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Friday, November 16, 2012

Week in the Life: Fade away

Sorry for the irregular posts this week.  RL commitments are kicking my butt something fierce.  That's how my week in the life is going.  Things will get back to normal over the weekend and next week.  In the meantime, sort of a mini junk drawer because there's three quickies that caught my attention.

First: to those of you who think I forgot the whole "need Cruiser III" thing.  No, I didn't.  But let's cover it briefly:
  • To get free Racial Destroyer skill points for each race, you're going to need to have Racial Frigate III for each race, taken separately.
  • To get free Racial Battlecruiser skill points for each race, you're going to need to have Racial Cruiser III for each race, taken separately.
So, if you have Amarr Frigate III, Gallente Frigate III, Minmatar Cruiser IV, Caldari Cruiser IV, Destroyers IV, and Battlecruiser V, you will receive:
  • all four racial destroyers at IV;
  • Minmatar and Caldari Battlecruiser V; and,
  • Amarr and Gallente Battlecruiser skills will be untrained.

Really though, this is mostly going to affect new EVE players, not existing EVE players too much.  Still, if you have characters that you want to pick up more SP for per my Recommendation post, keep what's above in mind.

Second: this made me smile.  I occasionally get recognized when I'm PvP roaming.  I was part of a gang wrapping up a roam in null-sec this week when a T1 cruiser landed on gate next to me.  I was in my beloved Rapier.  He jumps through.  I jump through.  Rest of gang follows behind me.  They jump through.  The following appears in Local (victim's name and time stamps changed to protect the guilty):
[04:19:24] *** > oh god oh god
[04:19:28] *** > i dont want to be a blog post
[04:19:32] Gorion Wassenar > lol
[04:19:33] SwissChris1 > ^^
[04:19:36] Jayarr Altol > lol
[04:19:40] Gorion Wassenar > Well now we have to
To his credit, he managed to warp off the gate .  Unfortunately for him, he warped to the sun.  Thanks to Recon warp speed, I landed ahead of him.  You can guess what happened next.
[04:20:04] Gorion Wassenar > BLOG TIME
[04:20:05] Meridith Akesia > :)
[04:20:06] Namamai > gee eff
[04:20:11] Gorion Wassenar > It will be a eulogy
[04:20:25] *** > hahaha gf o7
[04:20:31] *** > i almost thought i made it
[04:20:53] *** > pod express me?
[04:21:05] *** > id be honored if ripard did it
Those last two lines happened when he warped his pod to gate.  Wish granted.  ;-)  Like I said, it just made me smile.

Third thing: this on the other hand makes me sad.  It sure looks to an external observer's perspective like -A- is settling into the final stage of fail-cascading.  Their blues are certainly having a bad time of it: En Garde and AAA Citizens memberships are both down by 50%.  The Jagged Alliance is gone.

Against ALL Authorities members, to their credit, are sticking by their alliance.  But their sov systems and outposts...

Well, we'll see if they survive.  From what I understand, they're having severe problems finding a comp that HoneyBadger Coalition doesn't immediately use the hard counter against.  So they're driving toward 100MN Afterburner ships... only they can't afford Tengus en masse any more.  This is leading to a fleet comp centered on 100MN Afterburner... Zealots.  These will be supported by 100MN AB Oneiroses and 100MN AB armor-tanking Curses.

I can't think of any downside to this comp whatsoever.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.


  1. Hey jester, just a question, do you have solid info on the Destroyer/BC skill split? i've heard a lot of conflicting info about when it's happening.

    the most common seems to be destroyer split happen on retribution drop (12/4/12), and BC split happening later, any comments?

    1. Read a bit closer and you will see in every blog post about the skill split that NEITHER DESTROYER OR BATTLECRUISER SKILLS WILL BE SPLIT UNTIL BATTLECRUISERS AND BATTLESHIPS ARE REBALANCED.

      Just sayin.....So many people dont have a competent level of reading comprehension.

    2. Nobody knows for sure, but if I had to put money on it, I'd say we're going to see a Retribution v1.1 mini-patch in early February or so. I suspect these changes will happen then.

    3. Unlikely to be early Feb. You are forgetting to allow for the holiday season. A good part of the CCP staff, incl. devs, QA, etc., will be off and/or lazy for at least a couple of weeks in Dec/Jan, post-release. The rest will be fixing Retribution bugs.

      Late Feb/early Mar is possible, but still unlikely. I'd bet on a Mar/Apr timeframe, if CCP doesn't opt to push it off until the summer release instead.

      But, no matter. It is safer to assume an early date, with regards to training up the Dessie/BC skills. If you procrastinate, you can only blame yourself.

      Note: CCP Fozzie hasn't put up a thread for BCs/BSs in the Features & Ideas Discussion forum yet. For cruisers, he did so about 2-1/2 months prior to the Retribution release date.

  2. "So, if you have Amarr Friage III"
    ^^ is that like a Triage Frigate? New Logi-Frig? ;-)

  3. -A- leader ain't no Douglas MacArthur.

    1. Individuals, no. But -A- as a whole? I thought the analogy was rather apt. Overly aggressive and arrogant but yet prefers silence over blowing their own horn, quite used to retreat tactics, quite used to pivot tactics.

      They're actually quite similar.

  4. People are going to need racial frigate 4 because its required for crusiers. Assuming you're a new character it'll take 60 days as seen below


  5. Not sure how long its been, but -A- are blue to Brick and Ive seen a few of them moving around in our space last few days or so. They may be moving in to help SOLAR and us keep Gem out of NC. hands.

    However, youre right....They're old and outdated fleet doctrines just dont work anymore and I truly feel 100mn fittings are NOT the way forward. Stubborn and inflexiable leadership are never a good thing.

  6. Can't say I'll be sad to see -A- go. They've consistently shown a rather blatant disregard for anyone but themselves, have treated their allies with utter contempt, and in general have acted like complete and utter douchebags. The individual -A- pilot is no better or worse a person than any other EVE player, but the aggregate mentality of -A- as an organization leaves much to be desired.

    That being said, -A- has a history of retreating to NPC space and waiting out its opponents, then eating alive whoever is installed in their space. We will see what happens with the HBC, which already has more space than it knows what to do with and not enough blues/pets to fill that space with. HBC can take away space, but time will tell if they can fill it and hold it in a meaningful manner.

    As far as fleet doctrines, we're probably seeing the final evolution of the EVE null-sec game -- mega-coalitions (HBC and GSF) built around out-of-game organizations, with sufficient numbers to swamp any single alliance, and with sufficiently deep pockets (courtesy of CCP's moon-goo teat) to finance any conceivable fleet doctrine. Numbers combined with quality ships and decent commanders. Of course, they could go the way of the old Northern Coalition, with alliance leadership pocketing coalition reimbursement wallets and with the PvP core leaving for better hunting grounds.

  7. Final evolution or Final Solution? I keep expecting one of these retreating alliances to go Werwolf into wormholes. Make a deal with a primary WH presence. (back scratching option). Then ninja in behind the invaders lines to disrupt. Switch over to tech1 armor doctrines.

    Personally I would not mind seeing a major shift away from tech2 across the entire game. Tech2 is just putting more isk into near bottomless pockets of moon holders. Reduce the demand and make the supply worth less. I doubt that the cruiser/frigate rebalance would make a dent - but it is a pleasant dream.

  8. -A- leadership not being the best is really beside the point.

    Losing a lot of Eve players who were among the last willing to fight Test/PL is a bad thing if you think about it objectively.

    Old games never die.. they just fade away.

    No I don't think most will go to other Corps, what's the point, everyone is blue with few exceptions now. Most fights will just be staged stuff now to keep Goons/Test/PL playing.

    Well at least Ravi may not need to nerf the Tengu further now.

  9. not sure how everyone knows that those zealots are an replacement for the tengus.

    actually they are an replacement/addition for the oracle fleet.

    those zealots are a roaming setup. in a fight with hundreds of enemys, no t2 cruiser will survive a single volley no matter what.

    thats what tengus are made for, nothing can kill 100mn tengus if they are fced the right way. the problem with tengus is, they have to sacrifice damage output in order to be a heavy tanked skirmish ship.
    and kinetic missiles are easily countered by in hardners and smartbombs.

    and of course no one ecept those technetium alliances can afford doing roamings for no reason with 700 mio isk ships.
    thats what the zealots are made for. hard to hotdrop and able to deal with everything except napoc blobbs with triage carrier support

  10. TJA was red to -A-. Hence not an ally.


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