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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Comment of the week: Cause and effect

This one just made me laugh.  A lot.
How come every time you make a post complaining about how something isn't being done yet, CCP releases a devblog about it? Not saying they answered all of your questions, but at least they are giving us some info.

Can you please start complaining about POS changes.
I'll get Garth right on that.  ;-)

Seriously, I suspect a cause and effect relationship this time.  Last night, I was pinged by a CSM member saying that CCP had been working on a dev-blog on the subject of Garth's post yesterday and it would be out "soon" or "in a few days".

Guess they decided to speed it up a bit.

Garth's tranquilized and back in his cage, and I haven't read this dev-blog yet but I'm sure I'll have some thoughts later today after I have.  In the meantime, I think I'll make a subliminal recording saying "POS revamp... talk about the POS revamp." over and over, put it on an MP3 player, and put it in Garth's cage.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who posted what's above, and to Michał Obuchowski and anonymous others that teased me about it.


  1. Uh, your ego is approaching Mittani sized if you think CCP altered their dev blog plans in any way because of your blog post.

    1. Who said plans? I said schedule. I'm just saying it's tempting to believe they accelerated the publishing schedule a day or two.

      Sheesh mate, relax. In a CSM rather full of touchy, defensive, over-reacting people, you are definitely winning for most touchy and defensive.

    2. Who's this two step guy?

    3. Two step is yet another failed member of the CSM.

      They all get easily bent out of shape and defensive, esp. whenever someone publicly points out any of their many shortcomings. Their endless pleas for mercy from public criticism has become rather pathetic. As CCP Explorer might put it, these guys have absolutely no Internet armor at all.

      Yet, for folks who absolutely cannot take criticism, they are very quick to dish it out, esp. against folks like Jester - whose blog is actually read by many of the CCP devs and who probably has had a much greater influence on CCP dev plans than the entire CSM.

      Jealousy, nothing but.

    4. CCP is always saying that they are going to publish a new dev blog on something or something else. Historically, though, it frequently doesn't happen.

      Jester certainly seems to be doing a fine job of forcing CCP's hand, and making them get these devblogs written and released in a more timely fashion. Kudos, Jester!

      On the other hand, the CSM is indirectly helping matters, too. Their inability to communicate effectively has made them an unreliable source of info, as far as most of the player base is concerned, thus forcing CCP to respond directly, rather than via the confused mumblings of the CSM. So, kudos to the CSM, as well!

  2. They just put the final nail in the coffin for can-flipping...

    "Stealing from a container will expose you to potential attacks from all players (but not from sentry guns). The existing rules for what constitutes 'legal access' to a container are the same (I am the owner of the container, I am in the corp registered to the container, I am in the fleet registered to the container, The container is Abandoned), but we are adding one additional rule: If I can legally attack the owner of a container, then I can legally take from the container."

    I read this to mean based on his other discussion that a can flipper gets a SUSPECT flag for flipping the can, the original owner now has a legal right to fire AND loot his stuff back. Looting back the items from the SUSPECT will not flag the original owner (Because he has a legal right to fire), only if the original owner fires on the SUSPECT will he then have a LIMITED ENGAGEMENT tag for PVP combat between the two of them. First reading means that can flipping someone is pointless because they can simply take their stuff back and not be flagged at all even for LE so long as they don't fire.

    This has implications for anyone looting wrecks from Freighter or other ganks on HS gates like JITA. Now you have kill rights on everyone that fires on you and any bystander will also have the legal right to fire on the hauler coming in to get the gankers profit from the wreck instead of just the victims.

    Ninja looters also face a great change in that the first loot you take flags you to everyone in eve.

    Where as before a can-flipper, ninja, or ganker had to worry about fleet mates/corp mates helping someone out you are pvp flagging yourself to every player in eve. This change is going to take make any of the traditional "evil" things in HS difficult.

  3. Me and my buddies have been watching this change coming for a while- after reading the blog I still really can't tell if the changes are "fixing" things that aren't broken, or if this will break things even more. Short term, the changes are going to lead to many deaths by confusion, which is how can griefers beat people in the first place. Long term, could make non wardec related PVP even harder to find in hisec and losec, and I dunno if that is really a good thing.

    Jesters "Dev Blog Conspiracy" theory is valid... this is the second time in recent weeks that the Dev Blogs have suspiciously been released just shortly after a Jester rant, appearing to be a direct rebuttal to said rant. In both cases I think CCP had plans to say something on the subject sooner than later- but after the Incarna fiasco CCP has learned to "play their cards close to their chest" and not get caught promising more than they can deliver.

  4. Not to go all debbie downer, but Masterplan and Raivi were hyping this devblog yesterday before the garth post went up. I don't know about their normal finish-publish timeline, though.

  5. Anyone else notice that with the weapons flag you will no longer be able to eject from your ship. Is this the end of bailing from your T3 cruiser when things go south?

    1. It could also be the end of botters logging out before you get a chance to scan them down. Ooooohhh, my scanning cloaky loki might be having some fun =)

  6. Well, with the new Crimewatch and the buffs to the mining ships, it looks like the "final nail" has also been hammered into the coffin of Hulkageddon.

    Much joy to be had in the land of AFK miners and botters alike.

    1. No. Hulkageddon gankers usually sucide gank, not can flip.

      Warning in advance: If you are a carebear and feel super snuggly and safe after reading the dev blog, I think you are going to be in for a big surprise when the amount of war decs and sucide ganks increase to make up for the decline in can flipping, and I think you'l be even more surprised when the flippers just figure out new ways to game the system and keep on can flipping people anyways.

  7. If my interpretation of the DevBlog charts is correct, shooting a ship in lowsec does not give you a criminal Flag but you take a sec-hit (The full amount btw. which means Sec is dropping even faster), that means that the on-grid sentries will shoot you (Because of the sec hit) but not all sentries. The interesting question: What happens if I leave grid and come right back? (for example someone else has a point on target) If that clears you of Sentry Aggro, frigs could be useful in LowSec. My joy would know no end


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