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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best of 2012: 25 - 16

As I stated yesterday, I'm combining a "Best of 2012" retrospective with a good old-fashioned pledge drive.

If anything you've read on this blog this year has made you smile, made you laugh, saved your ship, made you some ISK, or otherwise gotten you through a boring work day, gate camp, tower bash, or fleet op, I'm here asking that you throw a little ISK my way.  It doesn't have to be a lot; just whatever you can afford.  Alternately, if you have assets or experienced characters scattered around that you have been too lazy to get rid of or don't want any more, those are just as valuable to me.  Contract them over or contact me about a character transfer and I'll find new owners for them or I'll put them to work myself.

Either way, send your contributions to Ripard Teg.  And let me know in an EVE mail if you want the fact that you contributed to be public or not.  Thank you so much to DarthNefarius and Jorge Tuero for their generosity, and to Nyrill Darkwater, who was incredibly generous and complimentary about the blog.  Thanks also to Darth for all your comments this year!

I'll be shaking the tin cup over the next four days in the "Best of" posts, concluding with what I thought was my best post of 2012 on Friday.

Here's #25 through #16 in my best of 2012:

#25: No problem
Interested parties like to send me the financial data of big moon-goo alliances from time to time hoping that I'll comment on them.  I can't ever use information that's sent to me by a single source (for the reasons explained in this post), but if I get enough data piled up, I'll definitely act on it.  In this post, I showed how much ISK moon-goo was giving to Goonswarm in a single month and what they were spending it on...

#24: To the nines
Quite often, people use my blog as a sort of reference page.  It starts with me writing a factual post laying out something that's happening in game, out of game, or that CCP is doing.  Then, when asked "what does this mean?" a few hundred or a few thousand players point at my blog post and say "go read this; it explains that."  One such post this year was me explaining the EVE anniversary gifts back in April; a related post is me explaining this week's holiday gifts.  This one's important because it brought in a lot of new readers.

#23: All for won
In October, I started playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 and I became so enraptured by it that I wrote a long post laying out all the things that I thought the game does well -- and it was a long list.  Though I finally concluded that EVE PvP is better than GW2 PvP, the new player experience, payment model, and PvE in GW2 are so good that I'm still playing a lot of GW2 and enjoying it thoroughly.  In the process, I think this post sold more than a few copies of the game.  ;-)  Though if instead you want a list of things that EVE does better than GW2, I wrote that, too...

#22: I'll be seeing you
Last year, I wrote an "objective review" of EVE Online trying to step outside of the game and look at the game from a neutral observer's perspective.  This year, I turned that eye toward EVE's trailers over the years, making an argument that some trailers were much better at selling the game and the EVE experience than others...

#21: Kill of the Week: Buffer
I wrote a lot of Kill of the Week posts this year -- and almost every week, readers were kind enough to send me suggestions for that week's entry -- but this one was probably my favorite.  I described the death-by-Tornado of an unlikely target: an unbuffered mission Tengu in high-sec.  The post was influential and widely-read enough that it spawned a small craze in more deaths-by-Tornado of other unbuffered Tengus.  Sorry about that...

#20: Washing lettuce
I had a lot to say about CSM7 this year, and it started with gently poking fun at how many rich, old players were on CSM and how many of them walk around assuming every EVE player and every large EVE alliance is super-rich.  Note well: it's not true.  In the process, I got to invoke an old movie (one of my favorite past-times) and beat up on how over-powered titans were most of this year (another).  The titan problem was partially addressed this year but the notion much of the CSM has that every EVE player is rich?  Not so much.

#19: What about blob

One of the most controversial posts I wrote this summer was this one explaining why CCP likes blobs and why they're never going to try to engineer the game away from the so-called "n+1 problem".  It simultaneously got me a lot of compliments and "likes", but also got me called all sorts of names, both at the same time.  That was also a pretty common trend around here this year.  ;-)

#18: Purgatory
From time to time, my evil twin Garth clubs me in the back of the head, takes over the blog, and feels the need to rant about some subject where CCP's actions have been non-optimal in one respect or another.  In this particular case, CCP had set ratting so that only the player that got the final blow on a rat benefited from the security status gain of killing the rat.  This was an enormous nerf to low- and null-sec residents and Garth became particularly -- almost poetically -- rude about it.  It was Garth at his Garthiest this year.  CCP was quick to change it back but I'm sure Garth had nothing to do with that.

#17: Micro isn't so micro
At the time, I was only able to hint that this post was examining DUST 514's payment model, giving players the option of skipping "unpleasantness" in exchange for cold hard cash.  At this point, I think everyone understands that pretty well and once DUST goes into open beta, I'll have one more post to write on this topic.  In the meantime, CCP has only recently allowed that they have 450,000 EVE subscribers, not 400,000, but also hinted pretty strongly that they're counting Chinese subscribers in that number...

#16 (tie): In emergency, break glass
#16 (tie): Fractional warfare

I didn't write many proposals this year; with a few exceptions, I prefer laying out what I think are the problems with EVE and then inviting the developers to come up with their own solutions.  CCP says they prefer it that way, and I'm fine with staying within those restrictions most of the time.  Still, late in the year, I thought it'd be fun to write several proposals including one laying out how tug-of-war sovereignty would work, and these two.  The first was the most controversial proposal -- about opening Jove space -- I wrote this year, with more than 100 comments.  The second was the most well-received proposal -- about making pirate factions playable -- I wrote this year, with the average of the comments being "Do this immediately, CCP!"

Tomorrow:  #15 through #11.


  1. You picking your own "Best Of" list and then crowning your own "Very Best" on Friday seems a little odd. I'll probably send some isk your way regardless, but normally OTHER people nominate the contenders; they don't nominate themselves. Admittedly nobody would bother to do that because of :effort: so I'll give you a pass and move on. Enjoy your little awards ceremony.

    1. I almost didn't do it but I ended up changing my mind because last year a lot of new readers weren't familiar with the older posts and appreciated pointers back to them (and told me so).

      I'm finding the same thing is happening this year: three posts on this list (No problem, Buffer, To the nines) are suddenly in the top ten most read things on my blog today.

      So, people are getting value out of this or I wouldn't do it. If you don't like these posts, ignore them. They won't be the only things on the blog this week. I'm maintaining a normal posting schedule PLUS these posts.


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