocks that will willingly admit noob pilots into their ranks and teach them how to play.



    As an example.

    I feel their place in the list is entirely justified.

    1. I don't disagree, and if that's what the list was about, that'd be fine. But that's not what the list is about, nor is it what the entry in the list is about. The wiki isn't even mentioned.

      Instead, it's a straight-forward "join Goonfleet today" implying that you have to "find a sponsor" to join. As a result, the wiki entry effectively drives new players straight into the arms of recruitment scammers. I don't think that's what the people who created the overall page had in mind...

    2. Goons have a great newbie training program, but as jester points out to you the problem is that goonswarm itself only accepts players that come from The Something Awful forums. Anyone else they scam. Which is all fine, but CCP shouldn't be advertising to non-SAF new players the scam for free.

      Sure, there are many corps with the CFC and under the goon banner that will except new players not from the SAF, but goons proper do not, and that is the little bit of info missing from CCP's endorsement.

      It would be a bit like a hotel in Brooklyn NY that only rented rooms to hipsters from Portland and openly scammed the life savings out of anyone else who tried to stay there (and the city of NY knew this!), would have their brochure sent out all over the world by the city of NY board of tourism in their list of approved travel designations. Most people would view the city of NY accountable to some degree in that scam.

    3. What makes you think Remi wasn't trying to conceal the scam?

    4. I wasnt.
      I could not view the link from work.
      If it is as jester says, then I retract my original comment.

  4. Ooooh, you learn something new every day.

    3 second cyno. Neat trick! I'll remember that one.

    Also, can I preorder the keyboards?

  5. App development is in holding as developers wait for the CREST API to be released. The rumor is the whole development landscape will change with the CREST tools (promised for the better). So the OOG dev community is in a hurry-up-and-wait pattern.

  6. I would also like to clarify for Aura. Do to the anticipation of CREST current development for Aura has slowed down. Marcel, and I suspect other API developers are hard at work ensuring that CREST will be as useful, and as well utilized as possible for the players. Have no fear, development is continuing.

  7. CCP is in the midst of a wholesale revamp of the way they share data, so the third parties are knee deep in data modelling code right now, refactoring it to work with the New Normal.

    This will go on for a while, because CCP is transitioning in increments. For the next :18months: applications will have to support both the old and the new models, and keep track of which data use which model. Whee!

  8. As stated above, the only reason I've slowed down development on Aura is because I am waiting until we get more details on CREST. I've expending my development energy bugging CCP for more details on CREST !-)Even Aura has taken up the cause and has started pestering CCP for more info ;-)

  9. The Educational Organization page has gotten worse since you posted. 0f the 33 organizations claiming to be "Educational Organizations" only four of the English speaking corps have a reputation for a real program that actually helps new players.

    I can't speak for the Non-English speaking corporations, they might actually be legit.

    There's at least 20 corporations on that page (probably closer to 30) that are just using it as another tool to recruit, with no actual program to educate anyone. Just because you put the word "Academy" in your name doesn't make you a educational organization. Hell, there's an organization on that page listing 4 corporations and linking them all to the same website where they they certainly deliver a lot of promises.

    Agony Unleashed, Eve University, and Open University of Celestial Hardship all have reputations of being Educational Organizations. They use different models with different goals, but they're providing a service to the community. Project Halibut and the Angel Project (not listed) help new players but do not necessarily educate them.

    The majority of those so called Educational Organizations are just using that page as another way to troll for newbs.


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