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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kill of the Week: Escalation

It was tempting to go with the Malice.  It was tempting to go with the Titan.  But this just beggars description:

Why oh why oh why oh why would you ever do that?  Ever?  On paper, this is a guy that's been playing EVE almost quite literally since there has been an EVE.  His last major loss was in 2008.  According to the comments on the KB, he's been trying to corner the market on Orcas.  Ergo, we're theoretically not dealing with a dumb ass here.

Except we are.  'nuff said.

Runner up were the three Malices killed on Sunday.  I've talked about those already.  Second runner up was part of the...

Number of dead super-caps this week: 2

By now, you've probably heard about this Erebus that lost his life in low-sec.  If you have not, here's the EVE News 24 story and here's the back-story, sent to me by an old friend from LAWN.  Short version: it looks like this Titan died thanks to a FW escalation gone a little out of control.  Read the thread if you're interested.  Drop became counter drop became counter-counter drop and the Erebus appears to have been dropped to settle the matter decisively.  Only Shadow Cartel had their own idea of what "decisively" meant and the moment the Erebus appeared, they came in with a good size capital fleet and enough dictors to ensure the Erebus's destruction.  So Shadow Cartel gets the main credit for this one.  n1, guys!

Here's the video.  It took about six minutes to take down the Titan with that fleet:

Also dead this week is this Nyx, also lost in low-sec, this time to Rooks and Kings.  I'd appreciate it whomever knows the story on this one would share it.  It sure looks like a pretty straight-forward hot-drop on a traveling super-cap... except it also sounds like the start to a joke.  "A Nyx, a Chimera, a triple-plated Domi, and a ratting Machariel walk into a bar..."  Uh, what?  So yeah, I'd appreciate knowing the story on this one if anyone knows it.

And that was it for super-caps this week as far as I could tell...  Sorry that the CSM-related post is a little late.  It's turning out to be a more complicated post than I anticipated.  It wasn't helped when I got quite a surprise today.  I'll get into what it was about tomorrow...


  1. Skill at making isk on the market, doesn't mean skill at managing risk in space.

    My guess with the frieghter guy is that the long period without ever being killed made him sloppy, made him think "all these people that talk of isk to tank ratio's are just silly, I've been playing for years without being ganked and make loads more isk because I dare to move around the max I can in a single trip".

    1. It's not even that...he could have moved everything except the capital components in a cloaky frigate...it just doesn't make sense.

    2. Since when have highsec carebears ever made sense?

  2. It's a *quadruple* plated Domi, with a Field Purger Rig to go with the plates, and a Hybrid Collision Accelerator to go with all those non-existent turrets.

    I'm guessing it's an oh-shit-we-need-a-logi refit of a shield gank Domi?

  3. I'm getting suspicious of these 'API verified' PLEX drops I'm waiting for the day that a 10k PLEX drop happens and we all figure out the fishy stink for what it really is.

  4. I would have gone with this freighter gank http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=15284763

    Has EVE gone stagnant to the point where freighter ganking in highsec is the activity of choice for PL on a Friday night? Eve-kill shows a few other freighter ganks in Madirmilire that night involving PL. None especially valuable, so they were doing it with Goons and TEST for teh lulz, apparently. That would be my KOTW for the wider implications.

  5. *jawdrop on the freighter gank*

    oh, come on! that had to have been a joke...sort of like "hey, i have way too much money on my hands so TROLOLOLOL time to see how far i'll get"

  6. Yawn... yet another hauler KotW. How many weeks this year has a hauler been the KotW. Are there really that many more haulers in EVE than PVP ships? Are we done yet?

  7. I continue to be amazed that someone has not tried spoilsport the activities against the Uedama gatecamp? A single blackbird or better a falcon would mess this up. And staying in system cloaked would have them all paranoid long enough to consider new tactics.

    I have thought about it myself, but then - I don't fly freighters.

    1. Hell, you could just fly a few nados and kill them as soon as they go gcc.

    2. you seem to think it'd be easy to jam them...have you seen the loss mails? 2 ECCM's on the bigger ships pushing 100 strenght easily overheated, that's a lot of ECM power to get that jam in on time

    3. You guys haven't actually seen a gank, have you?

      They don't last hours, or even minutes. They are over and done in less than 10-30 seconds, in most cases.

      The time between ganks, however, can range anywhere between 15 minutes to several hours. So, even if you plan to sit around and just watch the screen all day, chances are that you'll blink and miss it.

      And, then, even if you do see it, you still need to get decloaked, jump/MWD within range, target and activate your ECM/guns, before the gankers are done. Not bloody likely.

      BTW - you don't need to wait for a GCC. Most gankers are -10, meaning they can always be shot on sight. Catching them, however, is the trick.


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