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Friday, December 7, 2012

Better late than never

Just a quickie.  Well, two quickies.

CSM7 is hosting a Town Hall meeting this weekend in advance of the CSM December Summit which starts this week.  If you're at all interested in the CSM's activities, you should try to attend.  I will do my best to be there.

Hate of people within 500 miles of the Pacific continues, though: it's set for 2000 EVE time on 8 December, or about 22 hours from the time I'm posting this.  I again call for the CSM to vary the times of the town halls a little.  We're not completely worthless over here on the other side of the world.  ;-)

There's some really good news, though: the format is going to be quite different this time around, with "listen only" available on EVE Radio as before.  But this time, EVE University is providing access to their Mumble server and there will be the capability to "step up to the mic" and ask questions live.  I fully support this idea, and I want to thank both EVE Radio and EVE University for providing this support to the CSM.  Nice one, fellas.

All the details are in the forum thread above.

Second, the topics for the summit itself have been posted.  The topics are, for the most part, the usual mish-mash.  The interesting stuff is hidden under NDAs, of course, until the minutes come out.  I've been assured by two different CSM members that the minutes won't take months this time, so I'll be holding them to that.  In the meantime, I'm kind of intrigued by the "EVE Marketing" and "Live Events" topics.  For the first one, whatever happened to that "EVE loyalty bonuses" thing from the last summit?  And I'll have a lot to say about the second one -- and, oddly enough, how it relates to the first one -- sometime in the next day or three.  I also notice that "Voting system changes" is back on the menu.  Sooner or later, the CSM White Paper must be addressed, and I don't think the CSM should wait for CCP Xhagen to do it.

I have it on very good authority now that the Walking-in-Sleeper-stations prototype is on hold for the time being.  That means the big topic that's missing from the May summit?  "Player to player contracts", aka "treaties and such".  I expect that's one of the NDA topics, maybe #1 since it's a nice segue from the Null-sec topic right before.  By the same logic, I'd expect ring mining vis a vis moon mining to be NDA Topic #4.  It's a pretty good bet mineral compression is going to come up, too.

Well, we'll see how this goes, starting tomorrow...  Good luck to the CSM!  You've got a busy eight days ahead.

EDIT (7/Dec/2012): A previous version of this post mentioned that WiS is "tabled" for the time being.  I forgot regional dialects differ on the meaning of that word.  ;-)  The WiS prototype is not going forward for the time being and the resources assigned to it have been moved to other projects.  I'm sorry for any confusion I caused.


  1. I will bite the bait. I will be delighted if you write a post about what you think should be added to the CSM White Paper.

    I know a lot of players could not care less about the CSM processes. I'm clearly not one of them.

  2. Surprising that the CSM is very negative towards Dust 514. The last time CCP stonewalled the CSM on future big-feature gameplay issues, it was regarding Incarna. CCP refused to provide details because there WERE no details to share. If Dust is DOA because of CCP's glacial development and rollout schedule then all bets are off because of the amount of money they've poured into it. That would be bad (even though I have no plans to play Dust).

  3. the town hall meeting itself was fairly bland, very little new infomation was presented, with a lot of replies being "we'll see what CCP tells us next week". what is more interesting is the different standpoints CSM members had between themselves. Most notable is the viewpoint of seleene and Trebor +DNS black on titan bridges. Eve radio has the entire 2 hour meeting, or there should be a summarized transcript appearing on theMittani.com very soon.


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