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Friday, November 30, 2012

Second coming of the Comment of the Week

So far, three CSM members that I'm aware of have responded to my posts this week about CSM history, activism, and the CSM "strategy document."  But the most interesting by far is from Alekseyev Karrde..  It wasn't necessarily for what he typed -- he mostly had a point-for-point refutation about a few things that I said -- but for what he didn't type and what's kind of hiding between the lines.

Let me take a couple steps back, because this could get complex.  CCP Unifex has been promoted.  Did you know that?  Me neither.  CCP seems to be keeping it quiet, but Unifex is now some sort of Executive Producer of CCP's games.  Now I don't work for a game design company but I have friends who do and they inform me that Executive Producers are much more about management of a company's whole stable of games rather than single games here and there.  That puts Unifex ultimately in charge of EVE, DUST 514, and World of Darkness.

Guess where his focus is likely to be for a bit.  Hint: not EVE.

Taking over for CCP Unifex as -- on paper -- the "Senior Producer for Release Development" is CCP Ripley, who was in that most recent CCP video dev blog.

That's why she was in that video instead of Unifex, who was in the last one.  As far as I can see, that role functionally makes her the chooser of features that will be included in EVE's next couple of expansions.  Remember, Hans Jagerblitzen tells us that the CSM document came to be born because Ripley was...
[struggling] with hitting the "sweet spot" between Jesus Features and more iterative patch-like expansions in the style of Crucible, Inferno, and Retribution.
Got all that?  Now read this piece of Aleks's comment:
  • You put the emphasis on "already" instead of publicly. The irony of trying to make a point about things unsaid and then going on to miss the reason such a document needed to be made in the first place. Things are in flux, persuasion was (and is) needed. Unless you don't LIKE that little list you summed up...
  • Likewise, making the assertion this was "giving a warm fuzzy to decisions CCP already made" is laughably inverse to reality.
Is it just me, or does it sure sound like Jesus might be back in da house?

Very interesting comment, Aleks...  Puts a document called "EVE Online Development Strategy" in a whole new light.


  1. What counts as a Jesus Feature now?

    POS Revamp? Some might argue that any change to POSes is just iteration. But if the change is radical enough, is it a Jesus Feature?

    I would count modular starbases as far beyond an iteration and becoming a J-feature.

    1. POS is not Jesus feature, but overhaul to existing game mechanic, like wardec and bounty changes.

      Yes, there will be new code and new graphics, but the work spec and resource requirement is much lower than for developing entirely new content, such as incursions or wormholes.

  2. I read the comment twice, but I don't get it, what are e supposed to see Jester ?

    1. Read the second comment first: I said that the CSM was giving CCP a warm fuzzy about decisions they'd already made for spring: POS revamp, mining and industry, ring mining, etc. The stuff they showed at the third day of Fanfest.

      Aleks says that's "the inverse of reality." The implication is that CCP is thinking about NOT doing those things.

      The first bullet says there are "unsaid" things going on and it's that "persuasion was (and is) needed"... apparently to get CCP to work on the list of things they showed at the third day of Fanfest.

      At least, that's how I interpret those two bullets.

    2. "Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!"

  3. I for one would welcome a Jesus feature, but only if it was complete and working (like Modular POS)

  4. unifex seemed like the right thing for eve, at fanfest last year. That he didnt even last a year in his new position is strange. Could be good, if they realized the people who were even higher up are shit and replaced them.

    1. Unifex got promoted, not fired. And I believe he's actually damn good.

    2. Thats what I mean, he's great and the people above him were bad, they replaced bad with good. But its too bad his attention is split between eve and dust so soon.

    3. CCP has decided that Eve will do ok with maintenance releases (such as Retribution) only for next year or two. No more Jesus feature releases, since most recent Jesus expansions were expensive in resources but did not help significantly increase new subscription numbers. Next Eve releases will focus only on existing game issues, such as POS and rest of ship balancing, and add necessary integration support for DUST, but no new Eve-only major content. This direction seems to be popular with players, too, so CCP anticipates no complaints or mass unsubs.

      Since Eve does not need him for just maintenance releases, Unifex was promoted to oversee DUST release, which CCP is banking on for near-term company expansion, and WoD, which CCP hopes to develop for larger subscription numbers due to better popularity of vampires vs. spaceships.

      CCP will get more investment money from WoD development; investors are no longer interested in spending more money on Eve development, due to no growth in Eve subscriptions over past several years.

      Note: original CCP plan was to first deploy avatars for Eve and use same tech for WoD. Because of Incarna failure, avatar development will now be only for WoD, and maybe use again for Eve in future.

    4. Unifex was already working on DUST, more so than Eve, so this promotion does not do anything more than confirm his current job activities/responsibilities. Good for him.

  5. Tea-leaf reading.

    Way to little information to draw upon.

    Besides, one upcoming Jesus feature has been basically confirmed for some time now: the almight POS revamp.

    1. "one upcoming Jesus feature has been basically confirmed for some time now: the almight POS revamp."

      You may want to reconsider holding your breath on this. Have you ever heard of Ripley before the last two months? Do you have any trust that she have the slightest clue of WTF she is doing? If you do by all means share with us.

  6. Alekseyev Karrde is the most useless of the CSM members. He spends most of his time arguing with and insulting players in forums and blogs, which is simply not productive.

    This might not be so bad, if he also had anything intelligent to say, but, sadly, he has proven himself to be pretty much an idiot, as well.

    Quite frankly, I'm not surprised that CCP doesn't listen much to people like him.

    1. Who, exactly, is insulting others and proving to be an idiot?

    2. @Anon820 - What's your point?

      Anon1005 obviously isnt' a CSM member, but Karrde is. So, I don't give a **** if Anon1005 happens to also be an idiot and wants to insult other players.

      But, if Karrde prefers to spend his time trolling forums, then he should resign from the CSM and let someone else do the job.

      We simply don't need someone who either is truly an asshat in RL, or just dumb enough to be role-playing an asshat, in the CSM.

  7. Yeah I was actually sold on Unifex' competence. Ripley will have a tough time proving herself to a gender biased audience. I sincerely hope she has the balls for it.

  8. It could also mean that Jesus is really dead, and large feature expansions are not in the works anymore. Perhaps they're leaning more toward simply iterating on current stuff, slowly rewriting old code fragments, and the like as they have been since Incarna flopped.

    Perhaps, when taking a serious look at what would be involved in calling a mulligan on POSes over the last couple months, they're realizing that its more work than they can realistically tackle at the moment. Given that DUST has been pushed back to 2013, that has to be CCP's main priority next year.

    The generally outlined scope of what they want to do with POSes is so huge, I can only imagine that it would take an Apocrypha type effort to make it a reality in a form even remotely approaching their vision. Probably two expansion cycles of that effort too. And it has to hit near that vision, because they have to replace current POSes and their functions in game at a minimum to satisfy players. They're likely worried
    (and rightly so) about going in baby steps and releasing a stripped down, Captain's Quarters-esque, version of what its supposed to eventually turn out to be.

    As far as Ring mining and sov stuff, that's only been bantered about. They've said that there has been no serious work or design of any king for that stuff, its just future ideas.

  9. I welcome Jesus features back because Eve is getting boring as hell.

    And I say this as an atheist. Best to you CCP, I really really would like to see some new content, preferably not something oriented to established nullsec blobs but that works for newer players and smaller corps. THANKS! Also, have been playing world of tanks and am ok with free to play if done right, some of us will not freak out, maybe most of us by now, if it means you will pay attention to eve and we can have something new to do.


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