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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kill of the Week: Bait capitals

This was a big week for high-sec missioning Machariels blapped by Tornadoes.  There was this Machariel.  And this Machariel.  And this Machariel.  And this Machariel.  But for kill of the week, I was tempted to go with this Kronos, also killed by Tornadoes.  That ship died in a 0.9 system.  Can we all just agree now that security status of systems in high-sec means almost nothing any more?  Let's just all assume that all high-sec systems are basically 0.5 systems and should be treated as 0.5 systems for purposes of risk.

But for kill of the week, I'm going to turn my attention within my own alliance.  Any player, regardless of experience, can sometimes do an incredibly stupid thing.  This qualifies:

There are seven things wrong with this kill-mail, each worse than the last.  See if you can find them all.  The pilot involved claims that the bulk of those blueprints were BPCs, so the value of the loss shouldn't be as high as is reported here.  While the API can usually distinguish between BPCs and BPOs, this doesn't apply to blueprints inside cans.  Anyway, expect to see this pilot seeking his fortunes elsewhere in a day or two.  This is not the sort of thing you can do in Rote Kapelle and survive in Rote Kapelle.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

Only two super-caps to write about this week.  First to die was this Aeon.  This one was a very straight-forward bait gank.  See that Thanatos on the kill-mail?  The Aeon pilot was apparently baiting with a Redeemer alt, so Ninja Unicorns gave the Redeemer that Thanatos.  Once the Thanatos was committed, a cyno Executioner comes in, calls in the Aeon, and then the counter fleet arrives:

Dead Aeon.  The Aeon, of course, got no kills (you can see a rep Archon keeping the bait Thanny alive in the video).

Second super-cap to die this week was this Nyx, also to a much more massive Nulli Secunda gank.  EVE News 24 has the story on this one, but you can skip it, honestly.  It was exactly the same story.  In this case, a bait dread was dropped on a TCU.  Nyx jumps on the dread, Nulli fleet jumps on the Nyx, dead Nyx.

Felt like a pretty quiet week this week, honestly...


  1. I shouldve been there to where on the Aeon, I passed the Intel about the Redeemer on the gate over to the Unicorns.

  2. Well your kill of the week is just another stupid hauler guy who happens to be in your alliance. nothing interesting about it only the fact that he obviously hadn't talked to anybody about how to move that stuff nor he had his brains at hand...
    And he doesn't follow your blog, else he should have known that it is stupid to transport this stuff in t1 hauler.

  3. Offtopic - what do you think about proposed T3/Command ships changes?

  4. Rote Kapelle: Where killboard stats are more important than camaraderie.

    1. Are you a frigging carebear? KB stats are always more important.

    2. I have to agree on this. As much as I love the blog, Jester, but that is elitism at it worst. Does 'mentoring' mean anything to you and your alliance?

    3. http://www.rotekapelle.com/killboard/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=75796

      Things in Rote Kapelle that will get you in trouble: losing a badly fit PvE Drake

      Things in Rote Kapelle that will not get you in trouble: repeated use of crude anti-Semitic stereotypes. Excusable only because you agree that your anus should be violently sodomized in punishment for losing the Drake.

  5. FYI, it isn't the API that can't see that BPCs are BPCs inside cans, it is the eve-dev killboard.

  6. 1 1mn MWD
    2 active tank of the medium non ASB variety
    3 unrigged
    4 biggest resist hole not plugged
    5 no DCU
    6 no cloak
    7 no buffer anyway
    8 items in a single stack (container)
    9 could have double wrapped
    10 could have MWD+Cloaked
    11 Red Frog exists
    12 scout maybe?
    13 three GSC fit in a cloaky hauler fine
    14 and why is there a mining laser?

    Some of the story line BPCs are nice and I am glad they dropped.

  7. So that's how "elite" alliances move blueprints?

    Simply amazing.

  8. There is no question that high sec is becoming as broken as low sec, or null sec.

    Making alpha damage ships more powerful is the chief culprit for this system security status problem. The devs were stupidly narrow in their POV and failed to adjust Concord's response speed/effectiveness to match the significant increase in gank firepower, resulting from the introduction of the Tier 3 BCs and the buffs to dessies & blasters.

    The new dessies will probably exacerbate the problem, as will the proposed buffs to the Tier 1 BCs.

    Unfortunately, power creep like this is always a problem for MMOs, esp. with inexperienced game designers.

    1. Concord was never preventive measure to bugn with, rather a punishment. And in that regard, without a doubt all those nadoes died, and thats concord in its purest. I know what ur gonna say about security levels and what not, but that only applies when tornadoes need more than one round to kill the target thats it. As far as that is concerned try ganking with a lack of nadoes in 0.5 and then in 0.9, see which one goes vetter with thatreload time

    2. More unfortunate will be CCP's likely response - they will probably just add more tank to certain ships, like the Machariel, which they (wrongly) will think should not be so easily gankable. We've already seen this sort of over-reaction with the absurd tanks on the Skiff/Procurer mining ships.

      Then, more tank will lead to yet another DPS buff....

  9. @Anonymous: Jester hasn't said anything, so I put on my thinking cap and tried my hand.


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