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Monday, October 22, 2012

Kill of the Week: Too much money

What can you say about this:

How about:
You have too much money,
and that is crazy.
But there's the exit,
so rage-quit maybe?
No?  Maybe an explanation is in order.  Remember how I said last year that Mittens used to advertise himself out as a super-cap escrow service, only from time to time he kept the money?  Yeah, well, this guy was a victim of that.  Same... freakin'... guy.  And word around the campfire is that he's also got another super.  So for those keeping score at home, he's managed to put together 20 billion to give to Mittens, 40 billion to buy one super, and 60 or 70 billion to lose another.  At least 130 billion or so total.

And he's an idiot.  Total mouth-breather.  Moron.  Waste... of... synapses.  And I'm not the sort that uses these sorts of insults lightly.  But dear Heaven do they apply.

Anyway, if you want to read the whole sordid story of how a Titan came to have mining lasers fitted to it and how it died, EVE News 24 has it.  Me, I couldn't read more than a few paragraphs without it threatening to make me sick to my stomach.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 3

So that was one dead super this week.  And it was a gank, obviously.  Not going to shoot down a lot of people with mining lasers, even if you have an Auto Targeting System.  Second super kill was this Avatar that I mentioned at the end of my post last week.  This super has the distinction of being the very first super killed to actually score a kill in exchange for its death since I started keeping track of dead supers about two months ago.  This Titan killed one Moros, courtesy of a DD.  Kind of a bad trade, but at least the Avatar got a kill, no?  And that would be glorious, except for the fact that the Moros was assassinated.

Oh yeah.  Story here is that the Avatar warped to a station at maximum range intending to DD the Moros un-docked outside.  The DD went off without a hitch.  But then, the Avatar was stuck there.  Apparently, this dude forgot that he couldn't jump away after firing a DD, nor could he just cloak out there.  Had the Avatar been aligned, just maybe he would have gotten away with it.  Only he wasn't.  Ergo, dead Titan.  Dumb people 0, smart people 2.

Third super loss of the week was this Nyx yesterday, also a gank.  It's been implied this one died due to a spy in this guy's alliance but I obviously haven't been able to confirm that.  First comment on the kill-board claims that this super didn't even belong to the pilot in question.  If so, I'd say he's got some explaining to do...  If you know more details about this gank, please add them in the comments.

Glad that there were three super kills this week instead of two, at least!

EDIT (22/Oct/2012): As I went to publish this article, I noticed that EVE News 24 seems to be having some sort of difficulty, at least for me.  If it's still down later today, I'll modify this post accordingly.
EDIT (22/Oct/2012): Whatever problem EN24 was having overnight has been sorted.


  1. You know what i find interesting. In your Post from last year which you linked at first you talk about how Eve ist getting more easy, more Noobfriendly and more Safe due to no insurance payouts for suicide gankers and so on. Interesting thing ist what CCP has done over the last year to make this even more obvious. Mining Barge rebalancing for example. The new Crimewatch System will it further make harder to suicide gank because of when you do everyone can freely attack you, but also when you loot the wreck with an alt everyone can attack you. It's getting more and more like WoW.
    What else happened in this direction over last year, would maybe interesting to look at this topic.

  2. One thing about that last Nyx kill - it took place right in the middle of the faction war zone, and one of the opposing supercarriers and several other caps belonged to Shadows of the Federation, which is an very large, very active Gallente FW corp.

    In other words, you're seeing one of the side effects of the broken money faucet of faction warfare: proliferation of caps and supercaps, including Titans, in low-sec areas where the most potent defenses against those ships (cyno jammers, Doomsdays, and the like) are inoperable.

    CCP keeps advertising FW as a place for new players to go and learn about PVP. Well, they'll learn about it, all right - right down to the hot drops.

    1. Sir, I`m sorry, but you are retarded, what I`m seeing there is a hot-drop of one Nyx by ONE dread, TWO supercarriers and 4 carriers and the rest subcaps. Now compare this with NC. or PL drops, where you can find at least 5-10 supercaps, out of which at least 3 are titans.

      Oh yes, those are faction battleships, still...

      To say you have a supercap proliferation in low-sec is just silly.

  3. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14949284

    Another Titan gank just occurred. Once again proving the PL point that if you want to kill a super, you just need a shit ton of Titans, so no biggie.

  4. An -A- Rag also went down this morning right before dt: [url]http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14949284[/url]

  5. Jester.
    There will be more supers dead this week, than the past 4 weeks combined. Or atleast i hope so.
    Sofar 3 supers are down in 1v-.

    Everyone is against solar right now.


  6. The EVE Online FaceBook page recently linked this wonderful 213bil frigate kill in nullsec.


    1. Strange... the "Total ISK Loss" for that frig at the top doesn't match the "Total Loss" at the bottom.

      On the Ragnarok kill, the ISK totals DO match.

      Weird quirk?

    2. Kills with BPOs/BPCs in them never match. You can never be really sure with KB entries which ones are BPOs and which ones are BPCs.

    3. Thank you for the education, as always.

  7. Have you considered the possibility that the loss is TOO stupid to be real? It might be, just maybe, that people with RMT-linked assets are losing them on purpose.

  8. This kill board is small potatoes compared to the news of today's DEV blog announcement.... FACTION WAREFARE NERF ANNOUNCED FOR TOMMORROW a month & ahalf early \O/ THE INSANITY OF THE 75% LP STOREISK REDUCTIONS IS BEING COMPLETELY NULLIFIED
    I'm curious how many years ofattribute implants we got floating in pilots hangars now?


    1. Eight months, I'd say, for the common ones.

  9. This is clearly an exception to the rule (people usually don't lose shit like this often) but I think it underscores one of the key weaknesses to a game like EVE lacking an endgame. Or maybe drawback would be more accurate. With limitless resources but limited potential, the exponential increase in wealth quickly renders an individual player's accomplishments moot- it's the key difference between RL and EVE, because RL has limited resources, but limitless (or undiscovered) potential.


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