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Monday, October 15, 2012

Kill of the Week: Boredom

The only interesting thing about the big kills this week is how boring they are.

Sure, there were lots of freighter ganks.  Goons seemed to go out of their way to go after high-sec freighters this week, in fact, including this 43 billion ISK monster gank.  Loot?  Denied!  All in all, I count eight super-expensive Goon freighter ganks this week.  Negative Ten was also very busy in Rancer this week but again nothing particularly interesting jumped out at me.  And surprisingly, not a single person sent me a funny kill story this week, which is very unusual.

This one is vaguely interesting:

It's a Nightmare that was apparently trying to slip out of Jita while under a RvB war-dec... bad decision.  He apparently tried using four neutral logis and two XLASBs to ensure he'd make it to no avail.  As of today, the pilot involved is out of his corp, out of his alliance, and it would not surprise me to learn he's out of EVE, too.

All in all, though, I think I'll go with this as KOTW:

That one's a Viator full of wormhole loot apparently trying to get to Jita.  Viators used to be super-safe for this kind of thing, but an RSB'ed Sebo'ed Tornado has a fantastic lock time.  A single Sebo and two RSBs is sufficient for about a one-second lock-time on a frigate.  That's well under a second for this Viator, so even had the Viator pilot immediately cloaked after hitting warp, it still would have come down to whose Internet connection is faster.  The Tornado won, locked the Viator, blap.  No point needed, and just as easy to do in a 1.0 system as a 0.6 system.  So if you're running billions to Jita in thin-skinned Transports thinking your cloak will keep you safe?  Well, maybe after December 4, but until then not so much any more.

Still, kind of a slow week for interesting kills.  And it didn't stop there...

Number of dead super-caps this week: 1

Another week, another defenseless super-cap ganked, this time an Avatar popped in low-sec by Ev0ke and friends.  EVE News 24 has the story on this one but you can save your time.  It's just a run-of-the-mill gank just outside POS shields.  The Titan had a DD fitted but no good target to use it on, so the Titan didn't get a single kill.  Hell, the most interesting thing about this kill is wondering why Pan Sternenbauer fits Dual Heavy Pulse Laser IIs and what I assume is a healthy number of Sebos on his Armageddon since he can lock a pod faster than two Broadswords, two Devoters, and a Falcon.  Sounds vaguely heretical to me.  Congrats to Ev0ke on the quick response, though!

Another Avatar died about four hours ago as I type this.  It'll appear in next week's KOTW tracking.


  1. What in the new expansion would have saved the Viator?

    1. I think for-profit suicide ganks are going to be way down in Retribution since scooping from the Viator will give the scooper a Suspect tag.

      You're therefore going to see a lot of insta-lock destroyers sitting on gates, ignoring the gankers and instead popping their scoop haulers.

  2. You seem to relish it when people are kicked out of their Corp/Alliance because of a kill mail.

    1. Epic stupidity should not be rewarded. Or allowed to continue in the name of your corp or alliance.

    2. I do as well, because it's a special kind of stupid.

      Everyone in Eve has had a "big loss", normally more than one. Early in our career they are learning experiences. Later on they are bone headed mistakes. But we've all had them and we're kidding ourselves if we don't think another is somewhere in our future.

      So whenever I see someone kicked over a KM I smile, not at the person kicked, but the person doing the kicking. Because they are just one bad day away from being guilty of the sin they just admonished someone else for.

    3. Why shouldn't he?

    4. I'm not sure "relish" is the right word, but I'm sure interested to see when it happens. You never know if it's a rage-quit situation or a rage-kick situation. People aren't the only ones that sometimes obsess about their K/D efficiencies. Lots of times corps and alliances do, too.

  3. They would have to have known what the Viator was carrying. They wouldn't have had time to decide otherwise. This guy must have either been on AP or got distracted and sat on a gate.

  4. Also WTB reason for why December 4 would matter on the Viator kill.

    It was a slow week everywhere from what I've seen and heard. Very little chatter on most of the chat channels I normally have open.

  5. Noticed this one yesterday. The Viator is fail fit for cargo. Basically should have been nano'd in the lows and polycarbon with low-friction rigs.

  6. jeezuz. i haul crap compared to that but i still use giant secure cans FFS. what was his excuse? can you not load into containers while in a wormhole?

  7. When are these FW low-sec morons going to learn what every high-sec carebear transport pilot already knows?

    If you are going to haul expensive goodies through ganker-infested high-sec, use an Orca and its scan-impervious, no-drop corp hanger.

    1. This.

      All of that nonsense about using blockade runners to run stuff through high sec is so obsolete, esp. since the Tier 3 BCs were introduced and the dessies were buffed.

      Tank an Orca, and it will take a large gang of BCs or BSs to take it down in high sec. But, since nothing drops from the corp hanger, the gankers get nada for their effort.

      Are gankers stupid enough to gank you anyways? Absolutely not. Esp. when there are plenty of dumb players flying well-stuffed and much more easily popped pinatas around.

  8. Thought you might like.

  9. If you get kicked out of a corp because of a stupid expensive mistake, you were probably in the wrong corp to begin with. It's a game for god's sake. Where is the fun if you can't do something stupid every once in a while?

    1. Cora: He didn't get kicked out of RvB.

      RvB has a set in stone policy for getting an in-corp character ganked in Jita: 500,000,000 ISL per kill mail if you wish to stay in corp.

      He didn't want to buy a PLEX and pay the stupid tax.

      There is no excuse for getting a Jita kill mail in RvB ... you can freely leave and rejoin RvB at any time. RvB LIKES spais ... they bring more goodfites!

  10. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14896479
    KOTW^^ right there

  11. Next KOTW:



    A husband and wife team. Both have ~5bil shitfit Golems. Both attack a bothersome can-looting impairor. And both then proceed to suicide-by-concord. Romeo and Juliet, EVE style.


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