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Monday, November 5, 2012

KOTW: Dream and Nightmare

There's really only one thing I can pick this week:

Stories about what happened here vary quite a bit and nobody seems to know the actual, true tale.  The story I believe the most is that this guy was hanging out in a safespot asking for an honorable 1v1.  That has been known to happen, though I have a hard time believing that it happened that deep in Tribute.  There are no nearby NPC stations.  Tribute itself is a casualty of the Goon take-over of DOTBros space up north -- the last systems in Tribute fell over the weekend.  The pilot was part of a former Brick Squad corp, which does hold systems in nearby Geminate.  A Nightmare could have slipped into M-O through the nearby low-sec route via Taisy.  I lived near there once and there are times that the system empties out completely.

In any case, the stories are consistent in that the pilot was scanned out in his safe-spot, tackled and killed, probably while AFK.  His pod was equally impressive, though the lack of a Crystal Omega given that he had all the other trimmings seems to be quite an oversight.  The fact that the pod was captured despite the lack of bubbler supports the "AFK" theory.  In any case, the small number of killers means that someone out there -- and probably several someones -- made quite a haul... almost enough for a super-carrier.  That brings me to...

Number of dead super-caps this week: 4

Things get back to normal this week, with only a handful of super-caps dying.  The first was an Avatar that died to a massive PL gank.  Word around the camp-fire was that PL found out only after they ganked this Titan that it was intended for a member of a blue alliance.  But hey, at the moment of the gank, NBSI and all that, right?

The remaining three supers were two Nyxes and a Hel that I'm pleased to report died in what I'd regard as the first true super-cap fight since I started tracking super deaths more than two months ago.  EVE News 24 has the story.  But summarized, UnclaimedDOT alliance brought in their supers intending to flip the last Red.OverLord outpost in Feythabolis.  They appear to have done all the right things, checking for active enemy super-cap pilots, scouting nearby systems, et cetera.  Since it seemed safe, they brought in their supers and their cap fleet to attack the outpost... and then were caught by a log-in trap writ large.  ROL and -A- supers logged in, cynos appeared, the enemy super-cap and capital fleet jumped in.

And lo and behold, my dreams came true: an actual brawl of capital and super-capital ships on both sides took place!  With actual consequences!  Yes, I have to admit that I am amazed, too.  In any case, Unclaimed was able to clear off enough of the bubblers for at least two of their supers to escape but these three were killed.  That doesn't explain the almost fantastically poor fitting of one of the Nyxes, but what can you do: dumb people have ISK, too.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the supers killed off three enemy capital ships and with the help of their support fleet were able to destroy most of the bubblers as well (leading to the escape of the two remaining Nyxes).  Even better news, the Unclaimed fleet was eventually rewarded with the successful flip of the outpost.  So, dropping their supers in this case did lead to a positive result: a strategic victory, even if the tactical encounter was itself a loss.

So in my view, both sides deserve congratulations in this encounter.  Well done, all!

Finally, though it doesn't rate KOTW honors, I'd be completely remiss if I didn't mention this Vexor.  The pilot involved was 31 days old at the time of the loss.  That PLEX sale that CCP had last weekend was quite a treat, right?  As I often say in this situation, welcome to EVE...


  1. I've made the claim before, I'm making it again: the botters and RMT'ers are burning through their ill gotten gains before CCP strips them of it. Some of it is being burned via "just do it" attacks and other dangerous, aggressive ways and others are being burned so that they can be looted by blues. You're going to see an uptick in teh number of kills of bling fit ships that have no business being fitted like that.

  2. Unclaimed was silly to do that. They could flip by only risking cheap dreads.


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