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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First announcement

The last two years, I've done "Incumbents" posts to track who from the current CSM is running for the next CSM.  I hadn't planned on doing that post for CSM8 until the first or second week in January.  But in the meantime, the first announcement is public: Two step has decided not to run for CSM8.  Further, the wormhole corps are apparently organizing to do something really smart: consolidate their voting power by having an internal "wormhole corp" primary.  Once the "wormhole candidate" is selected, that individual will then be able to call on all of the player votes in the corps that signed up to be part of the primary.

That will virtually guarantee the wormhole candidate a CSM8 seat, whomever that is.  Like I said, this is really smart!

The announcement and a whole lot of other CSM-related stuff is on the Down the Pipe pod-cast, which I was pointed at by helpful reader Zarak1 Kenpach1.  If you're at all interested in CSM-related topics, give it a listen!  My name comes up a time or two, as it happens.  At one point, the pod-cast moderator mentions my stand that CSM members should constantly keep EVE players up-to-date on what they're doing, and take credit for moving the ball where they can reasonably do so (I still believe that, by the way).  Then to my amusement, he simultaneously seems to both disagree, then agree with my position.  I've got the market cornered on believing two contradictory things at once, sir.

Two step also reveals in public the name of the CSM7 member that's been trying to persuade me to run next year.  :-P

Anyway, the CSM-related meat starts about 45 minutes in.  But the rest is pretty interesting, too.  Two step talks about his past history playing EVE and the history of AHARM (including the infamous AHARM exploit), then talks about his own CSM experiences in a lot of detail (without breaking NDA, don't worry CCP).  Really interesting stuff for CSM watchers like myself!  The pod-cast then goes into the 100 billion ISK wormhole fight that happened last week.

So, a pretty interesting pod-cast all the way around in my view.  Go give it a listen; it's worth your time.

EDIT (11/Dec/2012): Oh, if any other CSM7 members want to start announcing their intent, I'll start keeping track.  ;-)


  1. "the CSM-related meat starts about 45 minutes in"

    Heh… this is why I don't listen to many EVE related podcasts. 45 minutes is already longer than my podcast-listening-time. There was one episode of some podcast that lasted longer than 4 hours.

    Edit, people! Trim! Cull! What is wrong with you that 4 hours of podcast is actually released into the wild?

    1. You got to do something while lvling skills to 5.

  2. The primary thing IS really smart, but how do they plan on making sure only wormhole-people vote (and only once)?

    What kind of system do they plan to use for the vote (and what are the controls)?

    Basically, how do they plan on doing this in a clean, non-manipulable environment?

  3. "Two step also reveals in public the name of the CSM7 member that's been trying to persuade me to run next year."

    Don't make me listen to the podcast. Don't act as their advertising exec. Spill the beans. Who?

    1. It's Trebor. But I would think you of all people would want to listen to the CSM-related stuff. It really is quite interesting.

    2. Heh, Jester, if he really wants to convince you of running then you can make a deal with him. You take his role if he commits to take yours during the mandate.

      We as a community need people willing to put the effort to publish these call-to-action posts.

  4. Nothing wrong with longer podcasts, if they're entertaining, informative or both. Some of us have longer commutes in the morning and need something to keep the tedium at bay!

  5. This wormhole corp primary...how does one sign up?

  6. Link doesn't appear to work. Or do I need to be logged in to get to this podcast?

    1. This is Longinius Spear -- co-host of Down the pipe. We are making efforts to keep the lenght down to a reasonable time. We just had so much content, we didn't want to cut our anything.

      Our next pod cast we intent to put out will be directed at the newer worm holers. We go over some of the jargon we throw around, and terms.

      Thank you for the Review Jester and others. We always like feed back, our goal is to make a great show.

  7. Nah, its like a radio show! I prefer the long winded casts. It gives me something to listen to multiple days in a row as I make my commute.


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