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Monday, December 31, 2012

December junk drawer

Welcome to the junk drawer, part of a series of monthly posts in which I dump all the stuff that I couldn't develop into full blog posts this past month.  As I mentioned in my last post, for whatever reason there were a lot of these this month...


Something I'm seeing more and more frequently on the more shiny ship fittings I look at are three faction damage mods.  A common one is three Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Systems on a Raven Navy Issue, Tengu, or the like.  Nine times out of ten, this is overkill and overly expensive for the pilot involved.  What to do instead: fit two faction damage mods and a tech2 damage mod.  The total remains the same: three damage mods.  But thanks to the diminishing returns inflicted by EVE on ships using multiples of the same type of mod, the lost DPS and volley are usually insignificant.

For instance, on a three BCS Tengu, DPS drops from 610 with three faction damage mods to 602 with two faction damage mods and a single T2 damage mod.  The volley lose is likewise insignificant, usually about 25 points of damage.  Similarly, on a Raven Navy Issue, DPS drops from 560 to 553.

Meanwhile, the ship itself costs 100 million ISK less with two faction damage mods instead of three and becomes that much less gank-worthy.  A similar effect comes into play with PvE ships fit with four damage mods: use two faction and two T2.  At most, your total DPS loss will be about 15 or so, hardly worth getting concerned about.

There are certainly exceptions.  My Moros uses three faction damage mods, because the third faction one adds 200 DPS over a T2 version.  That's significant enough to incur the expense.  ;-)  And I'm sure there are incursion and wormhole scenarios where the extra DPS -- even if slight -- is desirable.  But for general ratting, missions, and the like, it's a good idea to judge cost/risk...


Several unrelated quickies:

With the new bounty system, some of us may never see our character's chin again...  ;-)  I can't decide if I want to adjust my character picture or hope that CCP will eventually adjust how wanted banners are displayed.  It seems silly to permanently sacrifice 25% of the avatar display area.

If you don't have a bounty, don't worry: you will soon.  There's a guy that puts a 100,000 ISK bounty on every person that passes through Jita that doesn't have one yet.

Is it just me, or are the drone MWD bonuses on the Algos and Dragoon annoying as hell?  I really want to like the Algos but it's hard when my drones whip right past the target they're supposed to be attacking and have to tail-chase it back down.  It wouldn't be an issue if CCP had given the Algos a 50 Mbit/second bandwidth but they didn't do that so I'm forever stuck with Hobs or Warriors that can't settle down and attack the thing I want them to attack.  Annoying.

Similarly, I kinda like the new circular targets when you lock things up in all applications but one: when I'm piloting a logistics ship.  When I'm doing that, those circles suddenly become a nightmare.  When I'm flying logi, I'm used to sweeping my eyes across the structured bars of all my locked targets in one smooth pass looking for who needs reps the most.  With those circles, I can't do that any more, particularly when I'm in a Guardian or triage carrier.  That means it's both higher stress being a logi pilot and my reaction time to changes is down slightly.  That's going to make things tougher on new logi pilots.

Why does the Wing Booster not get Fleet boosts?  Has there ever been a good reason given for this?

Yule Lads?  Really?  Iceland is weird.  ;-)


Finally, a longer one.  PL's campaign to recruit EVE's best FCs appears to be going well with the pick-up of MukkBarovian (and by extension the rest of Blackwater USA).

I can't speak to Mukk's work over the last year or so, but when I first encountered him in 2009, he was one of the finest small-gang PvP FCs in New Eden.  He was particularly good at baiting tactics and skirmishing tactics, and is pretty good at hiding his numbers and managing gate lag.  Yeah, he was a little ragey at the people in his fleet if they made mistakes but I didn't mind that.  I'm used to dealing with strong personalities.(1)  I learned quite a lot about this game flying with him.

I flew with him in Gentlemen's Club, and again in Random Violence.  We only parted ways when I decided I wanted to go back to sov warfare and headed north.  At the time, Mukk said he had absolutely no interest ever doing sov again.  ;-)  That seems to have lasted a grand total of about five months before he moved to BUSA and with that move, to Against ALL Authorities.  Had I been a bit more patient, I guess it's likely I would have made that move, too.  The road not taken, and all that.

And PL's campaign to recruit as many strong FCs as they can is certainly also very smart.  It does kind of beg the question who's going to be left for them to shoot at, of course, but that's a whole other issue.


And that's all for the junk drawer this month, and my final blog post for 2012.  On to 2013!

(1) See: Rote Kapelle, et. al.  ;-)


  1. While that third (or even fourth!) Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System is often expensive overkill for minimum DPS benefits, the 40 CPU the T2 BCS uses can't be ignored; the CN variant uses a mere 28tf, for a savings of 36 CPU overall across three (or a loss of 12tf when you switch from three CN to two CN and a T2), when CPU is already at a premium on shield/missile boats.

    1. Fair enough, but (usually) two faction BCSs will get you past that problem. It's a rare ship that needs three or four to solve its CPU issues.

    2. but without this CPU i could only fit deadspace XL shield booster which is 1.2 bilion so 4 caldari ballistics results in cheaper fit

    3. I seem to recall you urging players to use all faction BCS on the CNR in your post about L4 mission boats, Jester. :)

    4. I am one of those rare individuals that changes his opinions over time as he discovers ways to improve those opinions. Put another way, if I find that I'm wrong about something or you show me I'm wrong about something, I will agree and change my position.

      I'll grant you, that quality is kind of rare in today's world, which is why people don't recognize it when they see it. ;-)


    5. On that note, will there be updates to the L4 missioning guide (even just a comment about the faction BCS)? I still love the guides and find that they're still relevant today, with some tweaks. They certainly helped me when I was starting (and still do today as reminders) and I was thinking that newer players might also benefit from updates.

      If you have the time, that is :)

    6. Yep. It's on my to-do list for the first part of the new year. I'm going to redo the PvP guides first, though.

  2. "Why does the Wing Booster not get Fleet boosts? Has there ever been a good reason given for this?"

    I've seen it error reported before & the reply is closing of the error report with the comment we know about the issue about a year ago :/

  3. The circular targeting interface is decidedly logi unfriendly


    1. Have to agree with this. If you're shooting someone or something the new locked-target reticles look pretty nice. For shield logistics, any red in the health arcs means send reps. For armor, however, it's normal for the shield arc to be all red, which means the extra "width" of the red at the clockwise-most end of the arc needs to be recognized in order to assess armor damage. Adding more eye strain - not necessarily more effort or skill - is a terrible thing. Especially since the old locked-target depictions weren't bad or in need of any updates for usability.

      Eve has a million UI problems but the locked-target graphics weren't one of them.

  5. Absolutely hate the radial pattern for showing damage. The circle representing the target is fine. Didn't need changing. The biggest drawback is how small stuff gets on these target icons.

    This circle concept works fine for the ship control panel as it is large enough to see, always in the same place, and is not DARK or obscured by things wanting to popup on the screen. Unless of course you are right clicking your capacitor.

    Please dear god don't make these any bigger if they ever get fixed. (lol) Well it is CCP after all. Just sayin' fix it another way. It was immediate to glace up and see the bar going down. Now it is find the circle and squint to see if a ring is missing. The bars need to come back or at very least the rings need to show up in different colors. A target with a green, yellow, and red ring. Maybe it's all the same ring just different colors. ROY G BIV ala My Little Pony trails. Heh, what better! Layering to the icon representing shields, or armor. Something.

    I just think this is an example of an artist producing a control panel. It's pretty but not dead on functional. Just as bad as if an engineer had final say, I suppose.

  6. Replies
    1. Point me to the original source and I'll credit you. It was almost a Pic of the Week, but I couldn't find the source. ;-)

    2. My wife and I burst out laughing when we saw that pic. Awesome :)

    3. This is where I first uploaded it to: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3rvnbg/

      I'm not too worried about it though.

  7. Ive just started flying logi, both shield and armour, over the last three weeks or so and I havent really found any difficulties that arent common to both types. Having said that thougbh it has been exclusively in smaller gangs that all fit on a single watch list, I havent done it in a larger fleet yet.

  8. No, Jester, it's not just you.

    Yes, the MWD bonus for drones on the new dessies is more of a penalty than a bonus. The drones more frequently overshoot, which means they can't orbit, which means that they don't hit.

    This is plain bad design by Fozzie. Which is rather surprising, given that there has been much past discussion regarding how high drone MWD speeds can actually reduce drone effective DPS.


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