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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kill of the Week: Expensive Week!

The last solid information we have for the number of super-capital ships in the game came from CCP Diagoras and is currently about 10 months old.  In late January, he indicated that there were 3384 super-carriers in the game and 829 titans.  He further indicated that the total statistics for supers built and lost in 2011 was as follows:
2011: 1,646 supercarriers built, 370 titans built. 269 supercarriers destroyed, 86 titans destroyed. That's a lot of supers. #tweetfleet
"That's a lot of supers" was a QOTW back in February.

Looked at from a pure math stand-point, then, that's 5.5 supers built per day in 2011, and 1.0 supers destroyed per day.  That's every single day in 2011.  That's a net increase of 4.5 super-capital ships per day.  And 2011 was a much bigger year for super-cap battles than 2012 has been.  For instance, there were several very large super-cap battles in the north last summer, with many dead supers on both sides of those battles.  We've had no major battles this year so far that I can recall.  We can therefore pretty safely assume that the proliferation rate for this year is far above what it was last year.

So when I'm going off about supers in this part of the KOTW weekly feature, it's because the rate at which supers have to die to make up for their proliferation means that I should be reporting on more than 35 dead supers a week, not just two or three.

All that straight?  Good.

I started tracking super-cap deaths in the first week of September.  In the first seven weeks of my tracking, fourteen of them have died total.  This week alone, the count is...

Number of dead super-caps this week: 14

So, 28 super-caps have died in this two month period... or put another way, in that two month period which included two big piles of dead super-caps, we're only at half the rate of super-cap death from 2011.  28 dead supers in two months is 0.5 dead supers per day.  So, don't get me wrong: while 14 dead supers this week is great news, don't get too excited.  ;-)

With so many dead supers, I can't provide any real details on them individually, but here's the gist of the various groups.  First to die?  This Ragnarok, which got titan-alphaed by PL exactly right at downtime trying to slip into a POS with a few seconds to go before the servers shut down.  Number of titans needed to alpha a badly-fit shield titan: about four (there are ten on the mail).  Needless to say, this Titan didn't get any kills as it died, ergo gank.

Next to die was a whole passel of SOLAR FLEET Nyxes and Aeons, seven in all.  This was the first batch of supers to die in 1V-LI2 in Scalding Pass this week, this batch to Pandemic Legion.  PL brought a simply insane 27 titans alone, along with so many Aeons, Nyxes, and Wyverns that I'm not even going to attempt to count them.  One of the SOLAR Aeons has 622 people on the mail, with 17 alliances represented by nine or more pilots.  EVE News 24 calls this a "Super Capital Fight" but I would characterize it as more of a massive curb-stomping, given the balance of forces involved and the lack of PL deaths.  The only surprise is that PL allowed so many SOLAR supers to slip the net.  I guess too many of their pilots wanted to fly their supers instead of their hictors and dictors.

Next to die, this Avatar.  EVE News 24 has the full story here, too.  Gank.  Then this Nyx, who apparently died of stupid while trying to bring a former NCdot toon directly into Goonswarm.  Major gank.

SOLAR then took their earlier-week frustrations out on Red Alliance, also in 1V, apparently for switching sides in the northern conflict.  Not sure I understand the full story here, but I can hardly follow RL Russian politics, much less EVE Russian politics.  But the net result was three dead Nyxes.  The only surprise is how relatively inexpensively they're fit.  The Nyxes managed to kill only one Sabre before dying.  Gank.

And finally, number fourteen was this Nyx killed by Fatal Ascension of all people.  As far as I can tell, this pilot's crime was apparently to leave Fatal Ascension and try to take his super-cap with him.  Gank.

And finally, the actual kill of the week is this little pile of fail.

It's API verified here.  The ganker that killed him will no doubt be in his or her own super very very soon thanks to that particular loot drop.  All in all, a quite expensive week!  If only it had been expensive enough...  My congratulations to all of you who got in on a super-cap kill this week and for those of you who did it in supers yourselves, I hope I'll be featuring your ship dying soon.


  1. My guess for the real force killing the majority of the supers in game? Winning EVE.

    At the net +3.5 supers / day rate you quote (not disputing), there would be an epic mess of them around - yet there aren't. I would bet that many super pilots reach that end game point, find that its not that great, can't dock / get out of that flying coffin, and let the account lapse. Yes, its often an alt account, but zombie alliances like Raiden who are always rumored to be super-cap heavy yet never seem to have that many around are the clue: you get a super...you win EVE...you un-sub.

    I would LOVE to see the number of Supercaps on ACTIVE accounts, over time.

    1. It's a +4.5 net. 5.5 built minus 1.0 destroyed.

      And I think a good solid majority of those supers are logged out on subscribed accounts awaiting something to do. But I suspect a solid minority are on unsubbed accounts with a PLEX or three on the same account, ready to be 4-hour activated at any moment and then brought back into play for one or two months with the PLEX before being unsubbed again when no longer needed.

      Sov space is too static to think otherwise. There are POSes in this game that haven't moved in YEARS.

    2. CCP loves the proliferation of supers specifically because you have to keep a dedicated high SP character sitting in it 24/7. Every 3 supers equals an account that can't do anything else in game, except sit in the super.

      Whether the account is actively subbed, or subbed as needed via PLEX, doesn't matter much - it still translates into cash into CCP's account.

      Don't forget the substantial training time, either - which had to be done on an active account.

  2. Now that CCP Diagoras has left CCP, any word on who will be replacing him? Or will this be a "left to the community" enterprise?

    1. The community doesn't have full access to the necessary data. I have no way of knowing or determining how many supers are built per week, nor does any other player.

  3. Why isn't this the winner?: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14947130

    1. It was tempting, but :ccp: can't figure out how to show blueprint kills properly.

  4. The reason there are so many supers is because there isn't much else to build/buy, when you have hundreds of billions of ISK, and esp. after you hit the trillion ISK mark.

    I've got 3 supers myself, each one on a separate PLEX paid account; and I'll have another one built by Retribution. I'm working on getting one of each super; then, I'll work on getting 2 of each... lol.

    And, no, I won't give you any ISK, so don't ask. I'd rather buy up every monocle in the game first.

  5. The reason so many SOLAR supers escaped gank in 1V is that it was an attack of opportunity. We were out in LGK cleaning up -A-, 3 midpoints away. While the super pilots could be logged in, there was no way to call interdictors into arms without much delay and without some spy figuring out where we are going. I mean a bunch of Foxcats jumping around in A space isn't something worth relaying to SOLAR while "they are calling for all dictors" combined with PL super pilots logging in probably would mean every super in New Eden jumping to safes and logging out.

    About counting our supers, let me help with this screenshot: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-68-56Ya1wvk/UIWtuK1eo1I/AAAAAAAADqg/HJ8LSfyYpOA/s800/home.jpg It was taken when we were going home. Everything besides the Navy Apocalypse blob in the mid-bottom is a super.

    Some good/bad news: due to FW, titan BPC prices DOUBLED. I guess everyone involved in AFK-orbiting is now have a CSAA somewhere.

  6. In regards of the super killed by FA.

    The story behind it is fairly straightforward.
    Dude left a corp in FA 7 or so months ago, due to inactivity.
    He started coming back and was contacted and offered back his previous position in the corp.
    He refused, and started taunting the pilots trying to catch him.
    Fleets where formed and on his last login a few days before the kill.
    A prober from the drunken empire managed to probe his logout spot.
    Bubbles where anchored en masse, when the nyx later decided to login again, he ended up right in the bubbles.
    And ever single ratter decided to go after it in their ratting ship.

    I can proudly say i was one of the dudes dropping bubbles on his logout spot.


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