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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why I bought Guild Wars 2

A new MMO joins the ranks of the "Current MMOs" in the list at top right.  Here are my expectations of Guild Wars 2:
  • a good tutorial;
  • strongly story-based PvE;
  • inexpensive;
  • strong encouragement and inducement toward cooperative PvE over solo; but,
  • some solo PvE opportunities too, since I'm up later than anyone else; and,
  • small.  gang.  PvP.  Small gang PvP!  Please.
We'll see how well GW2 lives up to these expectations, particularly that last one, because the death of small gang PvP and the risk aversion that drives that death is far and away my biggest pet peeve with EVE Online.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Global Agenda will probably be dropping off the list to "departed" this month sometime.  I haven't even logged into it since the Alliance Tournament ended.  My FPS MMO fix was satisfied with DUST 514 beta play.

That said, the sharp-eyed among you have already noticed that I've moved DUST to "departed".  I won't be playing DUST 514 when it's released, but it's probably not particularly for the reasons that you think.  But out of respect for CCP, I'll wait to talk about my reasons until after closed beta ends and open beta starts.


  1. "Because of the NDA, I'll wait to talk about my reasons until after closed beta ends and open beta starts."

    Fixed that for you. :)

    1. Nah, I could break NDA. What's CCP going to do? Throw me out of the DUST beta? I've already thrown myself out.

  2. Was going to chide you for you philandering ways, but I'm looking forward to a turn or two on x-com enemy unknown (philanhttp://store.steampowered.com/app/200510/), so, no room to talk.

    1. Yeah, XCOM's going to cut into my Eve time.

      Following up on Jester's comment on "inexpensive", I am also finding it harder to to justify the monthly payment for Eve. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you have alts that manage to pay for PLEX for all your accounts, and good for you. I'm not sure if I'm willing and able to dedicate enough time to the game to get it for free that way. Paying $60 up front and paying again when I choose to for more value seems a lot better from the consumer side.

  3. Well best of luck out there, and that you find what you seek, but do not stop writing this blog you hear?

    1. Definitely not. If I get into GW2 big-time, there will just be a GW2 post around here every day in addition to all the EVE posts. ;-)

      If I REALLY get into it, then I'll put a GW2 character portrait at the top to sit next to Ripard, heh.

  4. Wormholes still have small gang pvp. It's just most often empty wormholes.

  5. I played WoW for over 6 years, became bored with the same-same and started to play EVE.

    Visited RIFT for a very short stint and tried out early start of GW2. Stopped playing two weeks into it as it reminded me so very much of the old same-same I tried to get away from when I left WoW.

    I think I will stick with spaceships for a while, the are fascinatingly different. o7

  6. GW and GW2 is Counterstrike for the WoW set.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing

  7. Is anyone else concerned at all that Sony is producing DUST 514s main competitor with a very similar set of features (Planetside 2)?

    It would be a pretty machiavellian move on their part to secure DUST as a PS3 exlusive so that they can tank it in favor of Planetside, or at least keep hem on separate platforms...

    And given that I don't have a PS3, but do have a PC, I'm afraid I already know where my loyalties will lie.

    1. I don't think anyone is concerned about that... anywhere. If they were concerned that Planetside 2 would suffer from the competition with Dust... why would they GIVE CCP money to produce a better product?

      Sony would simply refuse to allow the title on the PS networks, let them be turned down by Microsoft, and see the product die a pathetic death because no console would allow it.

  8. PS2 is going well and enjoying it. Lacking a bit in long term Corp based goals but will be a fun diversion. Ps2 and dust are different in that dust apears to be matches that affect a map. Ps2 is just persistently open.
    Dust is more like wot clan wars from what I understand.
    Dust is aimed at cod players not mmo players.

  9. Jester if you need a key for ps2 just ask on the sturmgrenadier public forums.

  10. When I was a new pilot, I thought that Eve would be a good place for dynamic content - waves of Rogue Drones pouring out of the Drone Regions to wreak havoc as they sweep across regions or full Sansha fleets engaging null-sec empires.

    (Might be a fun computer science problem in there, with CCP dedicating an entire server to just run the AI.)

    In most epic scifi story lines there are always some great menace, be it Flood, Bugs, the Beast, the Borg, etc, that threatens to engulf the galaxy, but Eve players seem not to be interested in that type of thing.

    The spreadsheets can't be disturbed!

  11. Well, I've been enjoying GW2 quite a bit. I'll warn you that it still has quite a few issues to be worked out, but ANet tend to get right on them.

    I haven't heard anything bad about small group pvp.World vs World has lots of metagame issues though, so be warned.

    The team work mechanics are brilliant! Plus, the way you sset up for pvp is fantasic. With everybody having access to the same things, it's all skill (or lack of it).

    It is a casual game though. That might be a challenge for you.

  12. I too have let GW2 invade my hard drive and while my own corp/guild YAA ( Yet Another Alt/Altaholics Anonymous) is a sub guild from the Failheap Challenge guild CAKE ( Thebakery.so )

    We are on Ehmory Bay, they do heavy RvR er , WvW too, Im far too casual now due to health reasons (kidney tumor) but so far it is a nice diversion.

    EVE is still the -perfect- game for me because while I"m dealing with the doctors, and MRIs and constant fatigue or, when I was healthy, busy life, job, kids and stress, I am always piling up the skill points.

    About to crack 30 million and 25 million respectively. (One combat, One Industry)

    I used to have 5 accounts but have since sold off the characters that were worthwhile and let them lapse and 2 has seemed to be plenty for someone with the small amount of gaming I can actually do.

    Back to Guild Wars 2, I don't recall any Dark Age of Camelot references in your posts but if you like the way keep defense worked or know someone who did it, I find them to be refreshingly similar.

    I did not care for the 3 hour wait time for the reasons mentioned above. Hopefully the queue thing will be gone soon. A long wait queue is how I found EVE in the first place. Rift had 100 hours and I snapped and deleted Rift the week after buying the Collector's Edition and haven't gone back.

    Magic the Gathering, Return to Ravnica will be fighting with EVE and GW2 for my eyeballs and wallet, do you play Magic Rip?


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