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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quote of the Week: Black Knight

With the fall of the last major tower in the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive moon-goo enterprise, Rote Kapelle is wrapping up our winter campaign and heading back to TXW for the holidays.  I'm sorry to those of you who were accusing us of being bullies, but we had a grand time with the campaign.  And it's also the source of this week's QOTW:
What we feel is a simpler blend of pity and contempt. You guys have the means, the tools, the discipline, and the numbers in space to absolutely curb-stomp us -- but you actively choose not to use them. Instead, we've got the Internet Spaceships version of the Black Knight. Limbs are strewn across the ground, labeled FUQ-O, FURY, XII-L, and Moongoo. And the bloody trunk shouts out, "Alright, we'll call it a draw."
That's Namamai, one of my alliance-mates in Rote Kapelle.  I'm a huge fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so that just made me laugh.  The references (FUQ-O and so forth) are mostly to corps that either have left the I-RED coalition ("SynCo") or we expect will shortly.

But at the end of the day, Namamai's absolutely correct: we faced down a much bigger alliance that absolutely had the numbers and discipline to crush us.  And they did everything they could do not to fight us under any circumstances, despite our destroying a moon-goo enterprise that was bringing billions of ISK per month into their coffers.  Kinda sad, all in all.

But the campaign itself was great fun and we learned a lot.

Don't worry about I-RED, though.  The trunk is still defiantly shouting at us as we ride off:
...maybe when Rote knows what a gud fite is (Not calling in help because they have a chance to lose *Ohnoes*), then we can go at it again.
That's John Revenent(1), leader of I-RED, who explained their battle plan:
We reshipped to 4 Guardians, 7 Zealots.
If you're wondering: the irony is juuuuust beyond his grasp.

(1) Is it bad that when I look at his character portrait, all I see is a geriatric version of Ripard?


  1. Wow, if a whole third of your gang is logi your better off just staying docked for all the fun your not going to have.

  2. lol maybe ripard's old man - the family resemblances are there

  3. I'm not sure what to make of this argument that they have the "discipline" to beat you. Everything in your post speaks to the opposite.

    1. The discipline being mentioned here is a difference in FC and fleet style.

      I-RED has a couple of core fleet compositions that they fly, and they do not tolerate deviation from them. If you can't fly those ships as-fitted, you're in a cheap T1 tackle frigate. If they don't have four logi, they're not undocking, period. JfR is perfectly willing to scuttle the entire night's roam and stay home if he doesn't have the tools to get the job done. (And frankly, I admire that.)

      Rote is the exact opposite. We tend to pick a very loose theme -- i.e. "shield skirmishing" or "armor cruisers" -- and we'll pretty much take any special snowflake ship that fits the theme. Our comps are honestly terrible. On top of that, we have no alliance income, so we have no SRP, which means that people may simply not have the ships staged.

      However, once you actually get on the field? Rote expects everyone to be able to independently read the grid and decide the most useful thing they can do, and do it. Every Rote fleet has at least 3 people willing to step up if the FC dies or disconnects. With I-RED, you take your orders from JfR -- and if he's permajammed or damped out or dead or CTDing, it's like chickens with heads cut off.

      When we started this campaign, my prediction was this: We'd have a few good brawls, and then start running out of ships. IMO, they had twice as many logged-on pilots in their fleets, better logistics, and an active SRP -- and they had been stockpiling ships, preparing for our visit. I expected them to wardec our alt alliance and put stress on our staging and Jita logistics; force us to run suboptimal fleet comps that would get dumpstered when outnumbered. I figured we'd burn out and retreat within two weeks. Oh well!


  4. John 'Revenent' VaderDecember 16, 2012 at 12:11 PM

    Ripard, I am your father! *wheeze*

  5. As someone that lives in Syndicate, it is pretty much accepted by everyone here that no one can beat Rote. You guys have the resources to match whatever anyone can field against you easily. The pilots in Rote are so far ahead of everyone else in Syndicate in both skill points and individual ability that once you match your comp to the enemy, you have already won the fight.

    This post is little more than propaganda, a continuation of a shitty forum thread, which was stopped under threat of moderation because Rote was crying so much about people bad mouthing them.

    1. not trying is generally the best way to get better? c/d

  6. After seeing our general numbers in our first 2 stops on the roadtrip, I honestly thought we would lose to IRED.

    What a fucking disappointment they were.

  7. I think it is time for RK to take on CFC....

  8. RK is disappointed that with a supercap fleet, including 2 titans, and "temp blues" with caps, that they didn't get "gudfites" out of a massively overwhelmed opponent who didn't have the mobility, blues or SP.

  9. "we faced down a much bigger alliance that absolutely had the numbers and discipline to crush us."


    I-RED - 297 members


    Rote Kapelle - 255 members

    1. Um hm. Now add the sizes of all the corps in the tickers referenced in this post. Those are corps that either left the I-RED alliance during our campaign or left the I-RED alliance coalition "SynCo".

      When this campaign started, SynCo was 500 or so members.

    2. Except it never had 500 pilots. Most of those are alts, noobs or people that have unsubbed. And of those 500 only maybe 20 are pilots willing to undock and lose expensive ships and maybe 35 people max in fleet. Did you ever have a fight with I-Red that ever had more than 35 people on their side? No, I bet not. Also, when your entire "coalition" basically depends on one FC(JFR), you're just not going to have a good time on either side. I-Red had their major problems but you guys are full of your own propaganda and that's what I've said all along.

  10. Or they are just waiting for the pos's to get blown up. wait a week or two and reclaim them, if anyone has put a tower on it.

    Easy as that.

  11. "You are better than us so we chose not to fight you"

    Ummm, that isn't exactly a noble excuse. You fight to defend what matters to you. You fight and you take your bloody wounds. You fight and you die, but you fight. If it is just a matter of skill, you will improve by fighting. Do you need to have the right leaders? Yes. Do you need to get/build up some good FCs? Yes. Do you need to keep your losses reasonable (which isn't to say "positive efficiency" but rather sustainable)? Yes. But you can fight and can get better for being challenged by a foe such as Rote.
    If you are unwilling to fight against a foe that, when your numbers are roughly equal, will beat you, then don't expect to be able to keep your stuff if you live in null-sec.

    Scout, tackle, warp-in point, suicide agress, die.
    your humble Interceptor pilot

  12. If I have my facts straight (and I may not), I-RED is an RP alliance. EVE is a hard enough game, and then RPers decide to do it "Legendary" mode by self-imposing all sorts of restrictions on engagement rules, ship types and fleet comps they can fly ("No one shall fly Drakes, for we are anti-Caldari," for example), etc, etc.

    I have friends in-game who are RPers, and I both respect the hell out of them for staying in-character and sticking to those self-imposed limitations, even when it means shitting their teeth out after having their jaws kicked in ... but on a level, I also pity them for self-restricting in a game where self-restriction is pretty much "guaranteed fail".


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