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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amazing Level 2 Mission Boat

Just a quickie while I do the final editing pass on the second CSM post.  But I had to share.  This ship does Level 2 missions like nobody's business:

...well, the Level 2 missions you can warp a battleship into, anyway.

I've seen bad fits before.  I've killed bad fits before.  I've posted bad fits on this blog.  And I try to avoid publicly shaming stupid people.  But never before have I seen a ship where, quite literally, nearly every single little thing on the kill-mail was wrong.  There's literally only a single thing fit to this entire ship that's right.  Can you guess what it is?(1)  Everything, and I do mean everything else is wrong.  The guns, the smart bombs, the hysterically bad shield tank, the even worse armor tank, the drones, the cap power relays, the dead-space MWD...

It would be very difficult to fit a Napoc more badly than this.

Know how hard this ship tanks?  111 DPS.  That's it: 111.  Except against lasers (he was in Blood Raider space).  Against lasers, it tanks 87.  But hey, it's cap-stable, right?  That's the important thing.(2)

If only that were his only loss, but there's another...

(1) It's the Semiconductor rig.
(2) No it isn't.


  1. To make matters worse they must have rather horrible skills to not be cap stable without the rigs. On a side note being cap stable for level fours isn't always a bad thing if your either going afk* or in situations where you lose nothing by being cap stable eg when multiboxing ships with utility highs such as a vargur with a nightmare.
    Also I might be missing something but other then being insanely costly what's wrong with the MWD? Assuming you can't change the rest of the fit it'd be very useful for correcting the silly 19 second align time wouldn't it?

    * bannable in theory as of semi recently but it's not enforced that I know of so...

    1. Any MWD will do that. The only thing an X-type MWD does on a non-PvP boat is make you gank-worthy (assuming this guy ever goes to high-sec).

    2. Oh right thanks for clearing that up I thought you were suggesting it be removed outright like everything else on that list, rather than just be replaced with something cheaper since they don't need the extra cap or speed boost.

  2. It actually tanks 206 dps (201 vs lasers). You forgot about the large armor rep.

    1. Yeah, fair enough. I was thinking "at a time" but since it's cap stable, you may as well run the armor repper all-out too, huh?

  3. Makes me wonder how they actually have the isk to pay for all that stuff - they obviously can't fit worth a damn so grinding missions and incursions are out of the question.

    Makes me wonder if CCP want more players like this as they are quite literally throwing their RL money down the drain because of such poor fitting skills and a bad mentality of 'most expensive = must be good' (assuming that they pay for these expensive modules via PLEX).

    1. No RL money.

      The ISK comes from FW plexing, which will be even easier to farm after the new FW changes for Retribution:


      The need to add a bulk processing feature to the LP store should indicate that something is fundamentally wrong, if it is that easy for players to grind massive amounts of LP, but... no.

      Yet another step backwards, courtesy of CCP devs who don't actually play the game.

  4. poor guy. officer smartbombs and than no T2 rigs ;-)


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