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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kill of the Week: Guardian-Vexor

This isn't the KOTW for this week -- it isn't over yet -- but rather me catching up with events of last week.  Let's start with the KOTW.  At the risk of being beaten up for picking a hauler again, there really wasn't anything else that compares:

The big part of this loss was the Guardian-Vexor, a relic of the ancient EVE era.  Originally a tournament prize ship in 2003-2004, the G-V was not a particularly impressive ship: it was a Vexor that had an extra missile launcher hard-point.  However, in those ancient days, many ships had the ability to launch more than five drones.  As a lag-fighting measure, CCP removed that ability.  The ships that had it were instead given drone damage bonuses.  The Drone Interfacing skill -- which originally allowed all ships to launch +1 additional drone per level -- was instead changed to give pilots that have this skill trained +1 drone's damage for each level of the skill trained.

But in the sweep to remove the bonus for ships that could launch more than five drones, the G-V was missed.  It therefore retained the unique ability to launch more than five drones and the benefits of the new Drone Interfacing skill.  This greatly enhanced both its DPS and its value.  With ten Hammerhead IIs, today's Drone Damage Amplifier mod, and a pretty standard shield tank, the G-V is capable of 935 DPS... not too bad for a T1 cruiser.  ;-)

That said, there are estimated to be fewer than 20 of these ships left in the game out of the original 50... and Entity is estimated to hold at least five of those.  Its value is therefore about equal to a titan.

So... yeah.  Finding one inside a T1 hauler landing on Jita was a bit like finding a T1 hauler carrying 100 PLEXes or a full set of researched capital ship BPOs.  I'd say it deserves KOTW honors.(1)  themittani.com carried the story on this one with a few more details.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 3

Pretty slow week on super-cap deaths this week.  First to die was this Nyx... while ratting.  Brought in to "save" the ratting Nyx was this Aeon... which didn't have any remote reps.  Do I have to report that this is a special kind of stupid?  I guess I don't.  Both themittani.com and EVE News 24 carried the story on this one.  themittani did a better job with the text; EN24 has a video.  But the story basically goes: Nyx rats, Nyx is caught because Nyx pilot is dumb, Aeon warps in to "save" Nyx, Aeon dies with Nyx because pilot is equally dumb (or is the same person).

Shadows of the Federation got a nice early present with this UndeadDOT Nyx kill in 98Q-8O just a few days after Rote Kapelle ended our campaign in that very system.  Yes, I'm jealous.  ;-)  EVE News 24 has the story on this one too, but again I'll summarize.  SOTF spotted an Undead Thanny doing some POS repping so asked for assistance from I-RED one system away with a bait fleet, which I-RED provided.  The Nyxes came in -- with a decent support fleet -- to attempt to knock down some of the SOTF dreads on the Thanatos kill.  However, with the help of the I-RED support fleet, the Undead bubblers were killed and the SOTF capitals escaped.  But one of the Nyxes was caught by SOTF prober, so the SOTF capitals undocked to kill it, again with a small I-RED support fleet.  Nice job, guys!

Next KOTW post will be this Sunday-ish as normal, covering kills and super-cap kills from 24-30 December.

(1) Someone claiming to be the pilot who lost the G-V claims that he didn't know what he was carrying and thought he had a normal Gallente faction Vexor.  If you believe that, I have a titan to sell you...


  1. I think the original Nyx wasn't stupid but a bot. I mean even the stupidest man would run after a tackle attempt.

  2. 'Aeon warps in to "save" Nyx'

    More like, turn off cyno jammer to cyno in aeon and while that invite PL to also jump in...

    And yes, it was the same dumb pilot that lost the sense of loosing ships after passing to much time playing with supers and having a very fat wallet!

  3. What a shame to see such a wonderful item go up in smoke in the hold of an Iteron. Fuck that guy for realz

    1. It is actually hard for me to think of anything better that could have been done with that.

      Would the ship sitting in a collection bring us all joy?

      Would losing the ship in a mission bring us a delightful moment?

      Would losing the ship in any other way amuse so many?

      I must say this seems like the best possible outcome for that guardian vexor (as far as my entertainment is concerned).

    2. Or it could of been used in a fight? You forgot that one.

  4. Even without the Guardian-Vexor, this guy was an utter moron.

    Subtract the G-V, and he was still carrying over 2B ISK worth of stuff in an T1 hauler. He would have gotten popped in any case.

    And did you look at the fit, or rather lack thereof? WTF? A solo dessie could have killed him in one volley, let alone a Tornado.


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