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Friday, December 21, 2012

Best of 2012: 5 - 2

As I've been saying this week, I'm combining a "Best of 2012" retrospective with a good old-fashioned pledge drive.

I want to again say how overwhelmed I have been with all of your support.  The number of donations is gratifying, of course, but just has gratifying have been the very nice EVE mails that dozens of you have sent to me.  A good third of them start "This donation isn't much, but I want to say how much you rebooted my enthusiasm for EVE" and then go on to tell me their stories, which I love reading.  But I love just as much that I've been able to help a lot of you just getting started in the game or returning after long absences.  Blogging is a lonely business and knowing that the stuff I put out there is of value is a tremendous comfort to me.  So thank you.

As always, contributions to go Ripard Teg.  And let me know in an EVE mail if you want the fact that you contributed to be public or not.

Thanks today go out to SG1B, WarpToMe AtZero, Budnacho and Boba Fart (excellent name!), SkinCorp (who built me some nice toys!), Freelancer117, and Ugbe Yvormes.  Special thanks this time to Teroh Vizjereij, who not only sent a donation and a very complimentary EVE mail, he also contracted me "this Doll to help Garth relax a little ;D".  n1, mate!  Problem is, a Doll that's in a station that Garth can't dock in is only going to make him that much more grumpy, doncha think?  ;-)  Thanks also to the many contributors who wish to remain anonymous: you guys rock!

Today's the last day of the pledge drive, so there will be no further shaking of the tin cup after today.  Again, thanks very much to those of you that have contributed.  To those and the rest, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll continue to do so!

#5: Bottleneck
Sometimes, I feel the need to break out some :scary math: and really dig into some subject that nobody else wants to sit down and take the time to.  These are generally posts that anyone could do, and lots of people have a pretty good idea how the math is going to turn out.  But the proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding.  I sit down, spend an afternoon doing the work, and usually come up with something surprising.  And then I learn what the word "viral" means as the post is suddenly everywhere.  That was this one, where I sat down and asked myself the question: on a value basis, how much technetium is there in a Hulk?  Once I came up with the answer, everyone was talking about it.  It was even in the OTEC advertisement during Alliance Tournament 10.  ;-)

#4: Slow bleed
Speaking of scary math, I sat down early this year and finally wrote an API-driven program to pull averages of EVE logged-in user data.  This is something that I've been interested in and talking about since blog day one, but I had been reliant on the work of others for the data that I was using for my analysis.  That changed this year with a kludgy little program called Snapcount.  And I spent the rest of the year sharing that data and analysis with anyone who was interested.  Apparently a lot of you were.  The final post in the series was read one thousand times in the first seven hours after it was posted, a new record.  It would not surprise me if the two charts in this post were printed out in tacked up somewhere in Reyk...

#3: That's just the way it is
Sometimes, I just feel the need to rant.  And sometimes, so do the rest of you, apparently.  ;-)  Driven out of my skull by a couple of things that I'm forced to deal with in EVE on a daily basis, I started writing a list of the minor issues in the game that drive me nuts.  The list turned out to be two dozen items long.  Then all of you added more than seventy more items to it over 105 comments.  This was the most commented-upon post I wrote this year, and with good reason.  CCP, here's your next "little things" list!

#2: Pride goeth before a chainsaw to the face
I didn't write very many battle reports this year.  It isn't my thing, generally.  But this was one, laying down the Rote Kapelle perspective before, during, and just after our Alliance Tournament 10 match with Pandemic Legion.  I still say it was the most exciting match of AT10.  ;-)  I'm really pleased with how this post came out from an emotional stand-point.  I think it really conveys the emotions all of us on the Rote team were feeling going into that match and how calm, steady, and ready to wreck someone's day we all were.  I'm still damned proud of how we carried ourselves in AT10 and can't wait for AT11.

Later today: #1.


  1. "Bottleneck" really impressed me as I am far more quantitative than qualitative. I had that type of idea on the back-burner, but never did a write-up.

  2. Jester,

    All the Top stories are great...how about a "Top 3 Facepalms" from Garth?....Im sure he would like to weigh in!


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