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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Note to Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive

To: Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
From: Rote Kapelle

Tell you what, gentlemen.  This goes down one of two ways.  You can fight Rote Kapelle, with 250 members.  We're about half your real size and uninterested in moons.  We reinforced your towers so that you would fight us.  We don't particularly want your moons.  We want you to fight us!  Even if we take your moons, you'd probably eventually get them back.  We're a flighty bunch: eventually we'd get bored and go away, leaving your moons behind.

Even though you outnumber us two to one and you're more disciplined than us, you don't want to fight us.  Fine, that's totally fair.  To ensure you didn't have to fight us, you stronted all the towers we reinforced for times that we're weak, which is also fine.  That's also totally fair.

But it turns out we know how to use EVE mail the same as everyone else.

So, you can set your stront timers for USTZ and fight us.  Or you can keep stronting them for EUTZ and fight Ev0ke, who is four times your size, and in so doing permanently lose a 1.8 billion ISK per month passive income stream:

You might want to think about it the next time you set a stront timer.  In any case, let us know which you prefer, because we can do this night after night until you fight us or you run out of moons, whichever happens first.

For everyone else: yeah, we're still out being bullies... if the word "bully" still applies when it's someone twice our size.  Sorry about that.


  1. ex-SynCo checking in:

    I-RED has a ton of money moons; their passive income is probably bigger than anyone else in Syndicate. They've got several Dyspro, Neo, and Prom moons, plus a bunch of Platinum and Cobalt in that pocket. Pretty much all the good non-Tech moons in Syndicate are in the SynCo pocket.

    One of our guys once probed every moon he saw a miner module on, and estimated their monthly profit. At the time, a fifth of that profit would be enough to reimburse every single loss in their alliance that month. But there's no SRP at all. Instead, it's just going directly into people's pockets -- i.e. the jews in 12th Legion.

    I think Revenent has at least one personal dyspro moon too.

    1. This was their Neo moon... that they've now lost. If they have other Neo moons that you're aware of, please let us know where they are. :-)

    2. I really have to disagree with you as a former I-Red member. I mean I can't be certain of where every cent went, but at the time there was a lot of focus on saving for a titan, and that takes time and a lot of money.

    3. I thought A-Z was dyspro? In any case, in just a quick check around moons from an old scan I found two unreinforced I-RED proms and two unreinforced I-RED dyspros behind VV-. Get to scanning!

    4. Anon:

      Rote has their own internal list of I-RED's known money moons, obviously. Based on that list, we're estimating that the profit from JUST R64s and Plats is 20-25B per month. (That assumes a large tower and that you're reacting in-place. If not, you're just walking away from money.) It's even higher if you started including the silly little shit R8 moons you guys are mining.

      From their killboard, I-RED racks up about ~4B in PvP losses per month, consistently. If you lowball the profit at 15B/mo, you guys could do a 100% ship replacement program and still be able to buy an Erebus _in cash_ in four months. You guys bought the Y9G Neo moon from Exanimo, so I know precisely how long you guys have had that revenue.

      If you don't know where every cent went, then I hope your corp title has "Sucker" in it. RDC's members are being taken for a ride by XII-L, plain and simple.

    5. And... why wouldn't RK be interested in taking over those moons?

      Jester is always on about neither himself nor RK being what he considers to be "space rich". So, getting someone to manage these moons on RK's behalf would just seem to make good fiscal sense to me.

  2. I don't think that's why they don't want to fight you. A lack of FCs that feel comfortable going out and losing when JFR isn't around is.

  3. Why can't you engage them during EUTZ, at the time you know their towers are coming out of reinforced?

    1. Rote is a small alliance with a very small EUTZ presence. They don't outnumber us 2-1 in EUTZ, they outnumber us 20-1.

  4. ah, the poor, PvP starved pilots trying to poke someone into a fight. Feel sorry for you both, truth be told.

    Like I said before - I think your purge will work. I don't think you'll get good fights. It's a helluva thing to make a man fight when he doesn't wanna and he only has pixels to lose.


  5. I was in A-ZLHX today when a huge EVOKE fleet cynoed in. Figured they were hitting a moon, so scanned around a little and saw their fleet smash the I-RED POS, then Rote set up one of their own in its place.

  6. I-RED fights on our terms, not on Rote's. That is all.

  7. Is every member of RK required to have a personal blog?

    *Wrote Kapelle

  8. Well at least we know they (and the anon ex-SynCo) don't have any spies.

  9. Oddly chest beating. :)

    I think JfR is running the campaign against us in high fashion, and I have great respect for his institution. We'll continue to beat on them, until we stop, and hopefully we'll all have had a good run.

    I do hope that their membership starts asking questions about their moon income, because damn do they have a lot of it.

  10. Reinforcement timers should be removed from the game.

    If your towers start getting popped while your alliance is asleep, then you simply have more incentive to recruit players & corps from multiple TZs.

    It is rather ridiculous that this completely unrealistic game mechanic still exists - it is the worst kind of carebear game play.

  11. We do these things for a reason. Our moves are calculated, and our strategies are thought out.

  12. Just going to put this out there we formed to defend the POSs and Pocos Mr.Wrote Kapelle. We brought fights and low and behold you ran back to the station to be the ever loved Dockapelle. If you pick a fight be prepared to maybe fight outnumbered

  13. I find it pretty sad that rote is resorting to POS km whoring, just to get a positive efficiency against I-RED.

    1. I-RED literally will not undock against us unless they have more logistics than we have DPS ships. During a fleet I led against them last weekend, they brought fifteen logi ships. *Fifteen.*

      I'll accept recommendations on how one gets kills against that.

    2. This is factually incorrect, both globally, and in campaign, we will have a positive eff against I-RED regardless of tower BNCing.

      As a rule, this will always be the case unless you whore onto our ridiculous pods. Both I-RED and Rote lack a strategic dominance necessary to "farm" the other.

      I'm in your pocket to ruin your ratting, knock down your towers, and make your lives hell. John Revenant is doing his level best to run a serious campaign and deny us what we are interested in (gee-effs).

      I predict this campaign will end with very modest killboard gains on either side, but I also predict you will lose all your high-ends. Maybe that is an ending we can all pat our asses and feel happy about.

    3. LOL. Okay your efficiency is positive because you have killed structures. Do the math. http://www.rotekapelle.com/killboard/?a=cc_detail&ctr_id=50

      You have killed 1.49 billion worth of structures only one of which is a large POS. Also, a note on that large POS being that you didn't even make up the killing force but rather whored on it to boost your efficiency while evoke dropped on it. If you get ignore structures and want to look at the one aspect of this campaign that you have been championing aka the "good fight" you are looking at an efficiency of 46% which is probably lower because i was to lazy to add in all the POS modules. Boy doesnt that look pretty.
      One thing stop screaming for fights and come and actually fight. SYNCO has formed fleets to fight and what have you done? Run and docked when ever it does not favor a Rote Stompfest. Stop acting like -A- and get off your butt and do something.

      I will leave you with this and hopefully this will actually get approved. How about a little less talk and a little more action Rote.

    4. Either artynado gangs, or kiting them out of rep range. You could also combine the kiting with a bunch of keres and suddenly their logi have 14km lock range

    5. Wait, Jester, you see *Fifteen* logistic because you engage the whole POCO repping fleet with single ship, that far from wise...

    6. Holy moly, look at that I-MAD.
      Bitter much?

  14. Must suck to spend hours and hour repping someone else's POS when you don't get any benefit from it like a SRP. Just drones slaving away for space jews

  15. Tornado sniper fleets tend to work fairly well when fighting outnumbered, so long as you have the necessary critical mass of Tornadoes and a competent FC. Logistics become irrelevant at that point. Whether someone will engage you with that fleet comp is a different matter, but at least you won't be sitting in a station.

  16. Loving all the anon armchair generals.

  17. I am John Revenent and I support our Anonymous Arm-Chair Generals.

    Butnotreally =)

  18. This is relevant to the thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnG-3AuYd4U

  19. So I think we can all safely say you do not, in fact, want gudfites.

    Glad we got that all cleared up.

    1. So wait. Assuming someone from I-RED wrote this, you were expecting us to straight up brawl with you when:
      * you outnumbered us; and,
      * we were sitting under your POS guns; and,
      * you were positioned so that anyone we primaried could duck right into POS shields to avoid being killed?

      I'm sorry that you think that I individually, or Rote Kapelle collectively, is that dumb.

      We're still waiting for our first good fight with I-RED of this campaign.

    2. You will probably never get a good fight out of I-RED they will not engage unless they know they have a very good chance of winning or in I-RED's words "We fight on our terms".

    3. Oh and no I am not from I-RED. I just enjoy seeing how fail this campaign of GF's has become. I-RED is either way to scary to fight or you need help to do it. Stop acting like -A-, you CAN fight outnumbered deal with it. Drop carriers, drop blap dreads, or heck counter drop I-RED caps. Don't cry and run over to DnD if you cannot man up and fight by yourself why are you even in 98Q if you are not there to get good fights from IRED

    4. Anon1841: they didn't bring caps, and we did -- one triage carrier. They countered with their standard Abaddon/Guardian fleet, except with two Bhaalgorns so they could cap out our carrier. And they brought in this fleet within 5km of their POS shields.

      If we'd brought in blap dreads, they would have moved into the shields. No fight.

      If we'd brought in more triage carriers, they would have moved into the shields. No fight.

      If we'd brought in more numbers in a traditional way, they would have run. No fight.

      If we'd stayed and brawled under their POS guns, they would have killed us all and we wouldn't have killed a thing, because anyone we primaried would have ducked into the POS shields. That's not exactly optimal for us, now is it?

      I'd welcome your alternative suggestions. In the meantime, if I-RED doesn't want to fight, we're going to force a fight under any means we have and we're not going to feel the least bit bad about it.

  20. I am from IRED - and will address your points.

    First a definition of gudfite. A gudfite is a fight, fought by the the parties involved, and only the parties involved . Both sides, aware of the other's capabilities and intentions should be prepared to engage the opposing fleet, with appropriate levels of escalation. If unwilling they should not present themselves.

    I'd also like that set the scenario - Rote set up on the IRED pos with an armor BS fleet with archon support, and IRED warped into Rote with a similar armor BS gang, no archon, with Bhaals. There was a POS involved, including POS guns. You setup on the POS and we warped to you. I could say we would have engaged anywhere, but that's a point you will no doubt refute, so I will state only fact: We committed fully based on what you brought. I don't think it's unreasonable to bring 2 bhaals to counter a carrier, given your ability and willingness to field carriers, vindy's, etc. But I may be off base.

    Now to the points:

    - If you brought blap dreads - you are correct we would not have engaged as we do not have the capital capabilities that you do. Plain and simple we would have stayed docked while you had your way with our POS. We would not have hot dropped your blap dreads with a fleet from another entity with whom we are not normally aligned. No gudfites would have been had.

    - If you'd brought more triage carriers we would have moved into the shields. Granted we were defending our POS, we still warped to you. Had you been on station, on the Sun, or on a random planet. We would have warped to you. We engaged you wherever you were that night. We gave you a fight on your terms - you chose to setup on our POS. So we met you with the fleet we had. We did not bring carriers (remember you already hot dropped one already). But we did bring a counter to your carriers. We did not hide anything about our fleet except the bhaals, which were docked until we could confirm that you were bringing a carrier. We brought a fleet to fight yours...and you dropped DnD. You could have warped off if engaging under POS guns scared you. But you didn't. Obviously, the fact that we lost ships even with the POS shields "right there" shows we weren't that close to running into our hole.

    - If you had brought in more numbers in a traditional way. Throughout your campaign you have complained that we outnumber you significantly. I fail to see how a group so concerned with being outnumbered would be scared of bringing more people themselves.
    - If we'd stayed and brawled under their POS guns....Maybe next time don't set your fleet up on the POS. We obviously preferred fighting on our POS as it gave us extra guns, who wouldn't like an advantage? But we still warped to you. We brought our best to face you, and you still called in DnD.

    My alternative suggestions are probably inadequate. Which you will more than likely refute with your own logic. However one fact remains. You call this a campaign to get good fights. Rather than enjoy the good fights that you created, and we attempted to bring, you called in friends.

    Just a note from this particular space jew - We want to fight you. We added the stront wrong. Pretty sad for a group that has so many pos's, but we have mails of strong tables that can prove this. Once this is all over and done with I will mail you a copy, or take a screen shot of said mails.
    Sooo in summation....Instead of continuing to beat our chests and show our e-peens. Why don't you bring a fleet to fight us without dropping someone else. Do it off a POS that you've reinforced. Do it off a station. Bring an armor BS fleet, bring an AHAC fleet, bring whatever. We'll bring a fleet - we may ship to counter your fleet, so be prepared to do the same. I want to make this clear - WE MAY BRING A COUNTER TO YOUR FLEET - YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR THAT. If that is not the definition of bringing you the gudfites you want, I don't know what is.

    1. I'd love to see a Rote response to this cause this gets to the heart of my problem with most of what Rote/Ripard has posted about this campaign in that there seems to be a double standard.

    2. I personally (as a rote member) dont see it as a campaign to get goodfites, rather as a campaign of punishing people for not giving us the goodfites before. If ppl actually start punching back while we're there, glory to all, but in the end the goal (to me) is to drop turds in their living room repeatedly, leave them with the foul smell and move on.

  21. Awesome... Throw down the gauntlet! Then, soon as the battle isn't going your way, call in reinforcements (Drunk 'n' Disorderly).


    Somehow I find the whole premise of your post extremely misleading.

    Honor: 0
    Integrety: 0
    Backbone: 0

    Yup, that sums up rote krapelle

    1. Pretty much

      But some people already knew this about Rote Kapelle

      Some Rote members know it too. This has been true for some time.

    2. Professor Tor CoolguyDecember 7, 2012 at 3:36 PM

      >Then, soon as the battle isn't going your way, call in reinforcements (Drunk 'n' Disorderly).

      [ 2012.11.21 00:06:55 ] John Revenent > I am willing to bait
      [ 2012.11.21 00:06:58 ] John Revenent > if we have support
      [ 2012.11.21 00:07:18 ] SAJUK NIGARRA > well can't promise
      [ 2012.11.21 00:08:08 ] John Revenent > no problem
      [ 2012.11.21 00:08:18 ] John Revenent > They will be hitting our shit for a month or so
      [ 2012.11.21 00:08:23 ] John Revenent > so many more oprotunities


    3. This. Stop trying to bring up that DnD drop, because they only knew stuff was going down because YOU called them first


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