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Monday, November 19, 2012

New Eden Open D2: The illusion is lost

So, day two of the New Eden Open is in the books, and I thought I would again share my impressions.

First off, those impressions are going to be split into two posts, one related to everything except CCP Dolan, one specifically related to CCP Dolan.  That said, I do want to cover one thing that Dolan said that had me face-palming.  Like day one, day two early matches were again dominated by pretty bad Logistics.  But this was turned around at mid-day by two logi pilots that both did excellent jobs.  In one case, a logi was able to save three out of four of his team's frigates with judicious use of early locking, preemptive repairs, and quick repair-switching when it was needed.  It was a great job.

Even better was XXXMity's logi pilot tofucake secundus.  As far as I'm concerned, he was the MVP of the day: he did everything right.  He opened by putting one repper on each of his team's four frigates right from the outset, then pulling off the reps once they had their speed and transversal up.  He then did a simply outstanding job keeping everyone on his team alive under tremendous pressure through the first half of the match.  He really showed off what a clutch logi pilot can do and made possible XXXMity's victory.

And then CCP Dolan criticized his work, calling out the preemptive reps in particular as a point of criticism.  gg Dolan, gg.  Maybe people who don't understand logi should not comment on how logi should be used.  I'm told that The Reputation Cartel half-joked that they wanted to ban Dolan as one of their two pre-match bans.  It wasn't permitted.  ;-)  Cough.  Moving on.

Funniest moment for me today was the constant switching of audio gear between the commentary section and the matches themselves.  Yesterday, I caught CCP Fozzie ready to take off his headset once.  Today, it happened several times including one quite amusing moment where the "big" screen switched away from Dolan and Fozzie both with their hands coming up to their heads waiting for the camera to cut away... only they were still on the little screen in the bottom corner as they switched.  Several times today, headsets were dropped or thumping noises were audible as the switch was made.  At another point, CCP Soundwave joked that "The illusion is lost."

Yeah, I think so.  ;-)

Speaking of set design, the green screen was slightly better today, but still needs a lot of work.  Ghostly shadows were constantly, constantly visible behind Fozzie and Dolan throughout the day and the fuzziness of the lights reflecting on the gloss tabletop is getting to be very distracting.  Hopefully, the set can be improved with a week to work on it.

Good stuff: much more care today was taken by everyone concerned to segregate the concept of the New Eden Open and the Alliance Tournaments.  Someone either read my comments from yesterday or more likely had the same thoughts themselves and passed it on to all three CCP employees.  Amusingly, it was Soundwave that gaffed a couple of times on this topic today.  Dolan and Fozzie (the latter in particular) were a lot more careful about it.  Nice improvement there.

Second most amusing moment for me?  Elise Randolph of the Why Dash team getting tackled in a Machariel by a Kronos about a minute into their match with The HUNS.  The PL team pretty much completely came apart soon after.  That means that both Why Dash losses in the New Eden Open can be placed firmly on Elise's broad shoulders.

Viewership was down today compared to yesterday.  It seemed to peak at 3900 viewers or so.

Best comp of the day was RONIN and Pixies excellent one (with points for each ship): Widow/17, Vulture/16, Basi/13, Cyclone/11, Harpy x2/4, Sabre/3, Merlin/2.  I'm not a big fan of Sabres -- their sig is so large that it's very difficult to actually apply their very nice DPS.  But I think every other part of this team was a very nice balance of "attack, defense, control", to use the new tourney meta.  It was a joy to watch this team in action against Expendables.  Second favorite was the 8 CAS team twin shield Vindicators.  Those things are completely ferocious and awesome.  I have one myself though I have very few kills in it as yet.  It's a ship that's just as scary for the pilot as it is for his opponent.  ;-)

Finally, I'd like to add a few notes about how bans are impacting fleet comps, particularly since Soundwave specifically asked for comments about it.  I have noted several times on this blog that this is a rich player's tournament, and the bans are one of the reasons why.  Because you have to be able to account for four bans per match, that greatly expands the stable of comps that you not only have to practice in, but that you have to have purchased and ready to go at a moment's notice for a match.  That makes it much more difficult on poorer teams to compete at this level.  Today, the range of ships that were banned was simply staggering.  In practice, I strongly suspect this means you have to have five comps purchased and ready to fly before every match.

I assure you that Rote Kapelle did not have five comps ready to fly before everyone of our AT matches.

That's what I mean about this being a rich player's game.

Anyway, other than one factor (which I'll talk about later today), overall day two was an improvement over day one.  Let's hope things keep getting better as we go along!  That said, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch or comment on next weekend's matches.  As I've stated several times, this is U.S. Thanksgiving week and chances are I'm going to miss much of the proceedings of week two.


  1. I'm missing all of it due to the holiday in the US. And if that weren't enough, the thought of tuning in to watch CCP Dolan (nee Michael Bolton III) would supply the same result. Hint: because of him I skipped most of the first weekend, too. Guess what I won't be doing the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.

    I had a fairly lengthy ragey comment about MB3 all set to post after your Day 1 writeup, Jester, and chose not to post it because it was maybe a little too mean and vindictive. Glad to hear you've got something along those lines up your sleeve! (If you whiteknight him in any way, we're done here, if you know what I mean.)

    1. I am also on vacation here in the US. I'll look forward to being on a machine that can watch the recorded matches - maybe I'll do it with the sound off.

      But then once everything is over it will be easy to just not get around to it too.

  2. 3,900 viewers, down from 5,100... lol.

    Guess I wasn't the only one who had enough of Michael BoltonIII, I mean CCP Fool, er... that is, CCP Dolan.

    1. My sister thinks he is cute. But, she doesn't understand why grown men play games with computer spaceships anyways.

  3. As long as CCP continues to "suck less" each day they'll do just fine. I think you guys are being a little to critical towards CCP Dolan - I think he's funny in a self-depreciation kind of way. I bet if he did this kind of thing more often he'd get real good at it.

    1. He definitely has his good days and his bad days. Yesterday was a very bad day.

    2. Actually, the NEO is managing to "suck more" each day. Viewers numbers dropped the second day and not because everyone was going to church on Sunday.

      Dolan does do "this kind of thing" often - too often, and he isn't getting better, he is getting worse. Many of us are rather pleased that he isn't in-game as much since he joined CCP.

  4. You really only need to account for 2 bans, since odds are you wont be banning your own ships

    1. Not true. You might ban one of your own comps to throw the enemy off so that you can use a related comp. We saw it happen several times: banning Widows and Kitsunes and bringing Blackbirds, or banning Vindis and bringing Navy Megathrons, for instance.

    2. Yes, but if you plan on banning widow and kitsune and bringing an ecm comp, you dont need to have widows and kitsunes fit up and ready.

    3. The bans are stupid.

      Imagine how American baseball would work, if you could ban the pitchers. Or, football (not American), if you could ban the goalkeepers?

      The tournament would have been better if they had limited everyone to T1 ships and T1 modules. This would have leveled the playing field and brought down the cost to participate, esp. if they had also eliminated the PLEX fee.

    4. @Anonymous 1:18PM - We run these T1 only battles in RvB. They are very popular and a lot of fun.

      Unfortunately, if CCP did run such a tournament, it would be unfair since we'd kick everyone's ass. We're probably the only PVPers with any experience flying T1 fitted ships. ;)

  5. I said yesterday I didn't notice the green screen problems but I certainly did on day 2. Seeing how obvious it was i'm not sure how I missed it on day 1. I think the most annoying part of that is the reflection on the tabletop. Its very pixelated and distracting.

    On another note, CCP Soundwave: bahramoooo

  6. Eve as an e-sport should be in a separate server with 0.01isk ships/mods/etc., and levels 5 skills for participant. But most importantly, it needs to develop some structured maps!

    A simple map might be a system with three jump gates that all jump back to one of the gates in that system. Then disable bookmarks and remove celestials/belts/etc.

    IMO they're are making a mistake when they remove gate and warp-to mechanics from the combat environment.

  7. Somer Blink giving each team 10 bil probably softens the blow of having to have additional comps ready to fly...


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