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Monday, October 22, 2012

Quote of the Week: SURPRISE!

So, you have to appreciate game developers that are ticking people off, and know they're ticking people off.  You have to appreciate it all the more when they decide to rub some salt on the wound so that they can communicate to these players that they know they're ticked off, really don't care, and are in fact enjoying their pain:
That's CCP Soundwave, actively trolling Faction Warfare AFK farmers.

That pain starts in 15 hours and an odd number of minutes from the moment this post is published.  The rest of the announced FW changes are being pushed out six weeks early, on 18 hours notice.  No more 4x LP discount on FW items at tier 5.  No more ISK discount at all, at any tier.  In short, the sorry, sordid mess of AFK FW site button-orbiting and the incredible wealth fountain that it created will finally be over by this time tomorrow.

Me, I think the damage has already been done.

The thing that's kind of interesting about all of this to me is that this is a major rework, top to bottom, of how FW sites and pay-outs work.  And all of the work on this major change seems to have been done in about ten weeks.  Meanwhile, the technetium situation will be three years old, at least, before it gets solved.  It really kind of highlights what CCP can do when they agree that a situation is a problem.

In the meantime, it's probably safe to say that the implant market has either bottomed out or will be bottoming out shortly...


  1. I applaud the decision, I left few because it just got dumb. But,

    "Me, I think the damage has already been done."

    What homage are you referring to?

  2. You mean, time to put up some low-ball buy orders and exercise patience? :)

  3. What I find most interesting is that CCP agrees completely with a previous Jester post about the price of PLEX's, and that CCP is actively seeking to bring down, ie. control, the price.

    This bodes rather ill for those folks who have been buying up and hoarding PLEX's, in attempt to manipulate the market price.

    I think we'll be seeing prices drop below 500M again, and sooner rather than later.

  4. "Me, I think the damage has already been done."

    Yep, another case of CCP closing the bank vault doors after the gold has been stolen.

    1. Ah, but are the doors really closed? ;)

  5. Those pesky Minmatar managed to push to T5 right now. Also, check the prices of slave implants.

    I'd guess every single one of them has a titan pilot now with enough money to buy a ship. Nevermind, if they pilot the titans the same way as they earned the money (AFK), EVE will fix that problem soon.

    1. The irony of this comment is amazing.

  6. "Me, I think the damage has already been done."

    That is an UNDERSTATEMENT:
    LP store played a function as a ISK sink which was three quartered by the Tier 5 ISK reduction. The attribute implants especially will be afected for years due to thier inelasticity of demand

  7. I hate to secondguess DrE buti seemsto mehe should have seen what was happening with the economic consequences of the ISK sink reductions rightafter whatthe Goons didwith thier 'exploight' The annihilation of theISK sink reduction should have takenplaces months ago... Icanonly thinkhewas overruled by CCPSoundwave or Unifex or he was just to damn meek to point out the long term affects.
    I miss CCP Diagoras' stat tweets so we cn raised red flags faster then the DEVs could override Dr E's objections

    1. I think that DrE has long since given up and is just collecting a paycheck - that's why no more QENs. The Eve economy, of which CCP has been so proud, is being steadily trashed by the game designers, who are absolutely without a clue regarding economics.

      For example, T1 modules are mostly useless, due to the NPC drop rates of meta modules, which were massively increased a couple of years ago. In most cases, low-end metas are cheaper than T1's. Search Google and you'd be hard pressed to find any ship fitting, using only T1 modules (I'd really like to see Jester put up a few someday, just to compare against the meta or T2 fit - relative performance and cost).

      As a result, T1 module manufacturing is also mostly dead - the only reason for building T1 modules today is to use them for T2 module manufacturing.

      As for nerfing T1 module drops from NPCs, in order to stimulate T1 module manufacturing and mining... fail. Players just use and/or reprocess the low-end meta modules instead - which are in endless supply from L4 missions and easier than ever to scoop up, thanks to the Noctis.

      Fix T1 ships? How about fixing T1 modules, CCP?

  8. "Me, I think the damage has already been done."

    Sure, damage is already done. BUT you should know that there are a lot of people out there with no sense for value. We will see another few month of incredibly foolish losses. And in about half a year there will only be a few people left who maid there money through FW and managed to keep a high level of liquidity.

    Rest of them will bottom out where they where before and do their best to live with it (or quit the game).

  9. Dr. Enjyo doesn't give a crap about the game's economy. He's employed at CCP for PR purposes only. The only thing CCP cares about is PLEX prices. It looks like that's what made them pull the trigger on these early FW changes.

    As someone who almost resubbed an old account (3 months/$25) for FW, I'm glad I didn't. My money is still in my pocket and the satisfaction of knowing I didn't get suckered into giving CCP more cash in return for yet another nerf is worth much more than the billions of ISK I could have made using that other account for FW plexing.

  10. The urgency is not even remotely comparable to the tech-moon thing.

    This was a WAY bigger issue. No balance at all.

    If you think tech is so big and easy an income-earner, fight for your own tech moons. (the possibility of sbd. fighting for it IS the risk involved/balance).

    In this case, there simply was no stopping the AFK income. Nor was there a limited supply of this form of income (except through plummeting prices).


  12. Tech situation will never be solved since people like cpp fuzzier playing for test and others so cozy with goons. Something like few farming that is more democratic they will fix right away. Tech witch will continue to get slapped on the wrist until we all quit the game out of boredom with the monopolies of null

  13. Yawn... nothing but long overdue fixes to something that was badly designed, poorly tested, and improperly QA'ed in the first place.

    Why does CCP even bother having a public test server and feedback forum, when they simply ignore warnings from the players who actually do test these idiotic features, prior to release?

  14. I'd like to know how much ISK everyone made from FW plexing.

    I only managed to make about 10 billion ISK, but I was late to the party. :(

    1. i made 400m in little over an hour with 6 day old alt in a t1 fit incursus. subbed my 6 month old main with the PLEX i bought then stopped.

      a month later i stopped playing eve. i came to eve to play with the ecconomy. not interested in playing a broken ecconomy.

  15. This fix on pay outs was planned from the beginning. To think that no one at CCP was not screaming about how FW payoffs would screw the economy of EVE would be moronic. CCP has done this sort of thing before to "advertise" something new or direct players toward something they wanted to show off or get participation in.

    The same players that were in faction war before the changes months ago would be the only players in it now if not for this isk fountain. Although many came into it to get fast cash. Which is still a win for CCP, btw. I think in CCP's opinion some of them will decide to stay for pvp or camaraderie. How badly they fix it will decide how well it works to keep players involved. Incursion's changes from inception to now comes to mind.

    There is more to rISK averse than loss of ships. It dwells into boredom and possibility too. Taking chances. Making FW more enticing for a few months was like a buy one get one (more like ten) free coupon.

    Not singing praises of CCP. Just looking at the amount of increase in "deals" that have come out since Incarna. Much cheaper to screw your virtual economy and get some re-subs or power of two than to buy time on Sy-Fy channel.


    P.S. Puff,Puff,Pass "Tiny Classified Ads." Watch it while thinking of the main characters being CCP.


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