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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kill of the Week: PL mining fleet

I promised myself that this week's KOTW would be a Venture or Ventures killing something.  I was kind of hoping for a KM of Ventures killing a Hulk, to be honest.  I didn't find that -- I'm sure it's out there, I just didn't find it -- but I did find this:

That kill just makes me smile on so many levels.  Pandemic Legion are noted miners, after all.  It makes me wonder if those three Ventures were fit identically... or did each pilot kind of have their own spin?  And the ship they killed is an amusing example of fail.  Are you really really going to close-tackle with a Buzzard fit that way?  With a Small Shield Extender... a faction Small Shield Extender?  Really?  And if you're going to tackle something with a Buzzard fit with a Small Shield Extender... maybe it should have combat probes.

So yeah, like I said, lots to make me smile in that kill-mail.  And the first comment is a gem.  Speaking of the Venture: "Now they have the taste of blood, we are all DOOMED."  Hee!  One of my alliance-mates was complaining about the Venture and said it's terrible with only 115 DPS or so and a bad tank.  I cheerfully replied that until 2012, 116 DPS and a bad tank was called a "Merlin" and I seem to recall getting lots of kills in Merlins over the years.  ;-)

But I'll still take that link to a Venture or Ventures killing a Hulk if anyone has such a KM.

Runner-up KOTW was this fun little Proteus flown by CCP Fozzie (previously known as Raivi from PL) during CCP's dev PvP fleet on Friday.  On paper, it's a ridiculously poor fit.  But PL has been known to "super-tank" Proteus cruisers for heavy tackling duties, usually with two very long points and one very long scram.  This fit looks a lot like Fozzie tried to do that without any faction or dead-space mods and of course he failed due to fitting issues... but if you'd like to use this fit as a starting point, I think you could find a good (if really slow) fit hiding in here fairly quickly.  I leave that as an exercise for the student.  Hint: the last time I saw it, the PL version used multiple small smart-bombs in the highs to clear ECM drones.

Number of dead super-caps this week: 6

This was one of the busiest weeks for super-cap kills since I started keeping track in early September, with six down this week.

First to die was this Avatar which was ganked by a truly massive -A- fleet and various allies.  There's a video of it, and themittani.com has the best coverage of this one.  Ignore the mods that the KM says he has fitted.  Apparently, KMs are sometimes a little screwed up by the hangar changes CCP made in Retribution.  Short version: this guy apparently decided to try a drive-by DD on a carrier.  As you can see, it didn't go well.  To the carrier pilot's credit, he came back in an Ibis so he could get on the Avatar KM.

The next day, two titans died on the same day, this Erebus and this Avatar.  The Erebus died because he clicked "jump" instead of "bridge."  Whoops.  The Avatar died after a successful drive-by DD, but then bounced off the shields of the POS he was warping to after the assassination.  Whoops.  Dumb people continue to own titans, but I guess that isn't news.  Here's themittani.com's coverage of these two, and EVE News 24's coverage.  EN24 tells the story in simpler language, TM has a bit more story.

The next day, two more super-caps died, this Nyx and this Aeon, both from Ethereal Dawn, both apparently on a WHY so Seri0Us tower.  But I haven't been able to find the story on these two.  Anyone want to fill me in on what happened?

EDIT (11/Dec/2012): See below in comments for what happened here.  Apparently the first Avatar pilot above was kicked from his corp for his titan loss and went on a little revenge spree against WHY so Seri0Us, killing one of their freighters.  They responded by baiting him into going after another capital and the bait worked.  So instead of being down one super, this guy is down three...  Thanks to Jeff and an anonymous commenter for the information!

And finally, far and away simultaneously my favorite and least favorite super kill of the week was this Erebus killed in Syndicate.  EVE News 24 has most of the story on this one.  The background is that EUTZ Goons have moved into the Syndicate entry area mostly intending to camp the in-gate from high-sec during their time zone.  This has badly disrupted the plans of Wok the Dog, probably the most cliche gate-campers in Syndicate.  Think long-range Tornadoes supported by cloaky Sabres and multiple Falcons and you get the idea.  So it's just lovely to see them get stomped like this.

But there's both sweet and sour associated with this kill: this Erebus was owned by an alt of Khan Nightstalker, who is the worst, most clich√© camper of them all.  Rote Kapelle has been desperate to kill this titan for months and I have to say it makes us all very sad to see that someone else got it instead of us.  Ah well, such is life.  At least the thing is dead...  ;-)

Congrats to all of this week's super-cap killers!


  1. To give you a bit more background on that Nyx, Aeon kills.
    They belong to the same guy that owned the first Avatar that failed at the drive by DD.
    He was kicked from his corp and in revenge ganked a WhySo freighter with those 2 SC's.
    This was a trap to kill those 2 SC's with a carrier as a bait. It worked fine as you can see.

    1. Official video from mainfleet:


      and this link as well, just shows he has new nyx... let's find another bait :)

  2. The 2 ED supers were using an awoxer to drop on juicy targets. They killed a rhea last week I think. They were baited with a carrier who cyno'd in the cavalry.

  3. Jester, With your continuing info on Supers and Titans, why not a picture-graph showing production vs kills...I think seeing that might put this more into perspective...

    1. I don't believe there is any way to measure production, unless you are CCP. The last known snapshot of supercaps in the game was May 29th by CCP Diagoras, who has quit CCP.
      At that time, there was 134 trillion in minerals tied up in the hulls of the supercaps. Who knows how many since then have been built.

    2. Dinsdale is correct. There's no way for me to know how many super-caps are being produced. And unfortunately, the current CSM will not ask.

  4. "First to die was this Avatar which was ganked by a truly massive -A- fleet and various allies. "

    1. that titan was not ganked by -a-, it was tackled and ganked by Easily Offended
    2. everything on the field was red or neut to -a- and probably also red or neut to Easily Offended .

    -a- tried a titan drive by some hours befor on carriers outside a pos. it failed. -a- didnt tryed a second time when carriers were back because of too many hostiles in local.
    why so serious did the drive by instead and it was a prepared trap.

    info spread around about titan tackled and everyone came to get on the killmail.
    since -a- was trying to doomsday the Easily Offended carriers too, -a- fc were not sure whats the objective of this fleet, so they whored on the killmail just to be on it and then started to kill the other fleets.
    after the titan was dead it turned in some kind of -a- vs rest- lots of ships exploded, everyone got on the titan killmail, everyone was happy.

    also there is an official -a- battlereport in the internet somehwere with more details.

  5. hmm on the killmail for the buzzard, when i loaded the page i noticed a white dot maybe 5 pixels in diameter descend from the left side of the page about 2 inches in.It had faded out just afte the comments section. time 10 seconds.

    1. Right around the end of the year, eve-kill likes to load a "snowfall" app on their page that makes it snow if you have the right plug-ins loaded. It's subtle at first.

  6. Sorry if this is late but you asked about the venture fits;

    [Venture, pvp]
    Damage Control II

    Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
    Warp Scrambler II
    Medium Shield Extender II

    200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
    200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
    Small Unstable Power Fluctuator I

    Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
    Small Core Defense Field Extender I
    Small Core Defense Field Extender I

    Hobgoblin II x2

    Two of us had scrams, one had a web, and if we had a fourth he would have had a tracking disruptor.


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