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Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a little touch-up

About three weeks ago, I wrote a little post in which I commented that there were a half-dozen ship models in EVE that deserved to be near the top of the "redo" list because they combined two factors:
  • ugly; and,
  • flown often.
Lots of people don't like the Moa ship model, but how many people would fly it even if it were the best-looking ship in the game?  Exactly.  So the idea was to chat about ships people actually fly.  And on that score, redoing the Stabber model made sense because lots of people fly Stabbers, SFIs, and Vagabonds.

With that in mind, my list of other similar ships that should get touch-ups are:
  • Blackbird model;
  • Osprey model;
  • Aeon model;
  • Imicus model;
  • Megathron model; and,
  • Rupture model.
With the Reaper thrown in for good measure since I think it looks too much like a clay prototype.

Well, I got one of my six wishes.  I thought the Mega deserved the same low-level tweaking the Raven model got, and sure enough the Mega's getting a nice little touch-up:

Nothing too dramatic: just some tweaks here and there.  But overall, I really like the effect, the new turret placements, and the new rear end.  All in all, a very nice little tweak!  I like!


  1. Excellent points ... but then you miss the Dominix? How did that not make your list, pray tell?

    1. I like the Domi. It's got an old-school no-frills vibe that I appreciate. It's not in the lore, but it kind of feels like a "mini-freighter" that had a bunch of weapons and a drone bay slapped onto it because those things were necessary.

    2. Honestly, I hate the way it looks like a freighter. The thing's supposed to be a battleship-class drone carrier and a classic gallente warhorse, not some slapdash hookup.

      It's like if the Obelisk was a carrier instead of a freighter. Sure, it ... sort of works, I guess. Lore-wise they could probably jerry-rig one up to function in that capacity but for a ship with the history the domi has... I can't abide it.

      There's a million-and-one ways they could redesign the Dominix to keep the classic feel while still looking like a prim and proper military battleship. Right now it doesn't evoke even the remotest feeling of a warship... let alone a drone-spewing gallente battleship.

      tl;dr, leave the slapdash designs to the Minmatar and give me a Dominix that looks more threatening than a giant shoe.

  2. Eh...this one was kind of a head scratcher for me. The Megathron wasn't a ship that I thought needed a re-model- or at least not very much of one, and apparently the game designers didn't think it needed much help either.

    There are lots of ships that need some new love from the art department, and ships that people seldom use would get at least a little more use if they just looked a little cooler.

    They should really focus the re-model effort on ships that don't even look spaceworthy,or look like CCP put them together with hodge podge parts that came from other places in the game, whether people fly those hulls or not.

  3. Hrmm... I liked the mega and it's bridge. Reminded me of the old Starblazers battleship!

  4. Oooh...looks shiny! The Megathron is THE best model in the game, in my opinion, and the new look is a nice, subtle touch. Kudos to the art department!

  5. New turret placement, you mean... the only one that's being moved significantly is hardpoint 8

    1. I'll have to look again, but I was pretty sure one of the forward turrets is being moved amidships, too.

  6. New Mega looks... pretty good I s'pose. I am glad they're moving the turrets (I think? Looks like they'll go on the sides instead of sitting upright), and getting rid of those ridiculous little arms it had on the rear flanks.

    Sort of sad that she's lost that subtly arching curve on the top side, though. Gave it a bit more character.

  7. No one care about the Atron ? I know it has style (mine is called "Frankenstein" but well... I would like some work on it...

  8. If you put out those nice stuff, it would be fine if you could link to a source or at least state where you obtained that graphic from. (Or if it was anonymously sent)

    1. It was sent from the @EVEOnline Twitter account.


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